Friday, 19 September 2008

passports finally

Had a bit of co-sleeping going on last night. Shou coming into our bed and keeping me holding on to the side of the bed so I didn't get kicked off. Queen size bed not big enough for two adults and a toddler who likes sleeping sideways. Marina, Shou and I were up and eating breakfast by ten past six.

The concrete has been put off due to non existant typhoon that was supposedly coming through our way. It would appear, that had I not phoned the concrete man myself, I would not have been informed of such important information and probably would have turned up at concrete laying site today with tea and cookies for morning tea. As it happens, the muffin things I bought yesterday won't be good for giving them next friday - which means they will have to be consumed by persons in this house, namely hub, who is munching one right now and me - who had one for afternoon tea so holding back.

My friend in NZ who is doing diet too rang today and we both had crap week - hers better than mine though as she stayed same where as I put on - due to scary big spider experience that meant had to consume ten cakes, twelve pies, and eight beers in a row to slow my heart down and decrease my blood pressure - all from fright of course. The critter hasn't returned so maybe it really did go out the door like it was told last night. What a good little Japanese woman spider it was. Had it been mammoth foreign woman spider it would have told hub to fuck right off. This was her house god damn it and no way was she being told to head quietly out the front door. And for good measure she would take her thousand children with her where ever she pleased and hub couldn't stop her.

To compensate for lack of spider in house the insect community must have decided needed some kind of presence at least - so this morning when I came down stairs I found a frog and a grasshopper type thing in the kitchen - I kid you not. But christ, after seeing spider size of small pacific island the night before the frog and grasshoper were a welcome change. Infact - Shou had a nature class right there in the kitchen.

Hub just realised he was on recharging the fire truck's pump duty. He has forgotten. This is first time I have heard of such duties so not entirely convinced isn't his victor victor charlie charlie for half an hour at pachinko. Regardless - if there is a fire in our local area tonight the fire truck wont be a pumping. Won't be the only thing not a pumping. After the scary spider incident I let hub take advantage of me and now I am standing my gaijin wife ground. No more giving out to the man who tells me he will 'never let me take the kids to NZ if we get divorced' - until at least Sunday night.

I still have bit of steam coming out right ear after that comment. I heard that in Japan it is now necessary to produce a letter from the father of your children if you are taking them out of the country on your own - is to stop abductions and such by woman sick of putting up with twat Japanese husbands. I imagine it could be typed and just inkaned though. Hmmmm, might be good idea to have one of those set aside for rainy day.

So, before I forget, the passports. I sent application for Marina's New Zealand passport off about a month ago. I got a bit worried was taking too long and that application was in fact still somewhere in back of Kunimi post office or in the Netherlands. After checking online banking found out that NZ end had obviously received application and processed it so just waiting for it to get back here. Just got a call tonight from customs control or whatever in Tokyo - wondering why was sending passports. Told them was topclass drug dealer and Marina was my main seller. Then I said in Japanese that I was just trying to get Marina a passport so could leave country with both kids any time wanted.

Passports on there way to Kunimi as I type.

Right, maybe will have early night - but absolutely no giving out. Promise.

Oh Shit, maybe just a bit.


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