Friday, 24 October 2008

Bugger bugger shit

I was on my way to the next town over this morning. I wasn't going to do the whole birthday thing for Marina - seeing as very early start the next day and operation the following day. Didn't want her vomitting up cake on the three hour trip to the hospital. But, hub got it into his head that the only reason I wanted him to take Shou to see the fire engine show on Sunday was so that mummy could get the family party ready for Marina's first birthday. So, I was off to the semi-passable as a supermarket shop thirty minutes away. I was on phone chatting away to friend in New Zealand when policeman runs out onto road and flags me down with a batton. Am thinking he is quite lucky to come away unscathed as had slightly slow on-phone talking - break pedal pushing reaction. I got a ticket for talking on my phone and driving at the same time. Bloody hell - and only three months after my speeding ticket. Nothing, sweet nothing for nine years and then I get two tickets in three months.

The policeman was very nice and didn't tell me off at all. Just kept telling me to be more careful as they often set up camp on that bit of road. We also joked that was lucky they didn't have speed camera set up too as otherwise I would have had two tickets. Ha ha ha. See you drivers licence. As it is I got another point taken off and any more points and I will need to do a lecture for bad drivers. Had to ring friend back to appoligise for hiffing phone on floor of car without saying goodbye.

Anyway, got to supermarket and was so pissed off about ticket that thought would just be a sponge and decorate at home on Sunday - as then that would only be half cheating. Supermarket all out of ready made sponges though so had to buy sponge cake mix packet instead. Not exatly Martha Stewart but what Marina doesn't know...

This morning, when I was reading Shou's notebook from kindy I read that he has two bad teeth. The dentist makes twice yearly visits to the kindy and he went yesterday. I made a booking at dentist in next town over in other direction and took Shou there at four this arvo. His first ever trip to the dentist. I myself have never been to a dentist in Japan. I always go when back in New Zealand. I have seen little kids with mouths full of black teeth - they used to use black shit for fillings.

When we got to dentist - old scodey building with nobody else waiting - I had to fill out a couple of forms. The dentist though was a lovely youngish (almost a Mcsomething but not quite a dreamy or steamy) man and he was very good with Shou. Shou didn't want to sit in the chair so I was allowed to sit in it with him on my nap. He was SOOOO Good. He kept his mouth open the whole time and didn't even pack a shit when the dentist sprayed the wind thing in his mouth.

According to the dentist he doesn't have two bad teeth (mushiba) he just has two teeth that we need to be extra careful about cleaning. Proper cleaning and they will be fine. We had a good teeth cleaning session tonight with new cleaning techniques.

I am going to talk to the kindy about teeth brushing after lunch - or at least gargling after snacks and lunch as dentist reckons even that would be better than nothing. We don't give Shou many sweet things at home - bar yoghurt and fruit. But at kindy his monthly menu has things like icecream, hot cakes, biscuits and pudding as snacks. Arrrrgghhh.

Changing subjects here.

Granny K has decided Shou should come back with hub - after only one week in New Zealand. Her reasoning behind this - he won't be able to get used to New Zealand food and shouldn't be away from Japanese food for that long.

I live in Kunimi in Oita prefecture if anyone feels the need to drink three bottles of wine and then send me the empties. This woman needs a bash. I do not make Japanese food every day. Shou has had his fair share of pasta, meat pies, vege bakes and vegemite. I'm sure he will survive two months without barf beans and pickled plums.

Granny K has obviously said something to hub about him bringing Shou back with him. I have stood my ground - can't change tickets now. Granny K is just being selfish. I told her as such. Said was unfair to New Zealand family that they only get to see him for four nights. Think she is secretly afraid that I will like it too much back home and never bring them back! Tempting. But then I wouldn't get my week holiday in fab ladies clinic for the bun. Instead would be kicked out of public hospital in NZ after eight hours or something just as inhumane and horific.

Well, I better get some shite sorted. Only two days to sort out stuff for hospital and tomorrow we are going to toys r us to get things for trip home and of course a prezzie for the princess, and then sunday I guess I will be baking a sponge and blowing up a few balloons.



Sara said...

Wow - I realize that she probably doesn't realize what a selfish request that is... but wow.

I would be pissed. You must be looking forward to two wonderful months back home, and imagine what it will do for Shou's English too... I always here people saying that after bring their little ones home for a few weeks it skyrockets.

Sending you virtual wine and scones.. :)

illahee said...

OH. MY. GOD. what a bitch. sorry, but what a effin' bitch! very selfish. if my MIL said as much to me, i'd never see her again. and neither would my kids. easy for me since i don't live with her. maybe i'd start looking around for an assisted living home. one that locks them up at night. sheesh!

well, i finished off a bottle tonight, give me your mailing address.... ;) or better yet, maybe we can come over this weekend!

Brit said...

Hi Gaijinwife,
I'll be in your neck of the woods over the holidays. I'll just hide our empties by your front door!!!


Gina said...

Good morning, and am very sorry to hear about your ticket. : (

And a Happy Birthday to Marina! My oldest son's birthday is Oct 26, so it's tomorrow/Sunday. : )

And what a bummer your MIL asked for Shou to come back to Japan with the hubby. Good thing you are sticking to your guns though. I think Shou totally needs to stay for the duration of your trip for sure. Have a wonderful weekend! : )

gaijin wife said...

Thank you for virtual wines - and scones! Illahee - you are prohibited from coming here until I am able to consume wine with you - god, which means another ten months I guess.

Brit - empties could probably be quite well hiden amongst assortment of vestling flora and fauna found in plastic planters near front door.