Thursday, 30 October 2008

Day 4

Marina a bit more her usual self today. The drain that was in her wound (??) to drain shite away got pulled out and her epidural got taken out of her back. No epidural means no more constant pain relief but she didn't seem too put out. We spent a lot of the afternoon perfecting 'inai inai ba' which i think is better than peekaboo.

Aren't getting through as many books and embroidery as i thought but then we still have eleven days to go. I did get the nailpolish out this evening but the bun retaliated so had to stop at one hand. Luckily is nude color and not shocking pink.

My nice nurse is on duty tonight. Might have to name the bun after her, if its a bunette and not a bunster that is.

Better get to bed. Is half nine which in the land of childrens hospitals is way past lights out.sdgh&ql

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 3

After blogging yesterday Marina threw up - a side effect of anaesthetic wearing off. We got thirty minutes of crying which was worse than it sounds. Nurse ended up giving her a bum bullet to calm her down and help her go to sleep. She had rubbed her eyes so much she looked stoned.

The bum bullet wasnt like the temperature ones we get from docs. Was streamlined and a kind of gold color. Wonder if can get a stock to keep at home for when Granny K needs calming down, although not keen on having to insert up vestling bottom.
After the drugs Marina got quite a good nights sleep and so did me and the bun. Even the cleaning lady commented that I looked more rested today. It would appear that the entire staff know about the bun. After a particularly long awake stint with Marina in the midle of the night on Monday night, and in a moment of tired pregnant woman weakness, I told one of the night nurses about the bun. Now they are all worried about me too. Maybe I can get a grapejuice drip and some drugs to make me sleep!

Thankyou for all the good wishes :)


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Operation Over

She is one hundred percent knocked out in this pic. The eyes half open is a bit scary. There are tubes everywhere and she has a big velcro belt holding her to bed.

Hub and Shou saw her very briefly and are now onway back home.

Marina slept for total of three hours last night so heres hoping the drugs are still doing there thing.., for the next two weeks would be good.

Monday, 27 October 2008

We have arrived! After only sleeping for forty minutes in the car on the way here this morning Marina is finally asleep. I am waiting for the shower board to make it to our room. Marina had a few tests today and we had talks from the doctor and anaesthetist. The op starts at nine tomorrow morning and will last about two and a half hours.
Hub and Shou went to an amusement park this arvo. They had to take the city express road. I forgot to tell hub had taken toll card out of machine in car. The card means you dont need to stop to pay tolls you just wait for the gate to comeup and drive through. Hub went through the express lane and nearly hit gate, which of course didnt open because I had put card in glovebox.
At the park Shou wanted to ride the ferris wheel. So they did. Today was a windy day. Hub said he had to cover up his fear :)
They are coming tomorrow to be here when Marina gets out of her op.
My turn for the shower.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Marina

The day started out per normal day. After breakfast we gave Marina her ride on 'train'. As predicted Shou wanted it and Marina didn't seem too fussed either way. Tried to explain to Shou that it was Marina's birthday and that it was her toy. He turned around by saying that it was his birthday too and then proceeded to call Marina a 'nora neko' - his latest name calling. I do wonder what goes on at the kindy sometimes to be coming home calling his little sister a wild cat (with connotations of being dirty and runty).

Hub admitted that perhaps we shouldn't have bought the train. Aha. Here is Marina on her birthday toy - followed soon after by Shou.

After prezzies hub and Shou went to firetruck extraveganza in next town. Turned out it was the local festival so there was lots of other stuff going on too. Shou got a cartoon portrait...Hmmmm, not quite sure. Am thinking the forehead is a bit too foreheady but hub thinks is spoton.

While the boys were out and Marina was napping I got the cake sorted.The boys got home and Shou was nutting out big time. Not nutting out in a bad way but crying and saying his tummy was sore. Hub said he had been like that the whole thirty minutes home. I gave him a hug and had visions of me being in one hospital with Marina and hub in another with Shou. Two minutes later and Shou runs to toilet and does biggest pee ever, filling up a third of his potty. He was fine after that so he must have been busting the whole time and holding it in - even though he had a nappy on. Poor wee thing.

The kids both went to sleep in about five minutes tonight - due to no afternoon naps. I have got everything sorted for tomorrow I think. There are a few things I can't pack until the morning though. I think I have the major stuff sorted. We are up at four thirty and away by five thirty- well, that's the plan at least.

I am just going to hang out load of washing and write wee list for hub. Granny K has already been in to tell us we should go to bed cause of early start. I didn't even turn round. Just kept on a typing. She got me wired this evening when Shou was doing his high pitched screams for fun - I had warned him to tune it done as Marina was starting to get fired up too. After I had told him to tune it done or get taken to his room Granny K, who had plonked self down on our couch, said to him 'How loud can you scream'. I yelled at her then - and, after Shou did another scream took him to his room, telling him that his mother rules supreme over the vestling bitch who parades as his nice little grandmother. She had left the room when i got back down and Maki said she said she was just trying the 'reverse' technique, say the opposite of what you want them to do. I do use this sometimes but I would like to think I know when and when you can get away with it. Telling a two year old to try and scream as loud as they can.....

I was very open when saying to hub I couldn't wait to get to the hospital and that NO, he could not bring her up next Sunday to see Marina. Stupid woman can stay at home and break chestnuts with her head or something.


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Smelly Old Witch

It took all my resolve to use a 'w' in that title. Ooh Granny K is pissing me and the bun off something chronic. Two weeks away from the woman followed shortly after by two months will definately be a good thing.

The bun is finding a lot of smells very offensive - the winner is the smell that comes from seventy two year old vestling collection of assorted crap, remnants of miso soup from three days ago still in the pot on the stove, half the vege patch stuck to the kitchen floor, and some sort of face cream. I have warned hub that he will need to enforce a door closed at all times law while I am in the hospital. Otherwise the bun and I will come home and be throwing up all day while meant to be packing for New Zealand.

Today we did the big drive to the toy shop. Granny K didn't want us to go (boo hoo sob sob you stupid old bitch - have lost my resolve) as Marina would end up getting a fever from all the excitement that comes from two hours in the car with mum and dad. Lots of excitement. Party party. Vodka, tequilla, pole dancing, you name in.

We went via the shrine to get a good luck charm for Marina's operation. Someone needs to make a line of 'my bitchy gaijin daughter in law went to a shrine and all I got was this crap charm' goods. God, I think I've just found another project. Will add it to list of to-dos along with warning stickers for wine bottles that say
"Warning - lethal if found wrapped round head of vestling mother in law"

The toy shop proved to be dangerous as usual. I have five neices now and it is hard keeping up with the older three because I have trouble knowing what a 12, 10 and 8 year old would want - especially as want it to be something can't get in New Zealand. I usually end up buying an assortment of things and getting my sister to tell me who would probably want what. For Marina's birthday we bought a ride on car thingy. Hub was in charge of choosing and while I strongly voiced that the one with the English songs and letters and things was my personal favorite he still chose (silly man) the one that looks quite rather like a train and has buttons that make railway noises. Excellent choice darling. Can see Shou wanting to pull that out from under Marina the minute he sees it. We also got some secret weapons for the plane - namely heavy machinery toy vehicles, thomas the tank engine crackers rah rah. Between those and the portable dvd player playing bob the builder builds another shed part VIII on repeat we should be OK. Marina has an 'eigo de asobo' dvd to put on in between times.

Spoilt you say. I know, I know. But a pregnant woman with her little baby about to go in for major surgery (not really, is only little snip) is not really concentrating on the tightness of the pursestrings.

