Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Is on BS at the moment. I don't think have watched it since was about ten. Now that am a bit older and wiser I can pick out the very clever stuck on eyes and rubber teeth, but god jaws gave me the shits the first time I saw it.

I can't remember being so tired after only a few weeks with Shou and Marina. I wonder if it all in my head and my body is just taking advantage of having an excuse to have morning naps for the next nine months! Quite a few things seem different in these early days. Tomatoe on toast was THE THING for the bun today - that and a huge bowl of shredded cabbage. Bizzarre. My boobs aren't sore like last time but I feel more throw uperty. But nothing bread and tomatoes won't fix :) But, god I wish I had some real New Zealand cheese. None of this processed Japanese crap. If I got on line now and ordered a block from FBC I could have it by Monday maybe and that would give me a week to munch it back before hospital visit. Possible. Absolutely. Maybe I should buy another block for the bun.

Marina and I napped this morning and then went shopping and then came home and dossed round making weak attempts at getting ready for English and sorting out dinner for Shou and Marina - hub had a Civil Officers Union rah rah rant rant more wages bollocks huuha over in the next town. He even photocopied the handout to prove that was where he was going to be!! Anybody would think he shouldn't be trusted ;)

Think I'm the last one in the bath tonight. Which is good. Means Granny K has already had hers and done the vestling undie dash to her room.

Nighty night



Anonymous said...

Are you sure having a bath AFTER Granny K is a good thing? It is the same water right?.......

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I was more tired with my third and fourth pregnancies, too. It's actually one of the reasons we decided to permanently stop the baby train. I felt that it wasn't fair to the girls that I was too exhausted to take care of them properly. Yes, meals were prepared, baths were taken, and clothes were washed but there was no extra fun or time with mommy.

Take care of yourself!

Gina said...

About Jaws! What you said made me smile, because you know what, I saw that when I was little too. He was so gosh darned scary! Then when I saw it like last year or so, he looked so fake, ha ha ha. How did that happen? Did our perspectives change with age or what? Ha ha ha. And lol what you said about his shark eyes, you are so right, they did look like fake shark eyes! Excellent post!

PS, that cracks me up you've been catching granny K in her undies. That's so cute! : )

Lulu said...

I have never seen jaws- my parents beleived that because we lived close to the beach and went a lot, that watching jaws when we were younger was not a good idea and well then we never watched it but I will one day.

I am pretty sure that since you have two toddlers that being tired during your third pregnancy is a fair call. Take care of yourself

gaijin wife said...

I used to be funny about having bath after Granny K - scared I might vestlingify overnight if emmersed in same water. I am sure Granny K had similar thoughts about getting into bath after me!

Am glad people seem to think being tired is the norm. I will not feel guilty napping. Managed another one today!

Lulu - not having seen Jaws is almost criminal. Is like not seeing Dirty Dancing or Top Gun. Well, not quite but you know what I mean. Watching now will by no means put you off the water. It may however entice you to go out and by some eighties style super round and super huge glasses.

Gina said...

Good morning gaijin wife, yes I think so too, (sorry should have mentioned in earlier post) being tired is the norm. With my first pregnancy, I had horrible morning sickness and was often tired by 10am even if I didn't do a single thing. I took full advantage and rested and napped often. With my second pregnancy, I again had horrible morning sickness and felt extremely tired.But at the time I had a 3 year old son in yochien, so I could not really rest as much as I wanted.: ( But I did take plenty of naps when my older DS was in yochien. My house was a wreck, my whole second pregnancy but I really didn't care too much.: ) (oh yeah except for that last month of nesting thing I got, lol) Also after my 2nd baby was born, forget the house.... our house remained a wreck for about a full 11 months to a year. Ha ha ha. It was really really hard. : (

You must be way more tired then me, because you have 2 little ones plus are trying to deal with the tiredness and such. Please just rest and take good care of yourself. : ) Have a nice weekend over there! : )