Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Day - by Shou

Mummy is too busy to blog today - she is watching four hour special of 'za gyoten news' - a great Japanese program about human interest stories like really fat people getting skinny and women slicing their mothers in law up and chucking them out in fifty different rubbish bins around the city - shite, thats a bit close to home. Hope didn't watch that one. I kind of like Granny K.

I am upstairs in bed - under the covers typing with a torch. Lightening McQueen looks a bit scary with a torch shined up his bumper. Marina had a bit of a whinge before. silly girl. Give her another twenty years and she'll be just like mummy. I mean I love mummy, she pushed my big head out a hole the size of a.... hmmm... well, it was small. But sometimes she just wont let me do my stuff. nag nag nag nag nag. Why can't I wear my gummies inside? They aren't dirty. And they look quite cool with my pajamas.

Speaking of looking cool - I had on the coolest t-shirt I own this morning. I was trying to look extra cool for Ami-chan. She's my woman at kindy - only she doesn't know it yet. She's a year older than me so I don't get much of a look in but a guy can live in hope can't he? Anyway, had on very cool digger t-shirt and mum physically forced me out of it - saying something about how it was smelly cause had slept in it all night. God, twelve hours? Mum, and she is really good at this, somehow managed to sidetrack me with my gumboots while she put me into a red t-shirt with a fricken giraffe on the front. A giraffe folks. How the f&%$ am I meant to pull Ami-chan in a giraffe t-shirt. I didn't realise I had such a gay t-shirt on until I was in the car and shackled into my car seat.

Got to kindy and got sidetracked by telling teacher how cool my gumboots were - again. She heard the ramble on Monday too but sometimes you need to tell women important things more than once or they forget. Ami-chan didn't play with me ALL day. All the boys in the panda and rabbit classes think she is a bit of all right. Bet she's just stringing us along. I hope this kind of shite gets easier as I get older. Everyday I go to kindy and struggle, struggle with the decision between playing with blocks or flexing my runty abs in front of Ami-chan. You know, and the blocks. Well, they are red and blue and yellow and green and in this big blox in the cupboard. And I can make airplanes and cool stuff like that. I'm only two. I can't help having the attention span of a goldfish. The blocks win each time.

I should probably go to bed. It's ten o'clock - I should be in Ami-chan dream heaven.




Semprini said...

My, what a precocious lad!

What you should do, for fun, is when your mummy shows you this 10 years from now, deny having written it and insist that she must have done it herself in a beer-induced haze. Just watch her reaction!

You seem like a nice little boy. Just two pieces of advice: stop pooing on the tatami, and often say the phrase, "I'm never going to play pachinko. It's stupid." It'll pay off, big time!

Lulu said...

Lovely Shou- if you come to my house I will let you wear gumboots inside. I like to piss off my fiance by wearing shoes inside the house! So you can do the same!

Night night!

Ps: Tell mummy to remind you when you are older that you should NEVER wera socks with sandes or thongs- Shun does that and it really sucks and drives me mental. So make sure you don`t do it ok? That is just my advice! I get angry at him for doing it especially when he tries to actually leave the house like that. I swear I am marrying a 70 year old!