I am about to log off and then go and do round one of hospital packing.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy in between getting things sorted and trying to have a bit of a family birthday for Marina. Shou has been practicing singing happy birthday so if everything else goes to custard at least we will be entertained for five minutes.


PS - I will try the phone blogging from the hospital. I can check comments on my phone but can't reply to them. Not that I do much of that now anyway :p

Friday, 24 October 2008

Bugger bugger shit

I was on my way to the next town over this morning. I wasn't going to do the whole birthday thing for Marina - seeing as very early start the next day and operation the following day. Didn't want her vomitting up cake on the three hour trip to the hospital. But, hub got it into his head that the only reason I wanted him to take Shou to see the fire engine show on Sunday was so that mummy could get the family party ready for Marina's first birthday. So, I was off to the semi-passable as a supermarket shop thirty minutes away. I was on phone chatting away to friend in New Zealand when policeman runs out onto road and flags me down with a batton. Am thinking he is quite lucky to come away unscathed as had slightly slow on-phone talking - break pedal pushing reaction. I got a ticket for talking on my phone and driving at the same time. Bloody hell - and only three months after my speeding ticket. Nothing, sweet nothing for nine years and then I get two tickets in three months.

The policeman was very nice and didn't tell me off at all. Just kept telling me to be more careful as they often set up camp on that bit of road. We also joked that was lucky they didn't have speed camera set up too as otherwise I would have had two tickets. Ha ha ha. See you drivers licence. As it is I got another point taken off and any more points and I will need to do a lecture for bad drivers. Had to ring friend back to appoligise for hiffing phone on floor of car without saying goodbye.

Anyway, got to supermarket and was so pissed off about ticket that thought would just be a sponge and decorate at home on Sunday - as then that would only be half cheating. Supermarket all out of ready made sponges though so had to buy sponge cake mix packet instead. Not exatly Martha Stewart but what Marina doesn't know...

This morning, when I was reading Shou's notebook from kindy I read that he has two bad teeth. The dentist makes twice yearly visits to the kindy and he went yesterday. I made a booking at dentist in next town over in other direction and took Shou there at four this arvo. His first ever trip to the dentist. I myself have never been to a dentist in Japan. I always go when back in New Zealand. I have seen little kids with mouths full of black teeth - they used to use black shit for fillings.

When we got to dentist - old scodey building with nobody else waiting - I had to fill out a couple of forms. The dentist though was a lovely youngish (almost a Mcsomething but not quite a dreamy or steamy) man and he was very good with Shou. Shou didn't want to sit in the chair so I was allowed to sit in it with him on my nap. He was SOOOO Good. He kept his mouth open the whole time and didn't even pack a shit when the dentist sprayed the wind thing in his mouth.

According to the dentist he doesn't have two bad teeth (mushiba) he just has two teeth that we need to be extra careful about cleaning. Proper cleaning and they will be fine. We had a good teeth cleaning session tonight with new cleaning techniques.

I am going to talk to the kindy about teeth brushing after lunch - or at least gargling after snacks and lunch as dentist reckons even that would be better than nothing. We don't give Shou many sweet things at home - bar yoghurt and fruit. But at kindy his monthly menu has things like icecream, hot cakes, biscuits and pudding as snacks. Arrrrgghhh.

Changing subjects here.

Granny K has decided Shou should come back with hub - after only one week in New Zealand. Her reasoning behind this - he won't be able to get used to New Zealand food and shouldn't be away from Japanese food for that long.

I live in Kunimi in Oita prefecture if anyone feels the need to drink three bottles of wine and then send me the empties. This woman needs a bash. I do not make Japanese food every day. Shou has had his fair share of pasta, meat pies, vege bakes and vegemite. I'm sure he will survive two months without barf beans and pickled plums.

Granny K has obviously said something to hub about him bringing Shou back with him. I have stood my ground - can't change tickets now. Granny K is just being selfish. I told her as such. Said was unfair to New Zealand family that they only get to see him for four nights. Think she is secretly afraid that I will like it too much back home and never bring them back! Tempting. But then I wouldn't get my week holiday in fab ladies clinic for the bun. Instead would be kicked out of public hospital in NZ after eight hours or something just as inhumane and horific.

Well, I better get some shite sorted. Only two days to sort out stuff for hospital and tomorrow we are going to toys r us to get things for trip home and of course a prezzie for the princess, and then sunday I guess I will be baking a sponge and blowing up a few balloons.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Bun Beats

Had docs appointment this morning. I was nervous!! Nervous that everything wouldn't be alright and nervous that was going to get telling off about weight and of course nervous the bun was fighting for space with another bun or two. But, the bun was all fine (and alone) and they didn't weigh me because too soon. Had to pee in the cup - which always gets to me cause unable to pee under pressure unless really busting. Then had the nice lady doctor who I knew wouldn't ask me a) about my weight or b) whether or not I was going to have the baby. Am to go back before going back to New Zealand just to check things and to measure the sprog to try and determine dates seeing as I am so crap can't remember exact date of last period.

Still aren't feeling the best though so blogs might be a bit less frequent until am over the worst of it. Not sure how will get on in hospital either - although I think I have the blogging from my phone thing worked out.

Between the docs visit and English I didn't get to have a preggy woman nap today and it is now nearly half past ten. Long past my bedtime.

Nighty night.


Monday, 20 October 2008

Bloody Monday

I am here indulging in a piece of cheap conbini (diary) bought chocolate cake. I, myself didn't really want it but the bun asked, and seeing as the bun has been dead keen on bread and fruit and the like lately I decided to give in to the sugar craving. Why not. The mornings have not been so good lately and today I was unable to do anything above the necessary Marina looking after. I have convinced myself I am housing triplets in there. How can two pregnancies, with Shou and Marina, have gone so well - so well in fact it was almost an anti-climax, and third time round I find myself doubled over for most of the day? Solar Panel man's wife tried to tell me bad morning sickness meant a boy - but then how can I explain Shou?

Anyway, off to doctors on Wednesday so he reassure me that there is only one bun in the oven.

So, this morning was very unproductive. I had two naps with Marina which was nice as last night wasn't that good on the sleepage front. To his credit hub did get up at half five with both the sprogs and let me sleep for another hour. It is times like those when I get to sleep the fastest - stolen minutes in the middle of the day or times when I should really be up doing things.

I biked to pick Shou up from kindy which is something I wouldn't have been able to get away with without a fight if Granny K knew about the bun. I remember when I was four months pregnant with Shou hub and I went to pray at the closest decent size shrine. It took an hour and we went on his motorbike. Granny K just about had a fit. A bit reckless but hey, I wasn't wearing a headscarf that was flying in the wind, and there weren't any cliffs we could ride off. That, and I don't think hub would make a very good Thelma or Louise.

We got back from kindy and I started dinner - leftover BBQ chicken and rice for Shou and lamp chops for hub and I. The chops were a bit of a gamble. I wasn't sure if I could get through cooking them. Eating them proved to be not a problem though. After dinner it was bath time. Shou went in first and once he was clean and in the bath, in went Marina. The usual routine. Because washing Marina is such a slippery process hub usually sits on the bathroom floor. I was washing the dishes when I heard a cry and an 'oh Marina, I'm so sorry' from hub. I rush in and the first thing I see is Marina with blood all over her face.

Hence the 'bloody monday' title.

She had slipped and hit her upper mouth on something - her gums above her two front chompers were bleeding. I think it looked a lot worse than it actually was. The teeth weren't wobbly and the bleeding seemed to slow down after about five minutes. I got her out straight away and got hub to ring the hospital anyway. He did and they told us to come if it wouldn't stop bleeding. But, it did stop and she went to sleep without a problem. I will of course be checking on her occassionaly during the night to make sure she isn't choking and swallowing back mouthfulls of blood. My poor little princess.

