Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Am a bit shattered - although watching Masato in the K-1 kickboxing final was a bit of a pick me up. Masato very spunky Japanese bloke. I have been watching in between trying to translate - not very productive. Other TV won't pick up this channel or else Hub would have been shoved to the tatami room to get his boxing fix. Then, I probably would have gotten more accomplished.

Marina had her vaccination this morning. Was third person to register and everything went very smoothly. Arrived at half twelve and was back in car by quarter past one. Bloody miracle. I had had a very productive morning cleaning, getting English classes sorted and making dinner - in preparation for vacicnations taking two hours - like they do in Kunimi, in which case would have had to come back home and straight into an English class at four. Yay, I got to twiddle my thumbs and watch some Gray's Anatomy instead.

Principle from the primary school rang this morning to say formal thankyou for concrete. Rah rah, thanks very much. I asked if she would mind not going out of her way to tell people that the Aramaki's paid for it - for no apparant reason. She said they had wanted to write human interest article in monthly school rag about my granny, the money, the concrete and me - probably in that order. I said no no no. She reluctantly agreed.

I said similar to kindy head when went to pick Shou up - too late. Shou had newsletter in bag that had a one liner. The Aramaki's forked out the dosh for the concrete by the front gate. Thanks.

Donations just not the done thing really so will have to field the 'why would you do that' type questions.

Right, a Cold Case program I have never seen has come on. Better get my English fix for the day - not including heads, shoulders, knees and toes and the letter 'P'.



thefukases said...

Ooohhh hello fellow Masato fan! DH is mad fan of K1 and does that ridiculous ducking and weaving with the blows thing and goes into a zone of non-communication for the entirety but when Masato's on I decide it's time for some couple time! :)

gaijin wife said...

Very definately very nice and very sculptured. If could get head round the boxing and kicking part would enjoy a lot more. Why can't he just get in the ring and parade round looking hot and sweaty??