Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 3

After blogging yesterday Marina threw up - a side effect of anaesthetic wearing off. We got thirty minutes of crying which was worse than it sounds. Nurse ended up giving her a bum bullet to calm her down and help her go to sleep. She had rubbed her eyes so much she looked stoned.

The bum bullet wasnt like the temperature ones we get from docs. Was streamlined and a kind of gold color. Wonder if can get a stock to keep at home for when Granny K needs calming down, although not keen on having to insert up vestling bottom.
After the drugs Marina got quite a good nights sleep and so did me and the bun. Even the cleaning lady commented that I looked more rested today. It would appear that the entire staff know about the bun. After a particularly long awake stint with Marina in the midle of the night on Monday night, and in a moment of tired pregnant woman weakness, I told one of the night nurses about the bun. Now they are all worried about me too. Maybe I can get a grapejuice drip and some drugs to make me sleep!

Thankyou for all the good wishes :)



thefukases said...

Oooh I don't think I'd want some of that medicine- faaarrrr too tempting on those napless afternoons that last forever!

Great news on the sleep front and I would totally milk the pregnant thing. No prizes for playing martyr and isn't it nice to be cut some slack occasionally? Lord knows toddlers don't do it!

illahee said...

sounds like things are going well, i hope it lasts the whole time you're there!

Lulu said...

Glad the bum bullet did the job and that you both got some much deserved rest.

Glad things are going okay and that the nurses are taking good care of you and the bun

Sara said...

golden bum bullet? wow!
I need one of those for DH sometime... *whistles*

enjoy your pregnant woman nice treatment!! you're giving another body to the japanese workforce/tax payers so enjoy the benefits!

M looks a lot more genki!! Hope her recovery is progressing speedily!