After the inital shock, and while hub was cuddling her to smitherines and appologising to her bald head, Shou and I made quick dash to store for milk (and it would appear, cake) Luckily I made a quick fly by of the mirror on the way out the door because I had half a lamb chop stuck between my teeth. Attractive. Shou was ultra cute and well behaved and even did his 'I'm the man pose' on request from the small group of high school boys loitering outside the shop - well, as much as you can really loiter in Kunimi. I don't think that is correct spelling. Blame on preggy mushy brain. Pity I couldn't use that as excuse when was thirteen and worst speller in class.

Hub is taking tomorrow afternoon off and we are going to pick up Marina's passport. Hub has to go because he is the person that applied, and Marina has to go because she is the one the passport is for. I'm just going for gaijin effect, that and because hub didn't offer to go on his own with her - although I am sure he would if I claimed the bun was making me feel sicky.

I have my monthly English class at the primary school tomorrow. Joy joy. Always goes fine when I get there but now that it isn't volunteer and I am actually getting paid there is a bit more pressure. Is only thirty kids and fifty minutes though and I think tomorrow will be 'time'. I was going to prepare now but god its past nine and I really can't be bothered. I have thought the lesson through so sorting the stuff out is the easy part. It means going down the end of the hall, where other computer and printer are, and printing things out though. And I just canne not be bothered. Tomorrow morning - when I am feeling like crap and wishing I had done it last night. Perfect.

Hub has turned down his piece of cake. Whats a bet the bun sneaks up for a midnight feast.


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mr. Bump now Bumpless

The egg on Shou's forehead has gone completely and been replaced by a much smaller and darker bruise. Probably only bruised because, unlike the kindy teachers, I didn't rub sugar onto it straight after it had happened!

Hub, Marina and I went on wee outing to pick up hub's new glasses. We had an early lunch of noodles, did a spot of boring shopping and came home. Was very uneventful.

My 'other' sister rang today - the one who had made noises along the lines of what a bad decision it would be to have a third child. Mum had told her very briefly in passing that I thought I might be pregnant. My sister was, unlike mum, quite excited. She admitted that when I talked ages ago about us maybe having a third child in a few years she was negative because the difference between having two children and having three was huge. But, that seeing as was already pregnant that was exciting news. My brother happened to walk in her front door and so the phone was passed on. When I asked him if he knew our news he reminded me that, with three sisters, he was last on the food chain of gossip and faimly news. He was also pleased when I told him - well, about as pleased as a male, who is not the father and who already has seven neices and nephews can get!!

I finally got onto FBC - and ordered a few goodies to get me through the hospital stay. Shite, completely forgot the cheese. Shit. The one thing I really wanted.

Anyway, it was a very boring day in the Aramaki house today.


Friday, 17 October 2008

Mr. Bump

Check this out. Mothers of boys are probably used to this size bump but it was a first for me and it was quite a shock - especially as it swelled to this size in about a minute. Thought head was going to explode. My poor wee pumpkin.

I didn't see it actually happen as was too busy trying not to barf while making dinner. The bun doesn't seem to like meal preparation already. Think is going to be a long nine months. Shou fell and hit his head on the corner of his little table that we pull out for mealtimes. At two and a half (nearly) he wouldn't let us put ice on it, frozen peas, a cold towel or even one of the sticky temperature cool pads. It seemed to have gone down considerably in the hour after it happened and he went to bed very quickly at half seven - almost too quickly. Will have to check on him ever few hours to make sure no signs of spinal fluid leaking into brain and out through nose. Blame that on today's Gray's Anatomy re-run.

I was able to put Shou's carseat on the bus - just. Was a tight squeeze but think Shou preferred going on the big bus with all the teachers and kiddies as opposed to mummies car. They saw the airplanes, had their lunch and were back in Kunimi at two. I thought I could spend day sleeping with Marina but she wasn't having a bar of it. She too went to sleep very quickly. Long may it last.

Granny K has gone out on the lash with her pottery vestling clones. Obviously, she isn't going to be chucking back tequillas. Half a beer and she's anyones. She came in when Shou hit his head and told hub first to ice it and then to put warm towel on it and then to rub gel in it. It has become apparent that we will all start losing it and making random crap bollocks comments when we hit seventy.

I think I am due another early night.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

No Longer A Vest Virgin

Granny K went shopping with vestling friend this arvo. She went to vestling heaven 'Tokiwa' and came back with this very special vest for Marina for her first birthday. Ok, so it is't knitted and it is a cute pink. But still, is double domed (for extra firmage and non-falloffability) and with a collar (for extra vestling appeal).

She also got a jumper that I can imagine she chose thinking she was getting something that I would choose - we have had a couple of occassions where she has bought Shou things and I just couldn't bring myself to put him in them anytime other than being at home time. The jumper she chose is grey with blingy type writing and pink flowers.The English says

"All people are smiling clap your hands there's no reason why we will be happy more"

God, you have to love Japan.

I rang my mum today - just to see if she had upped the enthusiasm level since last time. Not much, I can tell you. I almost had to hang up when she started on the contraception saga, tube tieing, willy chopping rant again. She has told my other sister who is probably waiting until I tell her myself - which I told mum can wait until I am having a crap day anyway :) No point spoiling a good day otherwise! One good thing out of conversation with mum was she reminded me about the pregnancy pills and folic acid pills I have stashed at the back of the cupboard. Started them today - better late than never I guess!

I had chat with friend from NZ who has just had her first baby. SHE was excited for us - and in fact everyone bar my mum and probably my other sister, has been. We are having a mothers and babies meet up while home in December. Three mummies and four and a half (if you count the bun) kiddies. I was initially planning on bribing the kids into bed early and then hitting back the NZ vinos with the girls but I guess that won't be happening now :(

Other than that today was your (or rather my) standard Thursday. Three English classes and a rushed dinner and bed routine. While hub was feeding Shou dinner he spotted a very large mozzie(spinoff of oversized spider that got me pregnant - and you will really need to read back a few posts to figure that out!) on Shou's forehead. He instinctively slapped it - much to Shou's surprise. Unfortunately hub was a bit late off the mark and Shou ended up with massive bite and shock at having dad hit side of big head!

Tomorrow is kindy excursion. They are going in a bus with no child seats so yet again I am being the over-protective foreign mummy and taking Shou in my car. Have to make his lunch - in his Lightening McQueen lunchbox. Think will be rice, egg roll, meatballs, a tofu hamburger thing and some tomatoe - with cut nashi in a separate container and a pottle of yoghurt. I don't really feel like getting up at three am to try and sculpt the yoghurt into a to-scale minature of the white house but I am sure some mothers will be doing some fancy lunch box things.

Well, I should probably put the rice on for the morning and get to bed. Or I could have another cup of tea and a piece of toast (requested by the bun) and get on to the FBC site and order me some cheese baby - which I didn't end up doing yesterday.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Is on BS at the moment. I don't think have watched it since was about ten. Now that am a bit older and wiser I can pick out the very clever stuck on eyes and rubber teeth, but god jaws gave me the shits the first time I saw it.

I can't remember being so tired after only a few weeks with Shou and Marina. I wonder if it all in my head and my body is just taking advantage of having an excuse to have morning naps for the next nine months! Quite a few things seem different in these early days. Tomatoe on toast was THE THING for the bun today - that and a huge bowl of shredded cabbage. Bizzarre. My boobs aren't sore like last time but I feel more throw uperty. But nothing bread and tomatoes won't fix :) But, god I wish I had some real New Zealand cheese. None of this processed Japanese crap. If I got on line now and ordered a block from FBC I could have it by Monday maybe and that would give me a week to munch it back before hospital visit. Possible. Absolutely. Maybe I should buy another block for the bun.

