Monday, 13 October 2008

Sports Day

We arrived at the primary school quite early yesterday morning. Shou had to be present and accounted for at the kindy by eight thirty - in his borrowed kindy sports gear with shorts pulled up to armpits. The little kids stayed at the kindy during the opening huuha speeches and first event - which was a dance and 'call' off between the two opposing teams - red and white. Each sports day the kids at the primary school are told they are either white or red. In their teams they will practice night and day almost. Usually they pick a popular song to cheer to. The red team did 'ponyo ponyo ponyo sakana no ko' and changed it to 'aka aka aka aka no chimu'. Is song to popular movie out at the moment.

They then had fifty metre running races for the first, second and third years - followed by twenty metre races for the kindy kids. All the parents rushed to the finish line with cameras a flapping and tripods a waving. I ran, shoved and pushed with the best of them. The announcer called out each name and the kids said 'hai' (yes) and put their arm in the air.
This is Shou at the finish line (second from the right - not counting adults) You can't tell in this photo but he came in just before the baby being pushed in the pushchair! Was all very cute.

Two events later and we had the parent and child dance that had practiced last week. Must admit Shou was a lot more with it and only tried to run off the field once - to cheering and shouts of 'oh, isn't that cute'. After completing the two events he got two bags of goodies with two year old appropriate things like lolly pops, chewing gum and chocolate. All the more for mum and the bun I guess.

We were going to go on mystery outing in the afternoon but it didn't eventuate and we stayed at home pruning the hedge, playing soccer on the lawn and trying to catch frogs. The house was (still is) a complete bombsite.

I had the good fortune of seeing, through no choice of my own, Granny K in her vestling undies after she got out of the bath. She usually puts her undies on and holds her clothes in bundle to chest while does vestling dash to her room. Last night however, she could hear that Marina was back downstairs and came in to offer her advice as to why she had a runny nose. It didn't have anything to do with fact that Shou has had runny nose for about four days but was because we took her out to sports day and she was around lots of people. I then said that she would be the next one to get a cold if she swanned round house in nothing but undies. She laughed and said her body was nice and warm after the bath and she couldn't catch cold for about five minutes after bath. Hub had to laugh too. If that was Marina or Shou we had been letting run round house in just a nappy she would have had a fit.

Has gotten a lot colder very quickly - especially in the mornings and evenings. Have to put layers and layers on Marina at bedtime as she kicks all blankets off. Might have to get the fluffy snow suit out and put her in that.

Right, have to get house slightly turned round before Shou and I head off to birthday party. Speaking of the frog, I should probably go and wake him up. A whole night sleep with no waking up and he is still asleep at nearly half past six. Unheard of.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaijin Wife, I don't think I commented before but followed over from another friends site (blog) "wink"!

Have a fabulous weekend!!! I have never had the opportunity to visit sports day but is reads like you had a fabulous time!!! Back in from lunch... I saw a little tot wearing a frog costume at Disney today =) so cute!!

Anonymous said...

LOL At Granny K frolicking around the house in her undies! Can't believe she said that about Marina being sick! How old is Granny K? She sounds like she's lost her marbles! Katie

thefukases said...

Your sports day looks great- and the weather held! The kinder is attached to the school and they do stuff together? I love that idea!!

And the underwear. I bet I can guess what she looked like. Why is it all old people here where the same loose, off white neck to knee underwear???

My neighbour had his house rebuilt and lived in his bunker (for real!!) while it was being done. He used to waltz down the road to the old well to wash each morning in his underthings rather than pay for water. ewwwww!!

icoobaby1 said...

I think you have a great day at the sports meet in school with shou .the push chair in the picture is good. We have latest Mickey bungee Deluxe which makes easy for parents as it has three hanging toys for your child’s amusement.