Saturday, 6 September 2008


Shou chose to wake up at FOUR AM this morning. Mummy...need to go potty. Take him down stairs, put him on potty...

denai (nothings coming)

Back to bed.

Half an our later..

Out of nowhere

I hate you mummy
Need to go poos, want daddy.

Daddy takes him downstairs

denai (nothing coming)

Back upstairs.

Five o'clock.

Daddy up with Shou.

Marina starts to grizzle but mummy too knackered to get up so she falls back to sleep. Marina and Mummy up at five fifteen.

Shou off to kindy at eight - praise the bloody lord.

Back to bed with Marina for lie down - while hub cleans the bathroom and mows the lawn. Bless him. Big kisses.

We then drive to the revolving sushi place for lunch. yumyum. Then past the store to get kiddie stuff and stuff for dinner. Picked up friend on way home and she and another friend stayed for dinner. Lasagne, salad, moroccan spuds and garlic bread. Was semi-yummy. Had big gossip and few drinkies.

Friends have gonehome and I am bit sleepy.

nighty nigyht.


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