Marina and I napped this morning and then went shopping and then came home and dossed round making weak attempts at getting ready for English and sorting out dinner for Shou and Marina - hub had a Civil Officers Union rah rah rant rant more wages bollocks huuha over in the next town. He even photocopied the handout to prove that was where he was going to be!! Anybody would think he shouldn't be trusted ;)

Think I'm the last one in the bath tonight. Which is good. Means Granny K has already had hers and done the vestling undie dash to her room.

Nighty night


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Five in a row

Shou went to bed on his own for the fifth night in a row tonight. He didn't get out of bed once - he whinged a bit - but then he is his mother's son so what can I expect really.

I have realised that for the sports day photo I wrote that Shou was second from the right - well, that is Toya Ishikawa. Shou is in fact second from the left. Six of one, half a dozen of the other really as all look same from this distance.

After our early start this morning I did get down for a nap with Marina. I must have been absolutely knackered cause didn't wake up till eleven - to Marina talking to herself in her cot. The sleep didn't seem to perk me up any though and I had to email a friend to invite her round for coffee with her son Eagle Tiger (Takatora). The ultimate incentive to do a whip round clean of the house. Is amazing what you can get done in half an hour when you put your mind to it!! Of course I didn't think she would say see you in half an hour - but she did. How very un-Japanese of her.

Haven't seen her for ages and had good catch up. Eagle Tiger, who is same age as Shou, only felt it necessary to swipe Marina on big bald head twice. For no reason other than must have looked like good target I guess. After coffee visit I piled Marina in car and we went to bank and food run to supermarket. The carpark was chocca so instead of trying to park car in only spot left I did very female thing and flagged it and went to Solar panel man's house for ten minute chinwag with wife while the supermarket carpark thinned out a bit. She is going to come with me to doctor's next Wednesday so can see the bun on the big screen. I wasn't going to go until out of hospital with Marina but she convinced me that I would 'feel better' knowing everything was OK.

Oooh, nearly forgot most exciting news. Well, made our day anwyay. My friend from Ireland and her mum both sent over birthday parcels for Marina. Very very very cool selection of clothes and Shou even got some bob the builder sunglasses - which I do believe he has taken to bed with him, after of course wearing them in the bath. Marina scored a couple of extremely, I can't wait for the NZ summer, summer party dresses, and an extremely stylish, I want an adult size, winter coat. I sometimes fear that my kids will get mugged on the street and left stripped of all their cool clothes from Ireland. So thank you friend and friend's mummy. Am not looking forward to day you have your own kiddlies and your mum then has grandkids to buy wardrobes for. God help me I might have to start relying on own mum for care packages, cool clothes, easter eggs and advent calenders. Hmmmmm.

Has been four days since I told mum our news. I thought the family grapevine would have meant a txt from my other sister and brother by now. Obviously am too used to rural Japan grapevine speed which has news being passed on within the hour!

Granny K came in at lunch time today. I was feeding Marina a vegemite sandwhich and some yoghurt. Granny K left and came back two minutes later with some rice mixed with miso soup. She said Marina needed to get strong before her operation and wouldn't do so without rice. I told her vegemite was the food of champions and also best source of vitamin B known to man-kind. In one vestling ear and out the other. Marina ate everything anyway.


Froggy a no go

As predicted, Shou was all froggied out by birthday party and declined to wear frog mask. It was a shame because there were fairiers, princesses, soccer players and even spiderman - who kept trying to throw spider web out of his hands at Shou. When he had his mask on Shou wasn't quite sure it wasn't actually spiderman himself and had to keep running behind my leg. Shou was a bit young to get in with the big kids games but spent some time playing with Aladins girlfriend Jasmine, aka Erica, and Bob, aka I'm not exactly sure.

When it came time for party food and cake I thought Shou would put his best foot forward, but instead insisted on a handful of chips and some mini tomatoes. What a let down. I had to make up for it and sat there for probably a full hour munching. For someone with 'no time to do anything' for the party the room looked fab with four massive pumpkins (real) and heaps of halloween decorations and balloons. I finally got around to deleting all the pics off my camera only to have done something to it and now it tells me the memory is full after one pic. So, there are no pics to show.

Marina was a good girl for daddy and they both got an afternoon nap. Marina was funny again at bedtime, which resulted in some late night (8pm) playtime with mummy and daddy, which resulted in Granny K coming in AGAIN after her bath in I do believe the exact same pair of undies she had on the night before. Am surprised she didn't try to tell me Marina's change in sleeping patterns was because I had one glass of iced water while I was pregnant.

Woke up this morning (if it is possibile to 'wake up' after not actually being asleep much) and realised had no breakfast things. Went to try the wannabe seven eleven five minutes away - which is usually open from six - but wonders of wonders they must have decided to actually observe the hours posted on the door. Had to come home and give Shou left over chicken and eggy rice from last night, and Marina some weetbix which have had for ages but Shou never took to it. Marina didn't either. Three spoonfulls in and I could tell it was going to get messy. She is about to go down for a nap with a big bottle of milk.

The house really needs sorting out after three days of family living but will have to wait till this arvo. I feel need to nap with Marina.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Sports Day

We arrived at the primary school quite early yesterday morning. Shou had to be present and accounted for at the kindy by eight thirty - in his borrowed kindy sports gear with shorts pulled up to armpits. The little kids stayed at the kindy during the opening huuha speeches and first event - which was a dance and 'call' off between the two opposing teams - red and white. Each sports day the kids at the primary school are told they are either white or red. In their teams they will practice night and day almost. Usually they pick a popular song to cheer to. The red team did 'ponyo ponyo ponyo sakana no ko' and changed it to 'aka aka aka aka no chimu'. Is song to popular movie out at the moment.

They then had fifty metre running races for the first, second and third years - followed by twenty metre races for the kindy kids. All the parents rushed to the finish line with cameras a flapping and tripods a waving. I ran, shoved and pushed with the best of them. The announcer called out each name and the kids said 'hai' (yes) and put their arm in the air.
This is Shou at the finish line (second from the right - not counting adults) You can't tell in this photo but he came in just before the baby being pushed in the pushchair! Was all very cute.

Two events later and we had the parent and child dance that had practiced last week. Must admit Shou was a lot more with it and only tried to run off the field once - to cheering and shouts of 'oh, isn't that cute'. After completing the two events he got two bags of goodies with two year old appropriate things like lolly pops, chewing gum and chocolate. All the more for mum and the bun I guess.

We were going to go on mystery outing in the afternoon but it didn't eventuate and we stayed at home pruning the hedge, playing soccer on the lawn and trying to catch frogs. The house was (still is) a complete bombsite.

I had the good fortune of seeing, through no choice of my own, Granny K in her vestling undies after she got out of the bath. She usually puts her undies on and holds her clothes in bundle to chest while does vestling dash to her room. Last night however, she could hear that Marina was back downstairs and came in to offer her advice as to why she had a runny nose. It didn't have anything to do with fact that Shou has had runny nose for about four days but was because we took her out to sports day and she was around lots of people. I then said that she would be the next one to get a cold if she swanned round house in nothing but undies. She laughed and said her body was nice and warm after the bath and she couldn't catch cold for about five minutes after bath. Hub had to laugh too. If that was Marina or Shou we had been letting run round house in just a nappy she would have had a fit.

Has gotten a lot colder very quickly - especially in the mornings and evenings. Have to put layers and layers on Marina at bedtime as she kicks all blankets off. Might have to get the fluffy snow suit out and put her in that.

