Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Officially Autumn

Today is officially Autumn - and a public holiday to celebrate. The maple leaves don't seem to be any redder than yesterday and it was 30 degrees so lucky I hadn't substituted all the kids summer clothers for Autumn ones - a la Granny K style.

Another five thirty am start but both the kids slept through the night so wasn't too bad. We were out the house by eight thirty anyway - on the way to agriculture park an hour away. We went there for Shou's kindy picnic but was lashing rain so not much fun. And has lots of great outside play areas so were waiting for good opportunity. Hub of course was meant to be weed eating the mountains!

The park is huge - as in five kms if you walk round the whole lake. We haven't done the big family park trip before so courageously thought we could do it - with Marina in a pushchair and Shou walking, on shoulders whatever. And a bento (packed lunch) half way round.


The park used to be way cool and all areas were landscaped rah rah. We headed for the animal kingdom, thinking the sheep and goats, pigs and rabbits would be fun for Shou. We didn't take a park map - as was hub and my first date spot so we thought we could wing it again. But no, obviously no weed eating going on there. Got lost twice. And, in between getting a bit of sunstroke, Marina losing it and Shou wanting to ride the slide ten thousand times mummy started to max out. Hub has specifically asked that I relate this to you all tonight - just so he isn't always deemed the Joker and me Batman. Which I guess would make Shou Robin and Marina??? - Whats the butlers name? And I wonder what that would make Granny K? Surely not the Cat Woman? I can't really, and don't want to, imagine her (but shit I just have) in a black cat suit and cat ears. Christ, what an uncalled for tangent. Appologies.

So, mummy did spectacular meltdown that almost involved leaving Marina in thatched basket to float down river and locking Shou and daddy to the vending machine.

Five minutes later we came across a park train thing / carriage thing / big tactor with wagon with seats thing - god, whatever. It was an oasis in a desert, a two year old that listens, a swiss bank account, a house that doesn't come with a mother in law....

It was a bloody godsend.

And we rode it - twice, to get back to the main building. Shou and daddy then went for icecream while Marina and I went back to car to change her nappy and get her sorted with some milk. As I was driving the car from the carpark to the front entrance the petrol light came on. So I turned off the cooler and opened the windows - thinking if we ran out of gas half a mile from a gas station because I had the cooler on the whole time I would be completely bummed.

The park is in the middle of nowhere so running out of gas in mountains is absolutely not a complete longshot. Luckily we coasted into the nearest (thirty kms away) gas station OK and filled up to the max.

Five minutes later and we are in the mountains on the way back to Kunimi and I catch Hub going in neutral down big hill. I was taught that coasting down hill in neutral is not very safe as engine breaks don't work or whatever. I expressed as much to hub who said he was trying to save petrol.

If a male is reading this, can you please explain the logic behind this?? I turned off the cooler cause we were scraping the petrol barrel but whats with coasting in neutral to save gas on a full tank?? I told him I thought it wasn't safe - he agreed. So I asked if he could refrain while me and kids in car - but coast away down very large hills to hearts content if Granny K in car. God, what a pay out.

We made it home safe and sound and tried to put kids to sleep. A no goer. Hub was asleep in about forty five seconds but me and kids were back up and downstairs playing see how far you can get inside in your gumboots before mummy charges you like a bull. Great game. This morning Shou sat by front door in new gumboots, car t-shirt and a whistle and thermos round neck for half an hour wanting to hurry the preparations along for the trip to the park. Very cool you understand. Loves those gummies.

This pic was taken yesterday - but same gummies. And sorry, cause looks like complete dork with nappy bulge and hawaiian shirt - which by the way, Shhhhhh, don't tell Shou, is not shirt with fireworks on it but instead Pineapples.

When hub decided to grace us with his presence Marina was asleep finally and Shou and I were just coming back from a crab hunt. Hub took Shou off to slide and supermarket for 'okazu' - dishes to go with rice so mummy didn't have to cook. He came back with huge bag full complaning that Shou stuck finger in every one of the ten different croquettes - so Hub had to buy them all - cause lots of people looking and couldn't just turn them over and put them back!!

Just to say we have lots leftover for tomorrow!!

We are watching strange Japanese drama.

need to concentrate


Oooh, Before forget

I love hub because: hmmmm, he drove us all the way to the agriculture park and back without complaining - and I got to sleep for about half an hour on the way home. He also bought beer at the supermarket - and washed dishes without looking at me for some praise like a puppy wanting a goodie treat.

I can co-exist with Granny K becuase: she looked after Shou and Marina on and off today - two minutes there, five minutes here. Marina is however now sporting a bit of a bruised right cheek from face planting something vestling-ish in Granny K's room. I don't think it's ruined her chances for hosting project runway - series twenty five though.


illahee said...

hey, we went there last year! i wanted to go again this time but we went to beppu instead, and on tuesday we just took our sweet time going home! oh, if only i had said, let's go to the agriculture park!

p.s. i tried to find your e-mail addy because i know you mailed me before, but i couldn't find the message. soooo sorry i didn't mail you when we decided to go to yufuin, i would loved to have met up!!

Lulu said...

"It was an oasis in a desert, a two year old that listens, a swiss bank account, a house that doesn't come with a mother in law....

It was a bloody godsend."

This cracked me up....A house that doesn`t come wiht a mother in law... hehe!

Sounds like apart from the heat & kiddy crack-ups the park was good! It sounds a little like a park in Tachikawa near Tokyo...I can`t remember the name of it though. Showa kinen koen maybe?

How big are these crabs that you find with Shou? I love his gumboot too- I would be grinning if I had them!