Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yawning away

Didn't get around to posting yesterday cause Hub was being a twat and I decided to have an early night! Nine o'clock I went to bed - but as not used to going to bed so early couldn't get to sleep till about eleven - followed an hour later by Shou waking up, followed an hour later by Marina, followed two hours later by Shou. Mothers who have multitudes of offspring must either give out to their hudbands too much, have babies that sleep through the night, or have soundproof room for the youngest child. I am thinking I need me one of those!!! If Granny K wasn't in residence I could sound proof that room - and then I could sleep there. Bloody bliss!

Yesterday morning was spent turning the house round after three day weekend and Shou running rampage. Had a slight spaz at Granny K in the morning - what with saving myself the whole of respect for the aged day! Shou was supposed to be sitting in here having his breakfast but instead went running off to Granny K's room and ate half her breakfast and a fizzy vitamin drink. Right, now I have conversed with GK on several occassions about being the bearer of all good and fun foods. Obviously she is playing the senile card. Which is fine, cause I still haven't pulled the Gaijin Wife Ace yet. Silly cow.

Anyway, she didn't speak to me for the rest of the day - well, lets say she stayed out of my way. Very wise.

A friend came round for a cuppa in the morning and we ventured off to another place for a gossip and coffee, Marina in tow.

I don't have much recollection about the afternoon except that it involved a wee nap and making nikujaga (meat and spuds a la sweet Japanese pot style). Last night dinner time was a bit of a rant but we are over that now. I think it started with Hub saying he had work on Marina's first birthday - also the day before we go into hospital for her operation. Work which he could possibly get out of. What a complete no-brainer! If you can get out of work on your only daugher's first birthday then why even bring up the conversation of 'maybe' with your snarky pissed off foreign wife? Thought the silly bugger had learnt something by now. Obviously going to take a bit longer. May have to have another baby just to see if he has progressed!

Today was ANOTHER early start which I let hub sleep through until seven.

Oh fuck me.

Biggest spider known to man on wall over by chimney.

Interlude - four minutes later

Just got hub down to dispose of spider that must get given shit by friends for being the one that eats all the pies. Thank god I can touch type - as have to cause need to keep an eye on the walls. Hub THINKS he got it to go out the sliding door. Why??? Why bid it a goodnight out the door when you could sqush the bugger with a heavy book, encyclopedia britanica or something and be able to get a good nights sleep??

I am going to have to cut this short as am sitting her in towel thinking that upstairs is safer than in here.

Nighty night


PS - It was big. And I know it was the one that got away and I can't prove it but it was really bloody big - a good one size bigger than my hand. Infact encyclopedia britanica may not have cut the mustard.


thefukases said...

ditto on the dh is for deadhead

DH. Hmmm, I need to go to Tokyo Thursday or Friday next week.
Me. you can choose?
DH. pretty much.
Me. The TWENTYFIFTH or twentysixth?
DH. Yeah. Think I might go Thursday. Trains are always crowded Fridays...
Me: You're going to miss your daughter's birthday so you can get a seat on the train?????

And what's with the catch and releasing of bugs, hey? Is this not the country that harpoons whales? Maybe we need to suggest 'research' on spiders? ;)

kasandora said...

we dont get those big spiders up here in Tokyo I think....are they striped? We mostly get little hoppy spiders that make me real nervous until I swat em with a shoe....

Nay said...

It must be a Japanese thing to catch and release spiders, bugs etc... I am definitely up for squashing the scary thing with a encyclopedia britanica!!

I wonder how long it will take me to change 'darling husband', to 'dickhead'.... lol!!! Possibly when we add kids to the equation.