Saturday, 25 October 2008

Smelly Old Witch

It took all my resolve to use a 'w' in that title. Ooh Granny K is pissing me and the bun off something chronic. Two weeks away from the woman followed shortly after by two months will definately be a good thing.

The bun is finding a lot of smells very offensive - the winner is the smell that comes from seventy two year old vestling collection of assorted crap, remnants of miso soup from three days ago still in the pot on the stove, half the vege patch stuck to the kitchen floor, and some sort of face cream. I have warned hub that he will need to enforce a door closed at all times law while I am in the hospital. Otherwise the bun and I will come home and be throwing up all day while meant to be packing for New Zealand.

Today we did the big drive to the toy shop. Granny K didn't want us to go (boo hoo sob sob you stupid old bitch - have lost my resolve) as Marina would end up getting a fever from all the excitement that comes from two hours in the car with mum and dad. Lots of excitement. Party party. Vodka, tequilla, pole dancing, you name in.

We went via the shrine to get a good luck charm for Marina's operation. Someone needs to make a line of 'my bitchy gaijin daughter in law went to a shrine and all I got was this crap charm' goods. God, I think I've just found another project. Will add it to list of to-dos along with warning stickers for wine bottles that say
"Warning - lethal if found wrapped round head of vestling mother in law"

The toy shop proved to be dangerous as usual. I have five neices now and it is hard keeping up with the older three because I have trouble knowing what a 12, 10 and 8 year old would want - especially as want it to be something can't get in New Zealand. I usually end up buying an assortment of things and getting my sister to tell me who would probably want what. For Marina's birthday we bought a ride on car thingy. Hub was in charge of choosing and while I strongly voiced that the one with the English songs and letters and things was my personal favorite he still chose (silly man) the one that looks quite rather like a train and has buttons that make railway noises. Excellent choice darling. Can see Shou wanting to pull that out from under Marina the minute he sees it. We also got some secret weapons for the plane - namely heavy machinery toy vehicles, thomas the tank engine crackers rah rah. Between those and the portable dvd player playing bob the builder builds another shed part VIII on repeat we should be OK. Marina has an 'eigo de asobo' dvd to put on in between times.

Spoilt you say. I know, I know. But a pregnant woman with her little baby about to go in for major surgery (not really, is only little snip) is not really concentrating on the tightness of the pursestrings.

I am about to log off and then go and do round one of hospital packing.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy in between getting things sorted and trying to have a bit of a family birthday for Marina. Shou has been practicing singing happy birthday so if everything else goes to custard at least we will be entertained for five minutes.


PS - I will try the phone blogging from the hospital. I can check comments on my phone but can't reply to them. Not that I do much of that now anyway :p


illahee said...

ok, that's it. time for the big guns: chopsticks up her nose!!


Lulu said...

Happy birthday to Marina & also best of luck to her (and you) for her operation.

When you going to tell Granny K you are pregnant- I think you should go back to NZ and come back and go "SURPRISE"...might give her a heart attack. (joking...if you want me to be)

thefukases said...

Good luck with the hospital. Two weeks @_@ Hope the bun doesn't take a dislike to that hospital smell!

I was in for two nights with M and totally ran out of 'gams to do in a hospital bed without dislodging an IV.' ;)