Monday, 15 September 2008

Respect for the Aged Day

Started the day today by ringing my parents and telling them will respect them when they are more aged. Can't really do that with Granny K though as she is 72 already.

Typhoon number 13 is on its way - to arrive here on about Thursday. It has pushed some rain our way so we decided to take Shou to the fun slide and ball place at the shopping center an hour away. Invited Granny K thinking she wouldn't want to but shite, she said yes. So, Marina got packed into the very back of the car - as was nap time and Granny K babbling into her face would not a happy nappy baby make. Shou and Granny K talked nonstop for the entire hour

Shou: There's a digger.
Granny K: a digger.
Shou: It's big.
Granny K: It is indeed.
Shou: Oooh, big truck.
Granny K: Big indeed.

Comment by Shou...

Thanks for the interesting and stimulating converstaion Granny. Was quite fun having someone catering to my every whim in the back seat though. Get sick of sitting beside Marina who just eats crackers, drinks juice, sleeps or whines like a silly woman already. Ta for the apple juice too. Squeezing the pack to hard when you gave it to me was a bit silly though as got all down chin and on new car seat - and I got told off by mummy. Was so not my fault though.

Back to blog...

Got to ball park and instead of the slide and ball pit Shou conned daddy into riding on the police car ride nine times - a hundred yen a time. After you put the money it it spits out a card that you then run through the slider thing and then have a minute video game thinging and the ride sways and sirens whirl. All very exciting for a two year old. There were nine different versions - dump truck, ambulance etc etc. Shou wanted the police car. He got it on the ninth try!!

While the boys were being boys Granny K was spending up large in the hundred yen shop - on masking tape and plastic watering cans and the like. Marina and I bought her a very cute pink top (Marina, not Granny K), an emergency vehicles top for Shou - with a big fluffy police car in the center - and then went to the supermarket to get stuff for dinner - which Granny K had been invited to. Sukiyaki. Shou's first real meal with grownups at the same table. Hmmmm...

On the way home we had to drive by the drugstore so Granny K could stock up on vestling growth hormone pills or whatever it is she sucks back everyday. Got home at half twelve to feed the kiddly winks and put them down for naps. Shou and daddy went down without much trouble ;) and Marina slept for a good seventeen and a half minutes before deciding to bugger the nap, lets make mummy play with me. So, we went out to meet friends for a chocolate sundae - but don't tell my dietblog as I plan on recording it as diary products, cornflakes and a bit of cocoa, which in between every bite I did twenty sit-ups and twenty press-ups.

Sukiyaki for dinner went as well as can be expected with an already fed Marina trying to do press-ups (on my behalf I think) on the floor at my feet and Shou bleating on about everything and anything that came into his mind during the course of his sukiyaki on rice bonanza - which he did in fact eat all of. Ganny K must have decided against commenting on the veges I chose to put in and how I cut them up. She did however wonder out loud why I chose to only buy one leak for sixty yen, when I could have bought five for two hundred!! To which I chose to comment out loud that using a whole one was better than using maybe two during the week and ending up throwing three out.

Anyway, respect for the aged day is nearly over - meaning I can go back to normal self tomorrow of spiking her coffee, putting buckets full of water above her door and sand in her shoes...


Got the crab photo loaded up on yesterday's post. Is freaky. Crab is looking straight at you 'what you looking at white woman, can't a man have some privacy while he eats his bread'! For some reason, in my mind crab has turned into a homey.


Lulu said...

Hey at least you made an effort!

The conversation between Shou & Granny K was in Japanese right? How is Shou`s English? Does your hubby speak English? Sorry for all the questions.

I mean to remind Shun to ring his parents for respect for the aged day (although I guess they are not that aged) but I forgot and they are probably asleep now...or his dad would be at least. His mum is probably still cleaning the kitchen.

Did you get the emergency vehicles t-shirt at the 100yen shop too? That is a bargain if so!

gaijin wife said...

Coversation definately in Japanese. Hub hardly speaks any English to kids - and his most commonly used phrase is probably 'pardon me' :(

t-shirt was not from 100 yen shop but still a bargin at 700 yen. I mean it has a fluffy police car on it.

Lulu said...

Good point about the fluffy car- definitely a bargain at 700yen- You may as well buy 5 of them so that if he wakes up and wants to wear it but it is in the wash you won`t have to worry (nor will you have to wash everyday!)

Maybe you should start teaching granny K english but teach her the wrong words for stuff.

I doubt Shun will speak English with our future kids either- although we are going to try to make it English inside the house or for "family talk time" but I want him to speak Japanese to them if it is just him and the future kids. Talking about future kids scares me a little...

What is happening with Marina`s operation now??

gaijin wife said...

Shou's last t-shirt craze ended up in me buying another one so could rotate. He has new best t-shirt now which he put on for kindy yesterday morning and which I had to forcefully take off him this morning - telling him his three year old girlfriend wouldn't have a bar of him smelling like that.

Marina's operation is October the 28th. Fingers Crossed. Two weeks (max) in hospital and then two weeks here and then home sweet home to New Zealand for two whole months. Yay.