Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mr. Bump now Bumpless

The egg on Shou's forehead has gone completely and been replaced by a much smaller and darker bruise. Probably only bruised because, unlike the kindy teachers, I didn't rub sugar onto it straight after it had happened!

Hub, Marina and I went on wee outing to pick up hub's new glasses. We had an early lunch of noodles, did a spot of boring shopping and came home. Was very uneventful.

My 'other' sister rang today - the one who had made noises along the lines of what a bad decision it would be to have a third child. Mum had told her very briefly in passing that I thought I might be pregnant. My sister was, unlike mum, quite excited. She admitted that when I talked ages ago about us maybe having a third child in a few years she was negative because the difference between having two children and having three was huge. But, that seeing as was already pregnant that was exciting news. My brother happened to walk in her front door and so the phone was passed on. When I asked him if he knew our news he reminded me that, with three sisters, he was last on the food chain of gossip and faimly news. He was also pleased when I told him - well, about as pleased as a male, who is not the father and who already has seven neices and nephews can get!!

I finally got onto FBC - and ordered a few goodies to get me through the hospital stay. Shite, completely forgot the cheese. Shit. The one thing I really wanted.

Anyway, it was a very boring day in the Aramaki house today.


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Trisha said...

I hope that you have remedied the cheese situation. Long live cheese!