Sunday, 14 September 2008


More than meets the eye...

Hub and I sitting here watching movie 'transformers'. I think it came out on the big screen a few years ago - so is very special that is on our living room screen already - in English with Japanese subtitles. I of course only have half an eye on it.

Today was pretty full on - what with Shou doing nuggies at half four and not going back to sleep. Not desirable post date night morning but what can you do. Marina was up at half five - so by about eight it felt like it should be about two in the afternoon.

Shou and daddy went crab hunting AGAIN this morning and came back with a bucketload. Hub said that I should give them some bread - so I did, and would you believe the cute little buggers eat it. I was enthralled for a good ten mintues. I have a photo of this but puter playing silly buggers and won't upload it. Will let it cool off and try again later. (a day later - finally worked)

Tomorrow is respect for the aged day in Japan - our local vestling sector celebrated today with a lunch, drinking and kareoke extraveganza at the local hall about twenty metres from our house. It was no wonder Marina and Shou wouldn't go down for their afternoon naps. In attempts to get Shou down we ended up with books and cars and a roll of toilet paper completely mulched up and strewn around our room. Kept him occupied for a good fifteen minutes or so.

After our supposed nap time hub took Shou to the park - Granny K tagged along for some reason. Maybe she wanted to clear her head after her half glass of beer at vestling luncheon. They got home and daddy decided that Shou needed a swing - from the not that big pine tree in the garden. Somehow he managed to charge the fifteen year old drill just enough to drill four holes in a bit of plank. Shou had his bob the builder hammer and was completely in his element. The swing is up - Shou won't swing on it but it still looks very Ann of Green Gables.

Kiddies both went down very easy - due to lack of nap.

And here we are - watching movies and wondering how we are going to spend tomorrow - a whole nother day trying to entertain the devil child and the princess - who is less of a princess now she is mobile. Actually I take that back, she is still a princess.


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