Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Re & Tard

On the way back from taking Shou to kindy on the bike I got my keitai out and rang the man I know about the concrete for the project dontate kindy victor charlie. Asked him about when good time to meet at kindy to discuss concrete - riviting. He said could meet me there in five minutes.


Nearly burned hole in bum biking home - as was closer to home than kindy. Shoved bottle of milk in Marina's mouth and put her to bed and asked Granny K to please not go and trim the eggplants for another forty minutes or so.

Took car to kindy and concrete man was just pulling up. We were doing the concrete talk for about fifteen minutes. Had discussed how would need to slope this way and that for water runoff rah rah. Had asked the big money question and yes, was going to be in my budget.

Then Mr. Sato, admin guy at the primary school - which is beside the kindy but which owns most of the land we need to concrete - came out. Sato is also word for sugar in Japanese but I can tell you now the chinese characters for his name were more like Re and Tard.

He proceeded to tell concrete man that the school had put in a proposal for the concrete to the local government and that whatever it was we were discussing wasn't necessary. He totally ignored me and what I said about speaking to the principle yesterday and getting the go ahead. I felt like a complete twat and concrete man ended up thinking I hadn't spoken to anyone in authority and that was just silly woman wanting to spend some cash concreting a bit of the town's land.

I got in a right state and had to ring mum to bitch about how hard it was to bloody try and give away money. She calmed me down and really, at the end of the day if all my ranting months ago about the concrete got them to send in a propsal for a budget then at least something came out if it - and now I can spend money on cool stuff for kindy like a new slide or something.

Anway, an hour after I got home the principle from the primary school rings to appologise for the lack of communication between herself and the admin guy. What do you reckon. She hadn't yet told him about our 'go ahead' talk yesterday. There would be no budget and would I still like to do it for them. She is a bit of a halfwit too but inbetween her gobble I did manage to say that I was highly embarrassed this morning and if it was just too much trouble then perhaps...

no, no, please Katy-san.

So, it's all back on again - she rings back at half three and asks if she can come here to appologise and talk in person. I said no was going for walk with Marina but would 'pop' in to school on way to pick up Shou. Got there at five and she corned me for thirty bloody minutes - during which time Shou was standing outside the kindy trying to convince the teachers that that was mummy's car. While I was at the kindy Mr. Re-Tard walked past me and didn't say a thing. If I had pre-practiced don't mess with this gaijin stare I would have used it on him. Twat.

Oooh - hub has just come home - nine oclock. He asked about the kindy dramas and we have just had ten minute bitch session about the retard. Do I want him to ring the principle tomorrow. No I don't but he get's mega brownie points anyway. He is now putting the dishes away and washing his plates. God, we might be looking at a meeting later!!

Time to hit the hay I think. Has been stressful day - on top of which I went for an hour walk, core ryhtmed and did air stepper 20 min dvd.


PS - Happy Birthday Dad!

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