Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Procrastinating AGAIN

When there is work to be done...

I get excited when get translation work but then half way through I get the - I know will get it finished on time anyway so why rush it. Will just check my gmail... and maybe my hotmail... and maybe the fifty MIJ (married in Japan) emails that arrived in inbox today, and then maybe a sodoku or a bath or a chuhai - or all three at once.

So here we are ... procrastinating again.

Marina and I had very quiet day - well, actually no. Take that back. Was quiet in that Marina didn't leave the house. She wasn't free to crawl all over the place - as had turned front tatami room into chinese laundry. Now smells like fabric softener and am almost tempted to sleep there as think would dream about nice fluffy towels and the likes. Has been raining three days solid - and looks like more rain tomorrow and for rest of week - thanks typhoon number 15. The badest bits will miss us though.

Solar Panel Man's wife and son came round for catch up. Has been a couple of weeks. Tyson, her two in April son, starts kindy tomorrow. The kindy (not the one Shou goes to) is attached to a temple and at nine every morning the kiddies have to kneel and pray to buddah or whatever it is you do at a temple. She was also in the post office last week and the head of the kindy came in, pushed in front of her while she had a scratchy son on hip, and told post office inbred (sorry, but they really are crap) to send his winnings to usuall account - plonking three grand on counter. She isn't too happy that son going to kindy with gambling man in charge. But then I aren't too happy am married to gambling man - but who is by no means in charge.

Concrete man came round this arvo

for bit of romp in hay.

really am joking.

came round to give me concrete invoice. Had gone to bank in morning in preparation so paid him on spot - a hundred dollars too much it turns out! He arrived back three hours later appologising for not realising when gave him dosh - but then I had done the big bank teller count and hadn't realised either. He gave money to admin lady at their office and she realised. All good. Now have money to pay for date on Friday.

Hub and I are going to pachinko for day so can see what all the fuss is about. Not. we are going to new angelina jolley movie - in Japanese is called 'wanted' but think has different name in English. Has morgan freeman too. appologies for no capital letters there angelina and morgan. Too lazy to go back and fix up. Granny K is looking after Marina for the day. The only thing am really worried about is that she will put her to sleep in the tatami room or on her bed and then go and do something. Do something as in go and snip some eggplants or collect chestnuts. She doesn't really like the stairs and offered to bring Marina's portacot downstairs but Granny K is on the short end of vestling height scale and can't reach in properly to lay her down in it.

Tomorrow Marina has her OPV - oral polio vaccination. In Japan there is hype that you shouldn't get vaccinations four weeks before receiving an anaesthetic. Her operation is on October 28th and her vacciantion is the 1st. I rang her hospital just to check and they said they couldn't say 'yes, it was OK to give vaccination'. But, as only one day out it was my decision. As chances of feeling crap after OPV are very slim and she has more chance of getting a temperature for unrelated purposes the day before her operation, we are doing the vaccination. My town would like her to have the vaccination before we get on plane to New Zealand. I tried to reassure them that chances of getting disease on plane trip or while in NZ about as remote as me losing five kilos this week. But, they voiced concerns to hub and so he thinks best to just get done. So away we will go tomorrow - to town two towns over.

joy of joys.

Also asked hospital - while had nurse on phone - took an hour to get someone from right department. Had to keep ringing back which was very frustrating as very hard to prounounce urinary tract department name in Japanese 'hinyokika'. Stumble over it every time. - so, shit what did I ask them...

Is it true that babies under one year get their own room (please please please please). No, you will almost definately be in a room with at least two other babies and mothers. Rightio. Fuck it. Two weeks and I may be so hummed up on lack of sleep that I can't keep fingers still enough to blog from my phone.

Anyway, best maybe perhaps get around to doing some work - or at least getting one of the five Engish lessons sorted out.


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