Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Froggy a no go

As predicted, Shou was all froggied out by birthday party and declined to wear frog mask. It was a shame because there were fairiers, princesses, soccer players and even spiderman - who kept trying to throw spider web out of his hands at Shou. When he had his mask on Shou wasn't quite sure it wasn't actually spiderman himself and had to keep running behind my leg. Shou was a bit young to get in with the big kids games but spent some time playing with Aladins girlfriend Jasmine, aka Erica, and Bob, aka I'm not exactly sure.

When it came time for party food and cake I thought Shou would put his best foot forward, but instead insisted on a handful of chips and some mini tomatoes. What a let down. I had to make up for it and sat there for probably a full hour munching. For someone with 'no time to do anything' for the party the room looked fab with four massive pumpkins (real) and heaps of halloween decorations and balloons. I finally got around to deleting all the pics off my camera only to have done something to it and now it tells me the memory is full after one pic. So, there are no pics to show.

Marina was a good girl for daddy and they both got an afternoon nap. Marina was funny again at bedtime, which resulted in some late night (8pm) playtime with mummy and daddy, which resulted in Granny K coming in AGAIN after her bath in I do believe the exact same pair of undies she had on the night before. Am surprised she didn't try to tell me Marina's change in sleeping patterns was because I had one glass of iced water while I was pregnant.

Woke up this morning (if it is possibile to 'wake up' after not actually being asleep much) and realised had no breakfast things. Went to try the wannabe seven eleven five minutes away - which is usually open from six - but wonders of wonders they must have decided to actually observe the hours posted on the door. Had to come home and give Shou left over chicken and eggy rice from last night, and Marina some weetbix which have had for ages but Shou never took to it. Marina didn't either. Three spoonfulls in and I could tell it was going to get messy. She is about to go down for a nap with a big bottle of milk.

The house really needs sorting out after three days of family living but will have to wait till this arvo. I feel need to nap with Marina.

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