Right, have to get house slightly turned round before Shou and I head off to birthday party. Speaking of the frog, I should probably go and wake him up. A whole night sleep with no waking up and he is still asleep at nearly half past six. Unheard of.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Froggy Shou

Shou and I are going to a friend's daughter's birthday on Monday. It is a fancy dress so today, when we were at the hundred yen shop, I got this frog mask - thinking that Shou probably wouldn't wear it and I would have to. God, talk about having to peel the thing off his head at bedtime. Had to pull out the serious bribery tricks at bathtime too. He may well be all frogged out by Monday.

First thing this morning I decided to ring mum with our 'news'. Thought good idea seeing as had blogged to people I don't even know. And if that was Marina and I and I found out through someone else that my own daughter was pregnant I would probably be a bit bummed I hadn't been one of the first to know.

This is some of what my conversation with my mum was like.

Me: rah rah everyday bollocksy conversation
Mum: rah rah everyday bollocksy conversation
Me: Um, I think we might be pregnant again.
Mum: Oh, Kate. (not in excited congratulatory tone but more as if had just told her had terminal illness)
Me: I'm definately having it so can you not at least pretend to be more excited.
Mum: Right, congratulations I guess.
Me: rah rah trying to defend self for having a third child to woman who had five.

A bit of rah rahing later

Mum: so are you going to get your tubes tied after this one?
Me: Um, no.

Christ bloody shite can someone please lend me a more maternal mother for ten minutes so I can have this phone conversation again! It's not as if I am eighteen and about to start university and ring her up saying am pregnant after wild night of tequilla and cheap bourbans. I am married, I have two children already, I am only 32, my husband has a stable income, we have talked about another child.

Anyway, enough dwelling.

The phone call was about what I expected but somewhere I still thought maybe mum would be excited for us off the bat. God that's great Kate, the third child is the best (I am third child - another reason why her having told me I shouldn't have a third child has always managed to fire me up) But, anyway, after the phone call hub and I finished the morning kid stuff, hub took Shou to kindy and I put Marina down for nap. I was feeling a bit down and decided needed some endorphine releasage - nothing like an international relations meeting to get those things going...

I managed to make it out like it was hub's idea so that I could bribe him by saying 'only if we can go to sushi for lunch'. God, the lies, the manipulation ;)

In Japan they don't have the 'no raw fish' during pregnancy thing - although I don't usually go hard for the raw stuff at the revolving sushi place anyway. I usually get the scorched 'buri' (what is that in English?) and then boring things like corn salad. I did see another woman from Kunimi there who is about eight months pregnant and she was scoffing back plate after plate of the seriously raw stuff, including the shell food.

On the way back we did a bit of shopping and I had a look at washing machines - as ours is going to crap out (fingers crossed) one day soon. I am scared will be while am back in New Zealand so thought would be good to just have look at them with hub so he knows my preference. Then will casually slide panasonic front loader pamphlet under Granny K's doors just so she knows its a battle she hasn't been invited to, so no point even thinking about expressing an opinion. You know, the front loaders are pretty big. Granny K is pretty small...

Always nice to keep options open - especially now as can't drink any wine so wont have any empty bottles to bash her over head with.

Tomorrow is the sports day. The man who organized the list of participants for the adults sports day being held after the kids one came round this evening to make sure hub could attend. Hub said he was busy tomorrow afternoon and also told Granny K so now we have to vacate the Kunimi premises in case we get spotted at home when meant to be at sports day doing tug of war and knocking empty bottles over with tennis balls.

Hub spent two hours this evening with Shou cleaning the car, wax on wax off, so that is sparkling for our mystery outing tomorrow afternoon.

Am yawning away and only nine o'clock.

Nighty night campers.


Friday, 10 October 2008


Forgot to say that I worked out due date from last possible day I think my period could have started and what do you know

June 17

For those that don't know that is my birthday and Shou's birthday. How freaky would that be.

GK in fine form

Yesterday, after I blogged, Hub asked if I had been serious when I mailed him? :) I said yes, of course darling. Remember that little romp in the hay when you took advantage of me after seeing that oversized spider...

Despite not really believing me, even after I showed him both positive clearblues, to his credit he was suitably excited. I have asked him not to tell Granny K until later. Dealing with Granny K when on preggy hormone high is only made worse by fact that Granny K knows and feels need to offer bits of crap advice. I must admit that with Marina she offered considerably less advice than when pregnant with Shou - but that probably because just about ate the silly woman's head off on number of occassions the first time.

Don't drink cold water or the baby will get a cold
Don't hang out the washing that way or baby will cord wrapped round head


I am glad I will be away from it all for two months.

Granny K pissed me off today - for first time in a while. She really doesn't think sometimes and is all I can do to not have a go at her. Hub took two bags of rice to be de-husked this morning. They had to be picked up at lunch time. He asked me to go and get them - fine, as only five hundred metres away. I am just trying to get the last of lunch into a reluctant Marina at approximately 11:28 when Granny K tells me have to go and get rice. I ask by what time I need to get it. She says 11:30. I actually just laughed at her. As if that's going to happen. Went down with Marina after lunch - had to take her as Granny K had swanned off to town with deaf vestling from temple next door.

I left the two fifteen kilo bags of de-husked rice in the back of the car thinking hub could get them out when he got home. Granny K got home and asked where I had put the rice and when told her, she promptly told me it had to be taken out and put in the store room or would go funny in the heat in back of car. This coming from woman who has been eating rice with mice droppings and rice roaches in it for past year.

I ran outside in my socks, muttering obscenities, and lumped both bags to storeroom in one go. Should have swung one round head and accidentally belted her over head with it.

Once back inside she then stood in the doorway to our living room clapping and flapping her hands at Marina well I tried to change her nappy - am trying to finish off packet of nappy nappies I bought by mistake instead of the pull-ups. Very hard to put on a wriggly baby. I had to give Granny K the stop hand. Talk to the hand Granny K. She left us alone the rest of the day until dinner time, when she felt need to inform me that she thougt Marina didn't like what I was feeding her. I told her Marina now at age when spitting out food is actually fun and if she didn't like what she was being fed I would be seeing a lot more of it on the floor and smashed onto her bald head and face.

It is always just small things that piss me off - and am sure a lot of you think they are far too trivial and I should just pull my head in and not let her get to me. But it is just so bloody ongoing. A lot of the stuff I do let slide off but god damn it, now that I have an excuse for being a bitch for the next nine months I may as well use it.

I am going to have to get me and the bun in the bath and up to bed. Must add here that Shou went to bed by self tonight - I read him a story and tucked him in and then left his room with door open and hall light on. We had three or four out of beds but in the end he did go to sleep on his own. This is good. Will have to 'ganbaru' with this until Marina and I go to hospital and then get hub to continue on. At least then there will be one less thing for my own mother to have a go at me about when we go home - she who is disallussioned in thinking that all of us four kids were model babies and toddlers, slept through night from day one and definately by the age of nearly two and a half were sleeping on own - she was shocked when I said we put Shou to bed and talked and sang with him until he fell asleep (usually about a thirty minute ritual)

It would seem that as per usual my mother has gone another day without deciding to update herself with goings on of youngest daughter and two grandchildren living in Japan.

No angst here (well not much).

Maybe should start getting a bit teary and having first mushy preggy woman moment.


Thursday, 9 October 2008


Well, the line in the little window was definately clear and definately blue. Bloody, bloody bloody bloody crap - which am sure will turn into a yay yay yay soon enough. But, for the moment it is too much of a shock to get the champers out. As a friend told me this morning, I only need to sniff hub's undies to get pregnant. Of course, with my history, will have to wait a few more weeks to see if the swimmer is going to stick.

