Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nancy Drew

Hub has said he will be home at half eight - and I am guessing he will be spot on...

Shit, thought that was just him five minutes early - but is Granny K coming back from caligraphy.

So, why do I think hub will be back exactly on time???


Sneaky fucker....

He told me yesterday that he had to work overtime tonight - he is home three nights out of five very early - as in about half five. So, he helps with the dinner, bath and bed kids routine. As he should. I said 'shouganai' (can't be helped).

sip of beer


I pick Shou up from kindy at five. I had an English (volunteer) Class at the primary school from three to four - got home at ten past four and had frantic fifty minutes of running bath and fixing dinner.

Ooooh - hub just home. Is eight twenty eight!! Brought beer with him - I had already bought some - from the same shop so owners must think are complete alcoholics. He is now in bath and I have his dinner - rice, miso soup, chilli shrimp and salad on the table waiting.

Back to story.

The mad evening routine included ten seconds where Shou was weeing on carpet and Marina was throwing up - think was because spag was too hard for her ten month old pallete (??) and got caught in throat. Have just given hub extra large helping. See if it makes him gag. Bet you he eats everything and says thankyou.

Anyway - the mad ten seconds with both kids expelling from different ends was my first 'God I need a wine'. Bugger the gaijin wife gets skinny regime. I have wees and I have vomit. I need a wine.

less than a minute after this all three of us were nuddies and in the bath with the washing machine a whirling.

(hub has almost licked his plate clean)

Twenty minutes later and all three of us are clean. Twenty minutes after that and Shou and I are in the car to go and buy him a jelly - well thats the reason we give Granny K so she will keep an eye on Marina. Really is cover up so mummy can buy beer to recover from wee and vomit experience.

We go to local store - five hundred metres away. They are shut. VERY unusual. Decide to venture futher - to the wannabe 24 hour store in town (closes at 11 at night and opens at 6 in morning). Buy hou a pineapple jelly and mummy and daddy some beverages. On the way back we go past the town office - where hub is 'supposedly' working late. I decide at the last second that will swing in and see if his truck is there - it isn't. We head home. I decide on route that if his truck isn't there when we get there I will go on wee mission to find it.

It isn't there.

I pile Marine in car too - no explanation to Granny K except Marina is going for drive with mummy and Shou.

We do a drive by of the town office again. Definately not there.

Go past the wannabe 24 hour store - not there either. So we haven't crossed paths.

Go past the supermarket - not there either.

Last stop - pachinko palor - gambling establishment.

At first glance his truck isn't there either so I do a U-turn and drive back - and what do you know... his truck is parked on the other side of the road.

So, my poor overworked husband is out gambling (with god knows what) while I am at home knee deep in wee and vomit. An exageration but still!!

On the way home I thought about doing the argument thing. But have since decided that studying the 'lying Japanese husband' in its natural habitat will probably be more exciting. As I type, the above is washing his dinner plates. While he was in the bath I checked his wallet - eighty dollars more than should or could be in there.

I know these things. I am the bearer of all money. I am queen of accounts. I am the aramaki bank. And HE has extra.


He is also 'working late' on thursday and friday. Now that I have no qualms about throwing the kids in the car right before their bedtime and taking them on a tour of the town to find daddy I might just have to do it again. Can't stop the trail after all. I doubt very much this is the first time.

Bless him, he is drying the dishes so hard. Full of guilt. So easy to spot now I know. I had several wonderings before and even voiced them a few times but they got knocked down with 'work work work work' blah blah blah. But now.... now that I am going to go on a tracking mission - akin to nancy drew - there will be no 'blah blah'. I'll give you blah blah you lying little fucker. Actually do love lying little fucker and think a bit cute needs to disguise de-stress habit as 'working'.

Have also had discussion with self that this is not something to get too fired up about - unless of course he has secret account in caribbean to fund gambling habit. In which case I will nancy drew the information out of him and run off with sprogs to golden sands and sparkling seas - and no doubt a good few pina coladas.

Anyway - will keep you posted on lying husband anticts.



Lulu said...

That is kind of Shit though- perhaps you need to make him feel even more guilty....say how hard your day was, how stressed you are- play it up!

Shun is a terrible liar- 10 days after he started smoking again he told me and I said I had known since 10 days ago when he came back from Okinawa and he said why didn`t I say anything and I said it was cos I was waiting for him to tell me to see how long it would take.

I hate been lied to- and it is one of the biggest things with me. I have trust issues. I would rather he just told me he was going to pachinko....or was smoking. Sometimes Shun will lie and say he didn`t go to pachinko but I will look at him and he will very quickly say "Ok I did"

I would be a little worried that Shou might turn around and say they went on a drive past daddy`s work?!

I look forward to the Nancy Drew show- episode 2! Hope it is more of a one off thing than otherwise...

gaijin wife said...

I do have trust issues too - but have been there and done that enough times to think that maybe the tracking might be more fun this time!! I HATE being Lied to. And a few years ago I would have been on the plane home but this time there are more things at stake. I have been doing the overkill on the 'poor you what a long day you had' shit.