Saturday, 11 October 2008

Froggy Shou

Shou and I are going to a friend's daughter's birthday on Monday. It is a fancy dress so today, when we were at the hundred yen shop, I got this frog mask - thinking that Shou probably wouldn't wear it and I would have to. God, talk about having to peel the thing off his head at bedtime. Had to pull out the serious bribery tricks at bathtime too. He may well be all frogged out by Monday.

First thing this morning I decided to ring mum with our 'news'. Thought good idea seeing as had blogged to people I don't even know. And if that was Marina and I and I found out through someone else that my own daughter was pregnant I would probably be a bit bummed I hadn't been one of the first to know.

This is some of what my conversation with my mum was like.

Me: rah rah everyday bollocksy conversation
Mum: rah rah everyday bollocksy conversation
Me: Um, I think we might be pregnant again.
Mum: Oh, Kate. (not in excited congratulatory tone but more as if had just told her had terminal illness)
Me: I'm definately having it so can you not at least pretend to be more excited.
Mum: Right, congratulations I guess.
Me: rah rah trying to defend self for having a third child to woman who had five.

A bit of rah rahing later

Mum: so are you going to get your tubes tied after this one?
Me: Um, no.

Christ bloody shite can someone please lend me a more maternal mother for ten minutes so I can have this phone conversation again! It's not as if I am eighteen and about to start university and ring her up saying am pregnant after wild night of tequilla and cheap bourbans. I am married, I have two children already, I am only 32, my husband has a stable income, we have talked about another child.

Anyway, enough dwelling.

The phone call was about what I expected but somewhere I still thought maybe mum would be excited for us off the bat. God that's great Kate, the third child is the best (I am third child - another reason why her having told me I shouldn't have a third child has always managed to fire me up) But, anyway, after the phone call hub and I finished the morning kid stuff, hub took Shou to kindy and I put Marina down for nap. I was feeling a bit down and decided needed some endorphine releasage - nothing like an international relations meeting to get those things going...

I managed to make it out like it was hub's idea so that I could bribe him by saying 'only if we can go to sushi for lunch'. God, the lies, the manipulation ;)

In Japan they don't have the 'no raw fish' during pregnancy thing - although I don't usually go hard for the raw stuff at the revolving sushi place anyway. I usually get the scorched 'buri' (what is that in English?) and then boring things like corn salad. I did see another woman from Kunimi there who is about eight months pregnant and she was scoffing back plate after plate of the seriously raw stuff, including the shell food.

On the way back we did a bit of shopping and I had a look at washing machines - as ours is going to crap out (fingers crossed) one day soon. I am scared will be while am back in New Zealand so thought would be good to just have look at them with hub so he knows my preference. Then will casually slide panasonic front loader pamphlet under Granny K's doors just so she knows its a battle she hasn't been invited to, so no point even thinking about expressing an opinion. You know, the front loaders are pretty big. Granny K is pretty small...

Always nice to keep options open - especially now as can't drink any wine so wont have any empty bottles to bash her over head with.

Tomorrow is the sports day. The man who organized the list of participants for the adults sports day being held after the kids one came round this evening to make sure hub could attend. Hub said he was busy tomorrow afternoon and also told Granny K so now we have to vacate the Kunimi premises in case we get spotted at home when meant to be at sports day doing tug of war and knocking empty bottles over with tennis balls.

Hub spent two hours this evening with Shou cleaning the car, wax on wax off, so that is sparkling for our mystery outing tomorrow afternoon.

Am yawning away and only nine o'clock.

Nighty night campers.



Lulu said...

Well it is 10:30 here and seeing as I am getting up at 5:30am tomorrow morning to go to the markets to buy stuff to make a vegie garden I really should be in bed instead of reading your blog but hey, what can I say, I am an addict.

I think Shou suits the frog hat- if you got really enthused and had some green felt and elastic you could make him some frog feet!

Buri is amberjack I think- although I just looked it up in my dictionary and it said yellowtail?!? Yet I always assumed yellowtail reffered to many types of fish that just had yellowtail in their name. So who knows, it could be anything! Yellowtail is a wine here...

I am sure you mum will warm to the idea of you having a third baby- I mean you were pretty shocked too so she will get used to it I am sure. Especially when she sees you at Christmas time...

I am not sure how my mum would take the news If I told her I was pregnant. I doubt she would relish in the idea of becoming a grandmother but oh well!

I am off for some of my own international relations now- hope I remembered to take the pill everyday this week...seeing as I am pretty damn crap at taking it.

gaijin wife said...

frog feet is getting a bit adventurous lulu. Think he will just be in his wannabe MC Hammer frog green jumpsuit instead!! Wait till you get to Japan to have babies - I am hanging out for week in my nice ladies clinic. Is like swanky business hotel with afternoon teas and other fat sore women so don't even have to pretend to look nice.
Happy Saturday night meeting.

rachel said...

Re. advice on having baby in Japan, I second that. At first I was like "I'm not going to wear my pajamas for a whole week"! But later I was like "hey, I like this wearing pajamas during the day thing". (don't worry not the same pair, I brought several with me).

medea said...

A hearty congratulations from me. Shou and Marina are lovely and I'm sure the next one will be too.

My sister-in-law is due 2 months before me and eats sushi like there is no tomorrow. I'm like you and have the most cooked things on the menu but I'd really like a bunch of that nice raw tuna that is great in the fall. Still not comfortable with that idea.

illahee said...

my mom was the same after i told her about my third. *bighug* wow, sorry to disappoint you, mom!

she really warmed up to the idea, though, very quickly, and when she was here after he was born, she couldn't put him down. she even threatened to take him with her when she returned home!

i don't do sushi any time, so sorry, no advice from me!

Brenda said...

(((Hugs))) and congrats! My mom reacted the exact same way for #3!! (I'm also a 3rd) "Oh Brenda...." I was 34, married, working on my Masters degree, had a great job and 2 really great kids who are smart, well-behaved...blah, blah. I just don't get it.

Shou's an adorable froggie!

Rachel said...

Am I the only one who's Mum was happy about the third? Then again, she had six...

And am I the only one who's reckons NZ is way better for having babies, if you can get more than six hours stay!

It's kind of like a hotel in Japan, if there was a hotel where you get buzzed every two hours for another pointless test. They were really starting to annoy me after a few days!!

Rachel said...
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