Marina and I went off shopping with Solar Panel Man's wife this morning. I had told her I was late, joke, joke, laugh, laugh. But not to worry cause hub 'pulled out'. I KNOW, I KNOW. I'm not 18 any more. My mother told me that that is crap form of contraception but honestly, in all years of shagging, was first time have ever done it and what do you know... some of the bastards obviously came out a bit early. Anyway, on way back from shopping friend asked if was going to do a test. I said was bit scared - unlike with Shou and Marina and few times before when I was running to chemist half an hour after my period was due.

Bought the test, dropped friend off, put Marina down for nap and took the magic pee. Had to do it twice just to convince self. Managed to get through afternoon English classes. Mailed hub inbetween them with

"If our third baby is a girl shall we call it Angelina?"

He emailed back with

"Why? You're not are you?"

I didn't reply and had crazy evening with kids and then English again from eight. Hub was home late - well just in time to put Shou to bed. He hasn't said anything about it and neither have I.

A third baby was something we talked about but thought would leave serious discussions until I at least came back from New Zealand in February, and probably until Shou could at least do most things for himself - go to toilet, eat and dress himself at least.

Arrrgh. I really don't know what else to say. I should probably get me and the scone craving bun to bed.


PS, guess this means Gaijin Wife Gets Skinny regime is out the window, to be replaced by Gaijin Wife just keeps getting fatter. Hate to think what doctor will say. Am going to put that visit off until just before we go home at end of November.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Four weddings and a ....

It went quite well.

Marina had marathon power nap this morning and I was able to get ready without having to top the social welfare top ten wanted list by leaving Marina nutting out in cot for half an hour. She woke up just before ten and for lack of anything even remotely black to dress her in I opted for the shocking pink leggings and subdued light pink and brown top - sounds very not sex and the city but she was actually looking quite cute.

Went past the bank to get a brand spanking new five thousand yen bill for the funeral gift money envelope. Arrived at about half ten and parked car in big carpark. My outfit was 100% appropriate - right down to the black scrunchie - you know they are making a comeback! I remembered at the last minute that had pair of low healed black slingbacks from when had to attend junior high graduation ceremony two years ago. Praise the lord as can usually only walk in four inch victoria secret type shoes when completely off my face. Being able to walk better in heals when pissed I think is one of world's seven wonders.

Anyway, I digress.

The main players at the funeral were vestlings and pre-vestlings. There was a handful of youngins like me and Marina was the only person under thirty. That I could see. The family and relatives were seated inside the temple and everyone else in rowed seating under tents outside. Marina and I of course were at very back and ended up spending over half of funeral out the temple gates singing round robins of twinkle twinkle little star and if your happy and you know it clap your hands. Not really funeral appropriate songs but I had to do what I had to do. She did a load in her nappy ten minutes in. It was quite a mission keeping her from vocalising her presence, but somehow we managed to make it through the whole thing - and I even got to go up and sprinkle the incense thing and pray - albeit with Marina munching on my pearls.

We made a fast getaway to the car when the funeral part was over only to find that car was boxed in by other cars and couldn't leave. Most people stayed to see the coffin get loaded in and taken away so I had to keep feeding Marina pearls and introducing her to the lady in the next car over (also waiting to leave but not being able to).

Rang Granny K at her pottery class to see if she needed a ride home. She said vestling equivilent of 'shit, aren't ready, do you think you could swing by in another half an hour?'

Sorry Granny K but was not a multichoice question. In fact wasn't really a question at all. Either we pick you up in five minutes or you get vestling friend with wheels to give you ride home at desired hour of departure.

She was waiting outside pottery lesson place seven minutes later. When got home she asked if had lunch sorted for Marina. Had just walked in door with tired baby with big crap in pants. Said she had few crackers and that would give her milk and put her to bed as thought sleep was the biggest factor in this case. Granny K voiced her dissapproval. Changed Marina's nappy, gave her bottle and put her to bed. Snoring in approximately three and a half minutes. In your face you stupid old bitch. Christ, where did that angst come from?? Surprise even myself sometimes! Raging bloody hormones perhaps?

Had English class this afternoon. Lovely little critters that they are. Lesson went well. One of the boys gave me a bag when he came in and told me it was an English book. I said thankyou and that perhaps we would read it in class. His mum then said was for me as a present and not for the class. The tittles of the books are...

'I'm fine spirit - how to get through tough times'
'Hints to solve family problems'
'How to improve your work skills'

They are all publications by 'happy science' a religious teaching by a Japanese guy. "members learn and practice teachings to achieve true happiness by giving love to others and practicing self-reflection in their daily lives"

One of the pages was booked marked
"Feelings of love towards the opposite sex and one's own famiy are planted within us in order that we may learn of eternal love"

As you have probably guessed by now I am not all that religious, and therefore found it odd that someone would want to give me these books - unless of course she thought I had family problems that needed solving. I mean I do, but after a quick skim of book couldn't find chapter on lying pachinko bastard husbands.

So anyway, had to resort to reading English class 'Where's Spot' as felt more appropriate.


PS - ringworm patch exchange went according to plan. Synchronised watches and made the pass.


For all seriousness this time. The kindy have just rung up - I don't like answering the phone during the day in case is kindy telling me Shou has temperature and need to go pick him up - good mother that I am I would rather he stay there the entire day!!

But this time was asking if I had remembered to take ringworm sample this morning. Hmmmm, well not a sample as such. All the kids got a ringworm kit on Friday and we were meant to do it yesterday morning and this morning - and hand it in at kindy this morning. It is two kind of patches with a casing. You peel back the seal casing and press patch thing against childs bum first thing in the morning. Should your child have worms or whatever it is it actually tests for they will stick to the patch.

This happens a couple of times a year and last time I completely forgot to do it. So this time, what with me remembering yesterday, I think my gaijin mother status may have risen slightly.

Anyway, the lady who rang is a lady I also used to work with. She is going to the funeral today too so can I please discretely pass her the ringworm test patch at the funeral. Rightio then. Will have to slip into discrete brown envelope as if was white might get mixed up with funeral money envelopes and not sure family of deceased will be too excited about ringworm patch in place of fifty dollars.

I am sitting here on my third cup of coffee. I started at four thirty with an instant when Marina woke up - understandable though as she was out at six last night due to no afternoon nap due to kindy dance practice and being maulled by five year olds. All very traumatic. I flagged the instant and at six put on pot of the hard stuff. Now whatever scone craving ringworm or bun in the oven number three that is in there is probably on caffine high. You should see how fast am typing. Can only just see fingers.

Ooh, truck collecting old broken electrical appliances is going past house. I sit here in inaka Japan waiting eagerly for the day when truck collecting old broken mother in laws goes past.

Actually I don't. Granny K been on best behavior lately. Almost got caffine high and giddy enough to almost nearly but not quite invite her in for coffee and scone before. Christ, thank god I managed to nail that one on the head. All the more scones for me.

I better get in the shower and start the funeral preparations. Still need to suss out something suitable for Marina. Don't think her 'pushchair today porsche tomorrow' t-shirt that she has on now is appropriate. Although could probably just say it said 'sorry for your loss' as no-one able to read English anyway.

Will probably post again later to report on funeral and secret squirel meeting victor victor charlie ringworm patch exchange.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Dance Practice

I do believe I had about six scones today - you realise that is 12 halves with strawberry jam and cream. I also believe two went straight to each thigh and the other two to my tum - which I now think has ringworm and not because mad scone craving baby in residence - although still not sure on this.

