Sunday, 26 October 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Marina

The day started out per normal day. After breakfast we gave Marina her ride on 'train'. As predicted Shou wanted it and Marina didn't seem too fussed either way. Tried to explain to Shou that it was Marina's birthday and that it was her toy. He turned around by saying that it was his birthday too and then proceeded to call Marina a 'nora neko' - his latest name calling. I do wonder what goes on at the kindy sometimes to be coming home calling his little sister a wild cat (with connotations of being dirty and runty).

Hub admitted that perhaps we shouldn't have bought the train. Aha. Here is Marina on her birthday toy - followed soon after by Shou.

After prezzies hub and Shou went to firetruck extraveganza in next town. Turned out it was the local festival so there was lots of other stuff going on too. Shou got a cartoon portrait...Hmmmm, not quite sure. Am thinking the forehead is a bit too foreheady but hub thinks is spoton.

While the boys were out and Marina was napping I got the cake sorted.The boys got home and Shou was nutting out big time. Not nutting out in a bad way but crying and saying his tummy was sore. Hub said he had been like that the whole thirty minutes home. I gave him a hug and had visions of me being in one hospital with Marina and hub in another with Shou. Two minutes later and Shou runs to toilet and does biggest pee ever, filling up a third of his potty. He was fine after that so he must have been busting the whole time and holding it in - even though he had a nappy on. Poor wee thing.

The kids both went to sleep in about five minutes tonight - due to no afternoon naps. I have got everything sorted for tomorrow I think. There are a few things I can't pack until the morning though. I think I have the major stuff sorted. We are up at four thirty and away by five thirty- well, that's the plan at least.

I am just going to hang out load of washing and write wee list for hub. Granny K has already been in to tell us we should go to bed cause of early start. I didn't even turn round. Just kept on a typing. She got me wired this evening when Shou was doing his high pitched screams for fun - I had warned him to tune it done as Marina was starting to get fired up too. After I had told him to tune it done or get taken to his room Granny K, who had plonked self down on our couch, said to him 'How loud can you scream'. I yelled at her then - and, after Shou did another scream took him to his room, telling him that his mother rules supreme over the vestling bitch who parades as his nice little grandmother. She had left the room when i got back down and Maki said she said she was just trying the 'reverse' technique, say the opposite of what you want them to do. I do use this sometimes but I would like to think I know when and when you can get away with it. Telling a two year old to try and scream as loud as they can.....

I was very open when saying to hub I couldn't wait to get to the hospital and that NO, he could not bring her up next Sunday to see Marina. Stupid woman can stay at home and break chestnuts with her head or something.



Sara said...

Happy Birthday Marina!!!
She's adorable!! Good word G-wife and hubs ;)

I like the drawing of Shou!! But those always seems to point out the features I would rather hide. My hubs has a really big forehead.. so I fear to ever have him do any of those as it will make him have even more of a complex about it lol.

illahee said...

happy birthday marina!! safe journey tomorrow. *hugs*

feel free to e-mail me (if you see this message before you go). gmail is illaheebaby @ gmail (dot) com.

good luck in the hospital!

illahee said...

p.s., CUTE cake!!

Tigermama said...

I`m coming out of lurkdom to say "Happy Birthday" to your sweet little girl and wish her well for her hospital visit.

I love your writing. You have a great sense of humour and always make me laugh....especially about the mil. I have the same thoughts towards my mil so I figure it`s okay to laugh, right?!

Take care!

kuri & ping said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like it was a good day. Glad you got your things sorted for tomorrow. Will be keeping you all in my thoughts!

thefukases said...

Love the cake! And you are a better mummy than me on the birthday thing. Ours are both in September and MIL always buys them two of the same things. I only lasted 4 days of tantrums and toy removals before I pulled out the second set- 20 days earlier than planned. :(

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Marina!!! Beautiful cake. And good luck at the hospital! : )

Anonymous said...

awwww! your kids are just adorable!
I had to laugh at Shou screaming! Such a typical 2 year old! Can't believe Granny K though! I would have yelled at her too! Katie