Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nap time

To update on last 'halfwit' post. The three kids are all upstairs for nap time. Shou and Marina are both fighting it though so don't think will last much longer.

We decided to go on an outing this morning - to the shoe store to get Shou some new shoes and gumboots. 16cm already. Ended up with some very cool navy osh kosh gummies with stars on them - unisex friendly so that Marina doesn't have to wear ones with big beetles on them. Also got pair of very two-year old friendly shoes that just slip into. Hub thinks they are bit gay but I think very styley. What would he know anyway - have caught him with socks on with his sandels.

After the shoe store poppoed into home centre to get hub some towelette hankie things. Japanese men seem to carry hankies or facecloth type things every day (yet another reason why taking fashion advice from one is bad idea) - and hub's have slowly been dissappearing into the black that is the Aramaki household hole. Got him three more, in very manly black and biege.

After the supermarket we decided to brave a family lunch - the first time ever. It actually wasn't a complete embarrassment like I thought it would be and between them Shou and Marina polished off the whole okosama (kiddies) lunch.

Marina starting to nut out now and Shou complaining that one of his cars has lost a tyre. Men and there cars...


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