Marina is starting to stand up at any opportunity she gets - not by herself yet though. Here she is using Shou's fire engine chair, as he calls it. He has plastered about fifty emergency vehicle stickers to it. She doesn't get a go of it when he is home but has free reign during the day.

Today I had to take her to kindy because we had a road traffic safety rant and then dance practice for Shou's dance for the sports day this Sunday. I do beleive these things are significantly more stressful for me than the other mothers. My Japanese is all right I guess and I don't have trouble with most daily things but I haven't grown up singing the look left and right road song that everyone else knows. I therefore have to concentrate and try and memorize it in one go - so that when Shou has to hold mummy's hand to cross the pretend zebra crossing set up on the floor, infront of everyone else, he isn't embarrassed because his mum can't sort the tune out or, godforbid, told him to look left first instead of right. We sorted it out though and he got his 'gohobi' - wee goodie for doing it right. A very large sweet - which would be like a gobstopper to a two year old. I noted that I was the only parent who wouldn't let her child open lollie and eat straight away. I made him wait an hour until after the dance practice and we were in the car.

The dance was quite interesting. We practiced once in the kindy room. This practice went well. Nice enclosed space so not possible to run round being aeroplane. Luckily I had my concentration set to overdrive and was able to remember most of actions to song. Once we got outside to practice - we had to practice from the line up, the walk on to the field, the dance and the walk off - it was a different story. Complete spaz waste of time. While I was trying to keep Shou in line and doing the actions Marina was sucking back a bottle in her pram on the sidelines - well, trying to. She got accosted by five six year olds. She likes attention but five hands in her pram patting her head is not her favorite of Tuesday afternoon activities. Think what little hair she had got rubbed off.

The funeral, that I thought was at one pm tomorrow is actually at eleven. A better time but still means Marina and I will be going together - alone. I found something black to wear and I won't go so far as to say I look nice, but it isn't splitting at the seams like thought would be. The only black shoes I have are victoria secret four inch heels. Bloody bloody shit crap. I know it's a funeral and what I am wearing shouldn't be the point - but in Japan it is. The protocol surrounding this type of thing really does my head in. I get sick of the 'oh don't worry, you're a foreigner so people will forgive you if you fuck it up' rant. That is exactly why I don't want to fuck it up. I am here for the long haul and damned if I'm using the bloody foreigner can't do anything excuse.

That excuse is to be saved for special occassions :)

Well, I am off to do billy's boot camp before bed.

Not, but the thought of it shocked a kg off I think.


Monday, 6 October 2008

Scones Glorious Scones

have just come out of the oven and two actually managed to march right off oven tray, through some strawberry jam and into my open mouth. Have a had a things for scones since the birthday party the other day and finally got around to making them. Also have friends coming tomorrow morning so thought good timing as will mean don't eat entire batch by self. Highly possible otherwise.

Marina had a 'normal' Marina day - unlike the days of late where she hasn't had good daytime naps or been into her food. But today, she slept well and ate like a trooper so am hoping she sleeps all night - or at least only gets me up once.

We went visiting Solar panel man's wife this morning. Hub (hers) is studying for some kind of exam coming up in two weeks and is causing a bit of friction at home. Very understandable and can see his side of the story (not that have actually heard it but just improvising here) but of course can not say that to friend. Must agree that hub needs to be home in time to bath son and have some family play time - instead of studying every night and not getting home till eleven. Hope he passes - or else same scenario again next year - and every year there after until he does.

We also had small bitch session about mother in laws - although Granny K not star, was her mother in law this time. When left her house to go home for lunch had to step over three legged turtle at bottom of stairs. Hmmmm, am not quite sure how physically challenged turtle made it all the way there from river. Her mother in law (not the turtles) wanted to know if I wanted to take it home for Shou. I declined as Shou is going through an insect destruction stage. Doesn't realise that there is a difference between slapping a mozzie and stepping on a grasshopper. I would fear for turtle's life - may well have ended up like one armed drummer from Def Lepord after Shou had dealt to it.

After lunch Marina and I went for a wee trip to shops to buy very boring things like undies for Shou, tissues, natto and jam and cream for scones. On way back got a mail from hub. I opened it but didn't read it - just saw the 8 and automatically thought was mail saying he would be home at eight. When got home read it again and actually said that one of the ex-kindy heads in Kunimi had passed away this morning and the funeral was on the 8th.

She was head of kindy when I was on JET and I used to go there once a week for poke the gaijin sessions slash crawl round on the floor making animal noises sessions slash get out of the office for three hours. She gave us lovely wedding gift of actually very styly white heart shaped cups and saucers - which I must admit don't use too much as hub doesn't drink much tea and coffee and would feel like twat giving heart shaped cup to concrete man or garden landscape vestlings. So, anyway, am wondering what is the best thing for me to do. I should go to the funeral - that way I could get away with mumbling a one liner (am crap at these kind of things in Japanese - and hub's advice was just to mumble and bow). But, is just before English on Wednesday and Granny K will probably still be making shite at pottery and am not quite sure Marina would last the distance.

In Japan there is a more private viewing and sendoff the night before the funeral - but you don't really go to this unless you are family or you are unable to attend the funeral. I could however get away with going in middle of day tomorrow - the 7th. I could hand over the special envelope with money and hubs name on it but there is chance I could get blindsided into staying for a cup of green tea - and will get shown to alter to pray and, god bloody hell, ex-head of kindy might actually be in room and in that kind of situation would have no idea of correct protocol.

Am going to have to hunt out some black clothes to fit my expanding ass tomorrow. I think I even have some pretend pearls somewhere and own set of Japanese prayer beads.

Friend that is coming over tomorrow lives and works about two hours away. She mailed yesterday and asked if could come cause she had day off. She just happens to be best friends with ex-head of kindy's daughter. She is going to the thing tomorrow night as has to work on Wednesday. Will have to ask her what should do.

Am off to bed. Only half past nine. Another early night. Have been very tired lately.... pray pray pray this doesn't mean next step will be mushy preggy brain. Couldn't deal with three under three.

Watch this space ;)


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Half past eight on a Sunday morning. Marina is back to bed after having me up half the night and finally out of bed and watching the sun rise with bob the builder just after five. Shou, however, my little prince, slept the whole night - from eight to six. This is very very very exciting news in our house. The whole family was asleep by eight - Hub and I included. Granny K doesn't make the 'whole family' cut but even if she did I doubt she would have been under the covers by eight. She was probably singing Greese songs with a hairbrush infront of her mirror...

Beauty school drop out
Beauty school drop out

Hub has taken Shou to see the local noddy town fire engine that is kept down the road - the one hub and wannabe volunteer firemen have to check to make engine still works once a month.

Marina and I had very lazy day yesterday - hub had taken the car to work so I was only left with the little truck, which unless I was going to strap Marina onto the back with the wind lashing over her bald head, I can't really call baby seat friendly. Hub got home in enough time to pick Shou up from kindy - the kindy kids had been to a park in the next town over - where a girls highschool brass band was holding a mini concert. Shou was the star attraction according to the teachers and he came home saying 'motemote' which you say when someone has a lot of admirers. I guess in English it would be 'I'm the man' !!

I might take advantage of the quiet and get back under the covers myself.


Friday, 3 October 2008

Date Day

This morning was a bit of a joke - trying to get everything sorted so could have Shou at kindy, Marina ready for day with Granny K (arrrghhh) and me ready - a bit glammed up (which these days just constitutes a bit of mascara, eyeliner, lippy and heals) - all by seven fifty, which was time needed to leave to get to movie theater in time to pee and buy popcorn before date with Angelina.

