Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Operation Over

She is one hundred percent knocked out in this pic. The eyes half open is a bit scary. There are tubes everywhere and she has a big velcro belt holding her to bed.

Hub and Shou saw her very briefly and are now onway back home.

Marina slept for total of three hours last night so heres hoping the drugs are still doing there thing.., for the next two weeks would be good.


Rachel said...

Hi Marina and Katy, I was thinking of you guys all morning! So it went well? She looks zonked. I gather she'll do a lot of sleeping for the next few days...I sure hope she does, strapped down like that! gambare! I'm off to the hosp. again Thursday, Erica's hand is not looking too good. Guess I'm next on the kiddie operation list.

thefukases said...

great news!

Fabulous that Shou was able to visit, must have been really reassuring for him. The kiddie hospital here has a strict no child visitors rule. :(

Fingers crossed you both get some rest today!

illahee said...

speedy recovery baby girl!

Lulu said...

Hope it all went well!

I was thinking of you today all today as well- glad it is all over!

Glad that Shou & Hub got to visit.

Hope she sleeps it all off okay and that you get a chance to have a bit of a much deserved rest

Nay said...

I'm glad to hear that it went ok! I was thinking about you both today. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

Angela said...

Glad all went smoothly - here's to a speedy recovery! Enjoy the (relative) quiet of the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there mates! Helen H

kuri & ping said...

Glad that everything went well and I hope she sleeps a lot, especially since she probably won't be very happy after waking up being strapped down. Poor thing. How are you doing too?

Glad that your hubbie and Shou got to see her as well.

Gina said...

Glad to hear that things went well. And I'm hoping for a speedy recovery! : )