Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Five in a row

Shou went to bed on his own for the fifth night in a row tonight. He didn't get out of bed once - he whinged a bit - but then he is his mother's son so what can I expect really.

I have realised that for the sports day photo I wrote that Shou was second from the right - well, that is Toya Ishikawa. Shou is in fact second from the left. Six of one, half a dozen of the other really as all look same from this distance.

After our early start this morning I did get down for a nap with Marina. I must have been absolutely knackered cause didn't wake up till eleven - to Marina talking to herself in her cot. The sleep didn't seem to perk me up any though and I had to email a friend to invite her round for coffee with her son Eagle Tiger (Takatora). The ultimate incentive to do a whip round clean of the house. Is amazing what you can get done in half an hour when you put your mind to it!! Of course I didn't think she would say see you in half an hour - but she did. How very un-Japanese of her.

Haven't seen her for ages and had good catch up. Eagle Tiger, who is same age as Shou, only felt it necessary to swipe Marina on big bald head twice. For no reason other than must have looked like good target I guess. After coffee visit I piled Marina in car and we went to bank and food run to supermarket. The carpark was chocca so instead of trying to park car in only spot left I did very female thing and flagged it and went to Solar panel man's house for ten minute chinwag with wife while the supermarket carpark thinned out a bit. She is going to come with me to doctor's next Wednesday so can see the bun on the big screen. I wasn't going to go until out of hospital with Marina but she convinced me that I would 'feel better' knowing everything was OK.

Oooh, nearly forgot most exciting news. Well, made our day anwyay. My friend from Ireland and her mum both sent over birthday parcels for Marina. Very very very cool selection of clothes and Shou even got some bob the builder sunglasses - which I do believe he has taken to bed with him, after of course wearing them in the bath. Marina scored a couple of extremely, I can't wait for the NZ summer, summer party dresses, and an extremely stylish, I want an adult size, winter coat. I sometimes fear that my kids will get mugged on the street and left stripped of all their cool clothes from Ireland. So thank you friend and friend's mummy. Am not looking forward to day you have your own kiddlies and your mum then has grandkids to buy wardrobes for. God help me I might have to start relying on own mum for care packages, cool clothes, easter eggs and advent calenders. Hmmmmm.

Has been four days since I told mum our news. I thought the family grapevine would have meant a txt from my other sister and brother by now. Obviously am too used to rural Japan grapevine speed which has news being passed on within the hour!

Granny K came in at lunch time today. I was feeding Marina a vegemite sandwhich and some yoghurt. Granny K left and came back two minutes later with some rice mixed with miso soup. She said Marina needed to get strong before her operation and wouldn't do so without rice. I told her vegemite was the food of champions and also best source of vitamin B known to man-kind. In one vestling ear and out the other. Marina ate everything anyway.



illahee said...

ugh, rice.

(sorry, don't have anything clever to say. am slightly drunk on new zealand wine i drank by myself. must. sleep. now.)

p.s. congrats on shou sleeping by himself five nights in a row!! am suitably jealous!

Sara said...

Congrats on the achievement!!
I remember my dad trying to feed us Vegimite as kids... he probably didn't start us on it early enough because we never really took to it!

Any chances of getting a photo fashion show of summer dresses and sunglasses? *haha* 


Nay said...

Just have to add my bit here - nothing beats vegemite!!!

Sounds like Shou is getting into a routine now in regards to sleeping by himself!! I'm sure it will make your life a little easier!!