Friday, 26 September 2008

Nancy Drew II

Before I go into Nancy Drew rant part II just need to say that concrete is finished!! Nobody rang me but I saw as such when I went to pick Shou up from Kindy - looks good and I will take a picture tomorrow. It lashed rain during the night though so I fear how good and solid the ground actually was when the concrete went down but no point worrying about that now. Maybe nobody will ring me when it comes time to pay!!

Yesterday, thursday, is my busiest day of the week. English classes are usually from three to five and then one from eight to nine. From this week though the afternoon classes are from three thirty to five thirty. I wouldn't have thought that thirty minutes would make such a difference but holy shit. The whole 'wa' of the evening routine goes to shite. Pick Shou up from kindy at five forty - he has been waiting just him and his teacher for twenty minutes. Just about has meltdown when sees me - thinking that wasn't coming ever ever ever to pick him up. Get home just before six and Marina, who Granny K has been looking after since half three, is so hungry she is just about munching out on vestling apron. Feed Marina and then deal with Shou, who has been Ok so far - probably because kindy teachers gave him chocolate at five pm (it was left over from afternoon tea had packed for concrete blokes) - but who is getting increasingly peckish. Give him his tea - all the time Marina is losing it. Granny K doesn't stick round for the feeding routine so it is just me (woe is me). Marina has nearly rubbed her eyes off her head she is so tired.

Shou finishes his dinner and I somehow manage to convince him a bath is a good idea. He gets the one minute hose and clean and plonked in tub, followed by me and Marina. Ten minutes later Granny K gets Marina out, closely followed by Shou and I. Fix milk and put Marina to bed - out in approximately three and half seconds.

Shou is very tired and about to max out when hub walks in at seven. He does indeed lose it and for a spectacular six minutes does the perfect two year old tantrum. Hub has the cheek to tell him to be quiet - instead of trying to difuse situation, which I do agree is pretty pointless when in full tanty mode but still. Shou finally calms down and can get him into PJs - during which time I have had to go into hallway to hide for two seconds and take five very big breaths.

I say am just popping out - hub obviously doesn't hear me. I usually hide down end of hallway on English nights - where the other computer and printer are - so he probably just thinks am there. I go to store for chuhai to have when finished English - for hub as well of course.

On way back from store I pull over on side of road cause have noticed hub has his backpack in truck (I go in his truck cause parked in front of my car) and his casual shoes. I go through backpack - like any woman would. His casual wear shorts and t-shirt. Hmmmmmmm. Had I had my CSI pack or at least swiss army knife and ducktape I would have been able to perform propper investiagtion but as is, my sniffing skills will have to suffice. Smoke....

I don't think hub is smoking - I would be able to smell on breath. But smelly clothes mean probably vist to silver ball heaven - pachinko. I got told he had business trip in the city. He mailed at five to say he just had to pop into the head office and would be home at seven. I am starting to doubt he even went to work at all.

I don't bring it up before English class - wouldn't be fair on self or students to be in foul mood for class. After class I get in the bath - still don't say anything. When I get out ALL of the English class juice glasses and things have been washed and put away. Sure sign that hub is as guilty as sin.

Casually ask why he needed change of clothes....

Me: So, what did you need change of clothes for at tax centre in city?
Hub: I always take a change of clothes to work with me.
Me: No you don't. What a silly thing to try and get past me.
Hub: I thought I might need them on way home in case had volleyball competition (I kid you not folks - this is what he really said. I realise he is under pressure but could he not be an even half decent lier. What an embarrasement)
Me: So you actualy thought you might have to play volleyball on the way home tonight.
Hub: Yes, well maybe.
Me: They smell like smoke
Hub: Wonder why.
Me: So you actually were on a business trip today and not at silver ball heaven?
Hub: NO - and I am sick of you accusing me (starts into a gyakugire - Japan even has its own word for it. When somebody who is getting told off then turns into the one doing the telling off.)
Hub: OK, so I go to pachinko everday, I cheat and I use all our money.
Me: start crying (I know, pathetic)
Me: I won't take jokes about you cheating. Ever. (throw tea towel in his face and storm out.)

Hub goes up stairs to bed. I turn on CSI and start taking notes about how to scalp someone.

Ten minutes later hub comes down stairs.
Hub: I only went for an hour.
Me: Me and Granny K had a hell of an evening. What makes you think you should be the only one that gets 'me' time - and lies about it and then tells me off for asking?

appologies, appologies rah rah.

De ja vu.

I wasn't going to blog about it - as not as if packing in bags for a few hundred silver balls but fuck it makes my blood boil. Have told him next time this happens he is setting up a room for crap husbands in the shed. Word better not get out or half the husbands in Kunimi might be coming to stay.

So, he is officially in the dog box. Yesterday - when he was having a go at me about having a go at him (before he came clean) he said he had to work late tonight and would be home at eight. Granny K was lurking in hall and said that she was going on vestling excursion so might be help to me if he was on time (she heard the whole argument - but unfortunately not the bit after he came down later and confessed).

He was home at five thirty nine today.

I think might have to have chat with Granny K. Or would that be bad idea? I know something similar to this was start to meltdown in previous marriage. I want her to know that I'm not a complaining nagging bitch for no reason all the time.

So, the plan for now....

Tansfer a hundred dollars from hub's account into my account in the caymens every time I suspect he is at pachinko and not where he says he is. Keep him on his toes - as it is he thinks I might not bring kids home after our NZ trip - I told him if he kept this kind of shit up he could guarnantee I wouldn't be flying back at the end of January.

He actually cried.

And the oscar goes to.....

the slimy little fucker with a silver ball stuck up his a##

Have just read this back and am not actually as hateful as I sound. I know I have right to be but I aren't. Silly man. Shame on him. Slap on wrist.

At least have now blog logged it so can go back and see when things started the downhill slide - if it ever comes to that ; )

Slimy little fucker has just gone to bed.

Might get a cup of tea and read some more book.

hub has work ALL WEEKEND - but legitimate. Town hosting Duathlon on Sunday and all day saturday is spent getting things set up and Sunday is the actual day. I know as have both helped and participated in this. I wonder if he will go the the drinking thing that will no doubt happen on Sunday night. If he knows what's good for him...

nighty night campers. Hope you all appreciate your honest men.



brenda said...

I think tranferring the money is a good idea! Kind of like a fine he has to pay! While in the U.S. for business in June, my hub used his Japanese cell phone the entire time, to the tune of Y340,000!!!!! What an idiot!! He's in the U.S. again now; while talking to him on the landline, I heard the cell ring in the background, I was livid! I couldn't believe he was using it again! I promptly transferred all his "spending" money, about $700, into my account. And I'll do it again next month if I find out he's still using that stupid phone!
Oh yeah and domes = snaps

illahee said...

but can we be sure of how honest they actually are?

*big hugs*

Gina said...

(((Big hugs))) from me as well! : )

azumarisan said...

Sorry to hear that Katy, i know what you mean about them telling you off when you are telling them off and how annoying it can be!

I would get him a phone with a gps device that logs your computer, that way you know where he is every minute of the day...and you can set it so that if he goes near the pachinko it will message you. haha, maybe a little bit over the top, but it will keep him on his toes! Bloody men!

gaijin wife said...

thankyou for cyber hugs. Am liking very muchly the GPS phone idea. My new phone has it (the one I had to get cause threw last one at detreating husband and hit door instead)

Brenda - 34 man for a phone bill is absolutely uncalled for and deserves bucket over door job or similar.