But, both kids up at twenty past five and mummy turns into supermummy on speed. Kids fed (questionable) and running rampage by half six.

load of washing...

dishes done and bench shiny...
check (sigh - hubs hubcaps are my bench)

Marina's portacot set up in butsudan (alter) room

futon in other tatami room to give Granny K variety for putting Marina to sleep - shitting self after she said was going to put her to sleep in her (Granny K's) bed - which is normal western type bed nearly meter off floor.

Marina's lunch and snacks and milk sorted and note written for Granny K
check (takes longer than one would think as obviously need to look up chinese characters for words like 'fridge' as don't want retard to be added to bitch and scrubber when Granny K talking to vestling friends about gaijin daughter in law. Actually doubt Granny K knows 'scrubber' let alone use it in proper sentence. Besides. Am so not a scrubber. Those days are so over.

Paint on jeans and top
check (one day will be able to put them on without struggling. but for time being refuse to buy more clothes)

Explain things to Granny K
so not a check. Did the quick portacot explanation and was about to go into seven minute outline of food, beverages and snacks but Granny K saw it coming and made hasty retreat to room.

Hub took Shou to kindy and then came to pick me up. Was such a big deal as have never left Marina for a whole day before. Is always for a few hours - either after she has gone to sleep or while I am in the next room teaching English. I left Shou with Granny K once a week for about three months when he was a lot younger than Marina - but, you know.. she's my little girl.

Almost needed paper bag to breathe into by about one kilometer mark from house. Hub asked if needed to turn back but I was strong. Instead got him to phone GK and just remind her about cot - we had put tripple futons in it so high enough for GK to reach Marina and I was stressing she would do the baby catepillar and dig down under them and not be able to get out. Had vissions of big suffocating bald head. Christ, will just get paper bag.



actually think chuhai might work just as well.

Continuing on.

Hub and I had very funny rants on way to movies. I told him goss and he told me goss. When i took Marina for her polio the other day Solar Panel Man's wife was there with son. She was with another mother and child - from Fukuoka (city) but living in Kunimi. I told hub had met a new kindrid spirit - ie; someone who can Kunimi bash with. Hub heard her surname and laughed. Her mother in law is constantly lying to him about how can not pay taxes - hub goes there on average once a month to ask for the money. Obviously not very scary tax man as they still haven't paid. The family grows cows - and no, don't mean they have a farm. They have fifty cows in a shed. Nice Japanese cow farming for you. The mother in law used to own a 'snack' (small whiskey pub) in Fukuoka. Hub obviously has access to all there private information which of course he tells me in confidence.


bloody bloody crap.

Thank god no one in Kunimi or even remotely close can understand English - although a friend has said she put my blog into the google translation software and had to ring me straight away as thought was on verge of killing Granny K and getting a divorce.

Anyway, back to date day. The movie was good. We arrived half an hour early so enjoyed some breakfast at starbucks first. After the movie did spot of shopping and then had ramen (chinese noodles) on way home. Not very romantic lunch choice I know but when was trying to think of place that defiantely could not go with kids yet - that was what came up with.

Got home and Marina was still alive and all smiles. She had slept for two hours in morning - in her cot. Yay.

Went to cake shop on why home to get something for Granny K. I thought she would like the cake with figs on top - as when her figs where in season she kept telling me how good they were for me rah rah - obviously just wanted to porn them off on us so didn't have to eat herself!!! She chose hub's cheesecake.

Hub has national games related work tomorrow - the weightlifting is being held in next town over. He is home on Sunday though which is good.

Am starting to yawn

Better get to bed. Wonder if hub is expecting date day to be topped off by some date day nookie.

Hmmmm...I might just have to be there in body and not spirit as very tired.


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Boys and their Toys

Well really just cars in this case. Hub has an almost obsession with the hubcaps. Shiney. Must... be.... shiney.

Tomorrow is date day and so obviously, how silly of me for not understanding, the car has to be spotless. Hub got home at half five - just as I was finishing up my second English class. I usually go and get Shou but hub did - which was nice. We then had two hours of the usual two year old banter with Shou - and Marina. who is into high pitched short beepy type noises - as if robot. A long way from mama and dada thats for sure.

Anyway, the dinner and bath thing, the mummy teaching English until nine thing rah rah, and my poor deprived husband had to wait until nine o'clock to go outside in the chilly night to hose and brush the car down and shine the hubcaps. Took him an hour - in the semi dark. He kept sneezing. Will probably be sick by morning and hence need to stay in bed all day.

I got such shock at even mention of going outside to clean car in almost middle of night that I went out and cleaned the rubbish out and let our lovely honda stepwagon people mover reclaim her floors. They were being held hostage by Shou's gumboots, flip flops, a broken shadevisor thing, a few umbrellas and one or two empty coffee cans.

I then had to come back inside to finish dirty nasty translation. However, it is done now. Signed, sealed and delivered - by email - to my translation man.

We are going to see movie tomorrow - but movie theatre is two hours away and hub has told Granny K will be back by three. Silly man. What time does that leave for shopping I ask you?? I casually suggest hub see movie on own but hub didn't like that idea. I was hoping I could go for coffee on own and perhaps head and neck massage. shoulders.... back ....feet are bit ticklish so think would have to draw line at feet. But instead I will be watching Angelina wondering when, in between having twins, adopting and working for the UN she actually got time to make a new movie.

Went on outing to hospital to get Marina's drugs - hopefully her last lot. She wasn't sick sick so they let us sit out the back with all the vestlings waiting for their pee and blood samples. Marina had great time. She obviously think wool and gummy smiles are very funny. In, fact come to think of it, must have been half price for vestlings day at the hospital. Car park was chocca when I arrived - ten minutes before they start seeing patients. Thought was going to get to kiddies ward and be swamped by snotty nose babies and kids on drips to relieve their temperatures (sigh), but instead had to wade through vestling swamp. Lucky have cute baby so wading turns into more like the sea parting - but with hands sticking out of vests patting her bald head and cochicooing under her chin.

She was in fine form and even lasted the trip to the baby shop to stock up on the usual suspects - nappies and milk - and a 199 yen plastic bulldozer for Shou which I might add he is now sleeping with. I hope he sleeps through the night because I am only just hitting the hay now and it is after twelve.

Cricky batman, haven't been up this late for a while.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Am a bit shattered - although watching Masato in the K-1 kickboxing final was a bit of a pick me up. Masato very spunky Japanese bloke. I have been watching in between trying to translate - not very productive. Other TV won't pick up this channel or else Hub would have been shoved to the tatami room to get his boxing fix. Then, I probably would have gotten more accomplished.

Marina had her vaccination this morning. Was third person to register and everything went very smoothly. Arrived at half twelve and was back in car by quarter past one. Bloody miracle. I had had a very productive morning cleaning, getting English classes sorted and making dinner - in preparation for vacicnations taking two hours - like they do in Kunimi, in which case would have had to come back home and straight into an English class at four. Yay, I got to twiddle my thumbs and watch some Gray's Anatomy instead.

Principle from the primary school rang this morning to say formal thankyou for concrete. Rah rah, thanks very much. I asked if she would mind not going out of her way to tell people that the Aramaki's paid for it - for no apparant reason. She said they had wanted to write human interest article in monthly school rag about my granny, the money, the concrete and me - probably in that order. I said no no no. She reluctantly agreed.

I said similar to kindy head when went to pick Shou up - too late. Shou had newsletter in bag that had a one liner. The Aramaki's forked out the dosh for the concrete by the front gate. Thanks.

Donations just not the done thing really so will have to field the 'why would you do that' type questions.

Right, a Cold Case program I have never seen has come on. Better get my English fix for the day - not including heads, shoulders, knees and toes and the letter 'P'.