Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Four weddings and a ....

It went quite well.

Marina had marathon power nap this morning and I was able to get ready without having to top the social welfare top ten wanted list by leaving Marina nutting out in cot for half an hour. She woke up just before ten and for lack of anything even remotely black to dress her in I opted for the shocking pink leggings and subdued light pink and brown top - sounds very not sex and the city but she was actually looking quite cute.

Went past the bank to get a brand spanking new five thousand yen bill for the funeral gift money envelope. Arrived at about half ten and parked car in big carpark. My outfit was 100% appropriate - right down to the black scrunchie - you know they are making a comeback! I remembered at the last minute that had pair of low healed black slingbacks from when had to attend junior high graduation ceremony two years ago. Praise the lord as can usually only walk in four inch victoria secret type shoes when completely off my face. Being able to walk better in heals when pissed I think is one of world's seven wonders.

Anyway, I digress.

The main players at the funeral were vestlings and pre-vestlings. There was a handful of youngins like me and Marina was the only person under thirty. That I could see. The family and relatives were seated inside the temple and everyone else in rowed seating under tents outside. Marina and I of course were at very back and ended up spending over half of funeral out the temple gates singing round robins of twinkle twinkle little star and if your happy and you know it clap your hands. Not really funeral appropriate songs but I had to do what I had to do. She did a load in her nappy ten minutes in. It was quite a mission keeping her from vocalising her presence, but somehow we managed to make it through the whole thing - and I even got to go up and sprinkle the incense thing and pray - albeit with Marina munching on my pearls.

We made a fast getaway to the car when the funeral part was over only to find that car was boxed in by other cars and couldn't leave. Most people stayed to see the coffin get loaded in and taken away so I had to keep feeding Marina pearls and introducing her to the lady in the next car over (also waiting to leave but not being able to).

Rang Granny K at her pottery class to see if she needed a ride home. She said vestling equivilent of 'shit, aren't ready, do you think you could swing by in another half an hour?'

Sorry Granny K but was not a multichoice question. In fact wasn't really a question at all. Either we pick you up in five minutes or you get vestling friend with wheels to give you ride home at desired hour of departure.

She was waiting outside pottery lesson place seven minutes later. When got home she asked if had lunch sorted for Marina. Had just walked in door with tired baby with big crap in pants. Said she had few crackers and that would give her milk and put her to bed as thought sleep was the biggest factor in this case. Granny K voiced her dissapproval. Changed Marina's nappy, gave her bottle and put her to bed. Snoring in approximately three and a half minutes. In your face you stupid old bitch. Christ, where did that angst come from?? Surprise even myself sometimes! Raging bloody hormones perhaps?

Had English class this afternoon. Lovely little critters that they are. Lesson went well. One of the boys gave me a bag when he came in and told me it was an English book. I said thankyou and that perhaps we would read it in class. His mum then said was for me as a present and not for the class. The tittles of the books are...

'I'm fine spirit - how to get through tough times'
'Hints to solve family problems'
'How to improve your work skills'

They are all publications by 'happy science' a religious teaching by a Japanese guy. "members learn and practice teachings to achieve true happiness by giving love to others and practicing self-reflection in their daily lives"

One of the pages was booked marked
"Feelings of love towards the opposite sex and one's own famiy are planted within us in order that we may learn of eternal love"

As you have probably guessed by now I am not all that religious, and therefore found it odd that someone would want to give me these books - unless of course she thought I had family problems that needed solving. I mean I do, but after a quick skim of book couldn't find chapter on lying pachinko bastard husbands.

So anyway, had to resort to reading English class 'Where's Spot' as felt more appropriate.


PS - ringworm patch exchange went according to plan. Synchronised watches and made the pass.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo post me the books - I do weird religions in my class and they would be great props. She has been secretly reading your blog I imagine to think you are not happy happy science wifey. Have a CD of English kids songs to send you to. Will be in the post for Marina's B'day. Ang xxx