Thursday, 16 October 2008

No Longer A Vest Virgin

Granny K went shopping with vestling friend this arvo. She went to vestling heaven 'Tokiwa' and came back with this very special vest for Marina for her first birthday. Ok, so it is't knitted and it is a cute pink. But still, is double domed (for extra firmage and non-falloffability) and with a collar (for extra vestling appeal).

She also got a jumper that I can imagine she chose thinking she was getting something that I would choose - we have had a couple of occassions where she has bought Shou things and I just couldn't bring myself to put him in them anytime other than being at home time. The jumper she chose is grey with blingy type writing and pink flowers.The English says

"All people are smiling clap your hands there's no reason why we will be happy more"

God, you have to love Japan.

I rang my mum today - just to see if she had upped the enthusiasm level since last time. Not much, I can tell you. I almost had to hang up when she started on the contraception saga, tube tieing, willy chopping rant again. She has told my other sister who is probably waiting until I tell her myself - which I told mum can wait until I am having a crap day anyway :) No point spoiling a good day otherwise! One good thing out of conversation with mum was she reminded me about the pregnancy pills and folic acid pills I have stashed at the back of the cupboard. Started them today - better late than never I guess!

I had chat with friend from NZ who has just had her first baby. SHE was excited for us - and in fact everyone bar my mum and probably my other sister, has been. We are having a mothers and babies meet up while home in December. Three mummies and four and a half (if you count the bun) kiddies. I was initially planning on bribing the kids into bed early and then hitting back the NZ vinos with the girls but I guess that won't be happening now :(

Other than that today was your (or rather my) standard Thursday. Three English classes and a rushed dinner and bed routine. While hub was feeding Shou dinner he spotted a very large mozzie(spinoff of oversized spider that got me pregnant - and you will really need to read back a few posts to figure that out!) on Shou's forehead. He instinctively slapped it - much to Shou's surprise. Unfortunately hub was a bit late off the mark and Shou ended up with massive bite and shock at having dad hit side of big head!

Tomorrow is kindy excursion. They are going in a bus with no child seats so yet again I am being the over-protective foreign mummy and taking Shou in my car. Have to make his lunch - in his Lightening McQueen lunchbox. Think will be rice, egg roll, meatballs, a tofu hamburger thing and some tomatoe - with cut nashi in a separate container and a pottle of yoghurt. I don't really feel like getting up at three am to try and sculpt the yoghurt into a to-scale minature of the white house but I am sure some mothers will be doing some fancy lunch box things.

Well, I should probably put the rice on for the morning and get to bed. Or I could have another cup of tea and a piece of toast (requested by the bun) and get on to the FBC site and order me some cheese baby - which I didn't end up doing yesterday.



Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

It sucks that your mother isn't more supportive of your pregnancy. There's always got to be something, right?

Whenever you do get around to having your tubes tied, you should ask them to do it when you're already in the hospital giving birth. It's way easier that way. I wish someone would've told me this because we waited to make this decision until after our fourth girl was born. My husband ended up getting a vasectomy because it was the least difficult of the two. Plus I figured I gave birth four times (and the last three were ALL NATURAL) so it was his time to experience some pain. Since then our sex life has been way more enjoyable because I'm not worried about getting pregnant.

Nice vest!

Gina said...

I like the vest too.

And lol, Sarah, I agree, you went through the childbirth, hubby should experience at least some pain, ha ha ha, only fair. : )

PS, I haven't had tubes tied and my hubby hadn't had operation. We just buy the condoms in bulk at Costco. Ha ha ha.: ) I know, not 100%, but neither of us are big on elective surgery. Although, I would be *really* in favor of my hubby getting one. *Winks* : ) And we have relations a lot. LOL. Can't say that on my blog because my family, who reads might all drop dead of heart attacks. Ha ha ha. : )

nakayoshilife said...

Hmmm now Marina and Granny K can go out looking like twins.

Sara said...

Gaijin Wife, your posts always make me crack up. But I think M would make even the vest look stylish... maybe even start a new baby trend.

Gina's comment cracked me up as well! You girls are so funny!

illahee said...

my mom was really wanted me to get my tubes tied after tommy, but at 34 i wasn't ready to take that step. but, apparently, since your body is in super-heal mode, right after giving birth is the best time to have it done.

i still have baby lust, and am secretly (but not really) hoping for one more, but once tommy weans i'll probably go back on the pill. we don't like the condoms much! lol

illahee said...

oops. bad grammar illahee. bad girl. 'my mom really wanted me...' *sigh*

gaijin wife said...

There is no tubes being tied here - not at 33. Besides I agree with the women doing the hard yards to have the babies so the men should get the chop. I am presuming not many men in Japan get it done? Hub might need some serious convincing. Maybe when am in labour will get him to promise - seems like time when man can't refuse anything. Although while in labour with Shou I made him promise we would never shag again and look where that got us.