Monday, 20 October 2008

Bloody Monday

I am here indulging in a piece of cheap conbini (diary) bought chocolate cake. I, myself didn't really want it but the bun asked, and seeing as the bun has been dead keen on bread and fruit and the like lately I decided to give in to the sugar craving. Why not. The mornings have not been so good lately and today I was unable to do anything above the necessary Marina looking after. I have convinced myself I am housing triplets in there. How can two pregnancies, with Shou and Marina, have gone so well - so well in fact it was almost an anti-climax, and third time round I find myself doubled over for most of the day? Solar Panel man's wife tried to tell me bad morning sickness meant a boy - but then how can I explain Shou?

Anyway, off to doctors on Wednesday so he reassure me that there is only one bun in the oven.

So, this morning was very unproductive. I had two naps with Marina which was nice as last night wasn't that good on the sleepage front. To his credit hub did get up at half five with both the sprogs and let me sleep for another hour. It is times like those when I get to sleep the fastest - stolen minutes in the middle of the day or times when I should really be up doing things.

I biked to pick Shou up from kindy which is something I wouldn't have been able to get away with without a fight if Granny K knew about the bun. I remember when I was four months pregnant with Shou hub and I went to pray at the closest decent size shrine. It took an hour and we went on his motorbike. Granny K just about had a fit. A bit reckless but hey, I wasn't wearing a headscarf that was flying in the wind, and there weren't any cliffs we could ride off. That, and I don't think hub would make a very good Thelma or Louise.

We got back from kindy and I started dinner - leftover BBQ chicken and rice for Shou and lamp chops for hub and I. The chops were a bit of a gamble. I wasn't sure if I could get through cooking them. Eating them proved to be not a problem though. After dinner it was bath time. Shou went in first and once he was clean and in the bath, in went Marina. The usual routine. Because washing Marina is such a slippery process hub usually sits on the bathroom floor. I was washing the dishes when I heard a cry and an 'oh Marina, I'm so sorry' from hub. I rush in and the first thing I see is Marina with blood all over her face.

Hence the 'bloody monday' title.

She had slipped and hit her upper mouth on something - her gums above her two front chompers were bleeding. I think it looked a lot worse than it actually was. The teeth weren't wobbly and the bleeding seemed to slow down after about five minutes. I got her out straight away and got hub to ring the hospital anyway. He did and they told us to come if it wouldn't stop bleeding. But, it did stop and she went to sleep without a problem. I will of course be checking on her occassionaly during the night to make sure she isn't choking and swallowing back mouthfulls of blood. My poor little princess.

After the inital shock, and while hub was cuddling her to smitherines and appologising to her bald head, Shou and I made quick dash to store for milk (and it would appear, cake) Luckily I made a quick fly by of the mirror on the way out the door because I had half a lamb chop stuck between my teeth. Attractive. Shou was ultra cute and well behaved and even did his 'I'm the man pose' on request from the small group of high school boys loitering outside the shop - well, as much as you can really loiter in Kunimi. I don't think that is correct spelling. Blame on preggy mushy brain. Pity I couldn't use that as excuse when was thirteen and worst speller in class.

Hub is taking tomorrow afternoon off and we are going to pick up Marina's passport. Hub has to go because he is the person that applied, and Marina has to go because she is the one the passport is for. I'm just going for gaijin effect, that and because hub didn't offer to go on his own with her - although I am sure he would if I claimed the bun was making me feel sicky.

I have my monthly English class at the primary school tomorrow. Joy joy. Always goes fine when I get there but now that it isn't volunteer and I am actually getting paid there is a bit more pressure. Is only thirty kids and fifty minutes though and I think tomorrow will be 'time'. I was going to prepare now but god its past nine and I really can't be bothered. I have thought the lesson through so sorting the stuff out is the easy part. It means going down the end of the hall, where other computer and printer are, and printing things out though. And I just canne not be bothered. Tomorrow morning - when I am feeling like crap and wishing I had done it last night. Perfect.

Hub has turned down his piece of cake. Whats a bet the bun sneaks up for a midnight feast.



Angela said...

Lamb? You can buy lamb here? I thought they only had sheep in zoos! Mind you, I nearly keeled over when I saw a jar of babyfood made with horse meat...

I got really sick with no. 3, too. Even brushing my teeth was enough to make me wretch. Didn't stop me eating Pringles tho'. Eat while you can, girl!

illahee said...

what a bun! i was 'sickest' with tommy (#3) but that just meant feeling sickly for about three months...hiro was a day and a half, sasha was a week. yet another reason not to have another. ;)

and hiro: craved tofu, sasha: craved pepperoni pizza and tommy: craved mr. donut. *sigh* i hope you enjoy your cake tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hub doesn't get in the bath with the kids? I thought that might be a better way of holding onto Marina.

Lulu said...

Poor little Marina! Ouch!

You are worried about triplets? I am seriously scared about having twins- two in one go would be okay I guess but it still scares me like crazy- Twins run in BOTH sides of our families. EEK!

When are you going to tell Granny K you are up the duff?

My mum had the most trouble with raw meat and cooking meat when she was pregnant with both my brother & I yet eating it wasn`t a problem- so my dad just had to do all the cooking. Maybe you could hook hub up with cooking duties?!?

Hope the doctors appointment goes well and that you enjoyed your cake!

tj-injapan said...

I love that lulu wrote "up the duff". Have you read the pregnancy book by Kaz Cooke, (title - "Up the duff"). Classic Aussie humour.

Poor Princess Marina. Kyla put her (at that time) new teeth through her tongue I think once. Blood everywhere is terribly scary, isn't it.I guess they just have to get used to having fangs in a previously unoccupied mouth.