Wednesday, 8 October 2008


For all seriousness this time. The kindy have just rung up - I don't like answering the phone during the day in case is kindy telling me Shou has temperature and need to go pick him up - good mother that I am I would rather he stay there the entire day!!

But this time was asking if I had remembered to take ringworm sample this morning. Hmmmm, well not a sample as such. All the kids got a ringworm kit on Friday and we were meant to do it yesterday morning and this morning - and hand it in at kindy this morning. It is two kind of patches with a casing. You peel back the seal casing and press patch thing against childs bum first thing in the morning. Should your child have worms or whatever it is it actually tests for they will stick to the patch.

This happens a couple of times a year and last time I completely forgot to do it. So this time, what with me remembering yesterday, I think my gaijin mother status may have risen slightly.

Anyway, the lady who rang is a lady I also used to work with. She is going to the funeral today too so can I please discretely pass her the ringworm test patch at the funeral. Rightio then. Will have to slip into discrete brown envelope as if was white might get mixed up with funeral money envelopes and not sure family of deceased will be too excited about ringworm patch in place of fifty dollars.

I am sitting here on my third cup of coffee. I started at four thirty with an instant when Marina woke up - understandable though as she was out at six last night due to no afternoon nap due to kindy dance practice and being maulled by five year olds. All very traumatic. I flagged the instant and at six put on pot of the hard stuff. Now whatever scone craving ringworm or bun in the oven number three that is in there is probably on caffine high. You should see how fast am typing. Can only just see fingers.

Ooh, truck collecting old broken electrical appliances is going past house. I sit here in inaka Japan waiting eagerly for the day when truck collecting old broken mother in laws goes past.

Actually I don't. Granny K been on best behavior lately. Almost got caffine high and giddy enough to almost nearly but not quite invite her in for coffee and scone before. Christ, thank god I managed to nail that one on the head. All the more scones for me.

I better get in the shower and start the funeral preparations. Still need to suss out something suitable for Marina. Don't think her 'pushchair today porsche tomorrow' t-shirt that she has on now is appropriate. Although could probably just say it said 'sorry for your loss' as no-one able to read English anyway.

Will probably post again later to report on funeral and secret squirel meeting victor victor charlie ringworm patch exchange.

Have a good day.


illahee said...

um...can i come live with you? we can ditch granny k at my in-laws place, i'm sure they won't mind! ;) esp. if granny k is older than MIL so she can to her instead.


don't know what we'll do with the husbands, though. and five kids in one house? ok, on second thought maybe not. but maybe we could still send granny k to southern fukuoka-ken. right on the border with kumamoto. lots of onsen... (just saying)

Sherry said...

Aren't those bum tests for pin worms, not ringworm. Ringworm is actually a kind of fungus on the skin, not internal. Or is this a difference in English in our respective countries?

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

We did our "bum stickers" in May and I was glad to be done with it.

Also, possible-Congratulations on the maybe-bun-in-the-oven!