Monday, 22 September 2008

Must Sleep

Hasn't been an over tiring day but am knackered. Must have been all the elbow greese put into scraping and rubbing poo off tatami. Not the best surface for crapping on - as hopefully Shou has now remembered.

Had to take Granny K to hospital after dropping spudling off at kindy. She has high blood pressure. The doctor asked her to bring some of her everyday miso soup in so could test to see if too spicey or whatever - and hence reason behind high blood pressure. Was fine though. Is probably cause living with foreign daughter in law. Lord knows she makes mine boil so must be vice versa.

Hub was meant to be at drinking thing tonight. His office out bowling and getting pissed for no apparent reason other than going to be busy next couple of weeks - so lets get lashed and start busy time off hungover. Huurah. I wouldn't mind leaving sprogs and going bowling and out for dinner on a Monday night. Fair play to him though he hasn't harped on about how sorry I should feel for him for having to turn it down.

Was on Monday night because tomorrow is a public holiday - is officially the first day of Autumn. Not quite sure exactly what time autumn starts tomorrow. Maybe about lunch time?? five in the morning seems to early for autumn to be rolling in. Have been encouraged by Granny K to get out the Autumn clothes for the kids. What autumn clothes?? Do you mean they can't just wear their summer ones to the ground and throw a jersey over the top - maybe some long johns under their shorts??

Weeding extraveganza that got postponed due to sideways crazy rain on Sunday - and that was reason behind halfwit naming - has been moved until tomorrow. Hub not going. Had already promised Shou would take him to cool park an hour away. Has been on cards for ages but always seems to be raining. Invited Granny K in crazy relapse of kindness but she declined - has to help out at the temple next door. The start of autumn also brings with it a wave of praying at temples. For what? She will probably make the gross mochi rice ball things covered in anko - sweet bean vomit barf paste. Would rather eat something made in China.

Got some translation work in today - yay of yays. Has been a while so quite excited. Is a pamphlet for university used to work at. Will no doubt keep me off the Kunimi streets and out of trouble for the weekend - although hub has work BOTH days so will have to be the nights. It is the annual Kunimi Duathlon this weekend and his office is in charge of it - they spend Saturday putting up bike racks and the like and Sunday directing athletes and taking times etc. Is last year is happening. Thank god.

Typhoon number 14 is on its way though so if the gods are smiling it will arrive this weekend and Duathlon will get cancelled. Although if is bad typhoon hub will be called out to sandbag houses and well, wear a helmet and wet weather gear and look important. Try at least.

Off to bed.


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