Monday, 27 October 2008

We have arrived! After only sleeping for forty minutes in the car on the way here this morning Marina is finally asleep. I am waiting for the shower board to make it to our room. Marina had a few tests today and we had talks from the doctor and anaesthetist. The op starts at nine tomorrow morning and will last about two and a half hours.
Hub and Shou went to an amusement park this arvo. They had to take the city express road. I forgot to tell hub had taken toll card out of machine in car. The card means you dont need to stop to pay tolls you just wait for the gate to comeup and drive through. Hub went through the express lane and nearly hit gate, which of course didnt open because I had put card in glovebox.
At the park Shou wanted to ride the ferris wheel. So they did. Today was a windy day. Hub said he had to cover up his fear :)
They are coming tomorrow to be here when Marina gets out of her op.
My turn for the shower.


illahee said...

thanks for the update! best of luck tomorrow!

Lulu said...

OH I missed the birthday post! Happy Birthday to Marina- I am sure has Shou and her get older stealing of birthday presents won`t be such a big issue! Tell hub to definitely go more girly next time-hehe!

Loved the comment about how granny k can crack chestnuts with her head!

Glad you made it to hospital ok- best of luck tomorrow- hope all goes well! Thinking of you

Nay said...

Best of luck tomorrow!! I will be thinking of Marina and sending get well soon vibes!

thefukases said...

Good luck tomorrow! From my experience I think the whole thing is way more traumatic for the mummy than the baby. Gannbarre!

And what happens if you try and go through the ETC lane without the card in? I'm terrified of doing it. Can you just back up and try a different lane? If you put the card in does it work?

Gina said...

Good luck for tomorrow, I will be keeping your family in my thoughts.
Good night. : )

Anonymous said...

At last someone is on your side and no nasty infections! Gambare Marina! Ang xxx

Angela said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way! xxx

Sara said...

good luck!! thinking about you guys!!