Monday, 6 October 2008

Scones Glorious Scones

have just come out of the oven and two actually managed to march right off oven tray, through some strawberry jam and into my open mouth. Have a had a things for scones since the birthday party the other day and finally got around to making them. Also have friends coming tomorrow morning so thought good timing as will mean don't eat entire batch by self. Highly possible otherwise.

Marina had a 'normal' Marina day - unlike the days of late where she hasn't had good daytime naps or been into her food. But today, she slept well and ate like a trooper so am hoping she sleeps all night - or at least only gets me up once.

We went visiting Solar panel man's wife this morning. Hub (hers) is studying for some kind of exam coming up in two weeks and is causing a bit of friction at home. Very understandable and can see his side of the story (not that have actually heard it but just improvising here) but of course can not say that to friend. Must agree that hub needs to be home in time to bath son and have some family play time - instead of studying every night and not getting home till eleven. Hope he passes - or else same scenario again next year - and every year there after until he does.

We also had small bitch session about mother in laws - although Granny K not star, was her mother in law this time. When left her house to go home for lunch had to step over three legged turtle at bottom of stairs. Hmmmm, am not quite sure how physically challenged turtle made it all the way there from river. Her mother in law (not the turtles) wanted to know if I wanted to take it home for Shou. I declined as Shou is going through an insect destruction stage. Doesn't realise that there is a difference between slapping a mozzie and stepping on a grasshopper. I would fear for turtle's life - may well have ended up like one armed drummer from Def Lepord after Shou had dealt to it.

After lunch Marina and I went for a wee trip to shops to buy very boring things like undies for Shou, tissues, natto and jam and cream for scones. On way back got a mail from hub. I opened it but didn't read it - just saw the 8 and automatically thought was mail saying he would be home at eight. When got home read it again and actually said that one of the ex-kindy heads in Kunimi had passed away this morning and the funeral was on the 8th.

She was head of kindy when I was on JET and I used to go there once a week for poke the gaijin sessions slash crawl round on the floor making animal noises sessions slash get out of the office for three hours. She gave us lovely wedding gift of actually very styly white heart shaped cups and saucers - which I must admit don't use too much as hub doesn't drink much tea and coffee and would feel like twat giving heart shaped cup to concrete man or garden landscape vestlings. So, anyway, am wondering what is the best thing for me to do. I should go to the funeral - that way I could get away with mumbling a one liner (am crap at these kind of things in Japanese - and hub's advice was just to mumble and bow). But, is just before English on Wednesday and Granny K will probably still be making shite at pottery and am not quite sure Marina would last the distance.

In Japan there is a more private viewing and sendoff the night before the funeral - but you don't really go to this unless you are family or you are unable to attend the funeral. I could however get away with going in middle of day tomorrow - the 7th. I could hand over the special envelope with money and hubs name on it but there is chance I could get blindsided into staying for a cup of green tea - and will get shown to alter to pray and, god bloody hell, ex-head of kindy might actually be in room and in that kind of situation would have no idea of correct protocol.

Am going to have to hunt out some black clothes to fit my expanding ass tomorrow. I think I even have some pretend pearls somewhere and own set of Japanese prayer beads.

Friend that is coming over tomorrow lives and works about two hours away. She mailed yesterday and asked if could come cause she had day off. She just happens to be best friends with ex-head of kindy's daughter. She is going to the thing tomorrow night as has to work on Wednesday. Will have to ask her what should do.

Am off to bed. Only half past nine. Another early night. Have been very tired lately.... pray pray pray this doesn't mean next step will be mushy preggy brain. Couldn't deal with three under three.

Watch this space ;)



illahee said...

hey, three under three isn't bad (says she whose three were only three under three for five days, five days she spent at the clinic! ;)

seriously though, i have been going through some serious baby lust lately but i better not be having a fourth. i don't think my sanity could take it!!!

Sara said...

Poor little turtle! Hopefully something better happened to it then being tortured by Shou (hehe)

Scones sound soooo good... gosh between you and Nay and your baking/cooking posts lately. Are you trying to kill me lady?

Three under three! My mom had that actually since I was 2 1/2 when my twin brothers were born! We are all alive to this day (miraculously)

I may be joining you in the fatigued preggy club... I was in bet by 8-9ish (can't remember last night) and I'm having all sorts of other fun things going on. I guess I'll find out for sure in a few days! Half of me is excited half is like.. oh crap...

Good times!!
*mouth still watering from thought of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam*

tj-injapan said...

was so taken by the scones story (anytime you want to stop out-martha-ing me, thanks!!) that I almost missed the last bit of your post. am on the edge of my non-preggars-lard-arse-butt waiting for updates from you AND sara on the preggars situation!