Thursday, 30 October 2008

Day 4

Marina a bit more her usual self today. The drain that was in her wound (??) to drain shite away got pulled out and her epidural got taken out of her back. No epidural means no more constant pain relief but she didn't seem too put out. We spent a lot of the afternoon perfecting 'inai inai ba' which i think is better than peekaboo.

Aren't getting through as many books and embroidery as i thought but then we still have eleven days to go. I did get the nailpolish out this evening but the bun retaliated so had to stop at one hand. Luckily is nude color and not shocking pink.

My nice nurse is on duty tonight. Might have to name the bun after her, if its a bunette and not a bunster that is.

Better get to bed. Is half nine which in the land of childrens hospitals is way past lights out.sdgh&ql


Lulu said...

Oh she is definitely looking a lot more genki!

How is mummy coping?

BUNSTER! That cracked me up- that should totally be the kids name if it is a boy. Imagine Granny K`s shocked face....

What is nice nurses name?

thefukases said...

She looks much perkier. Now for the fun bit- keeping an active and feeling better baby in a hospital bed!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Marina is on the mend. She is looking great. Hang in there! xxoo Katie

Brenda said...

Glad things are going well, looks like Marina is handling things like a champ! Hope everything continues to go smoothly!

Gina said...

She looks real good! Marina is definitely looking like she's on the mend!: )

Happy Halloween Gaijin wife and family!!!! : )