Friday, 12 September 2008

Have just taken Granny K's kettle back to her. Shou came out of her room an hour ago with it. At least it was almost empty and practically cold. Shou and daddy spent a good ten minutes playing tea parties - but very manly ones of course. Lots of 'kampais' (cheers) and 'achiiii de' (hey, that's hot bro)

sorry - am getting sidetracked by program about household cleaning and stains - did you know you can use an apple to make a black burnt pot look like new again. Boil apple skins in the pot and then scrub it. Hope Granny K is watching this.

Hub had a business trip today - to Oita - a city two hours away. He came home at seven in a pretty foul mood so am presuming was actual business trip - that or he had major loss of Carribean slush fund at pachinko. I wonder if he remembers about date night tomorrow night! I also wonder if date night means he's expecting some international relations type meetings. hmmmm. In my book husbands that lie don't get invited to such meetings. Wife quite capable of handling on own. Maybe date night is his idea to liquor me up... I wonder if myself tomorrow will play along - if that makes any sense!!

Ooooh, more household tidbits - if you have a knife that is getting blunt... run it about five times through a bit of scrunched up tinfoil and wa la - samurai sword that can cut through twelve tomatoes in one go, slice through a tin can and... if you order right now... comes with a free set of steak knives.

Marina and I had NOTHING on our list for today so went to friends house in next town over. Marina was almost hypnotized by wagging stump tail of cocker spaniel Abbey - my friends dog (that we used to look after but big story behind that that involved pished husband and me taking Shou in car and running away to friends house for night) She didn't seem too plussed by being licked and jumped on.

This afternoon solar panel man's wife and son came to play. Their son is going to kindy from next month and she is feeling guilty about putting son in kindy when she isn't working or pregnant. In Kunimi you have to submit proof that you are working to be able to put your child in daycare - including, if you live with your mother in law, why she can't look after the child. Huuuha Huuuha Huuuha. If you are willing to pay the price who cares?? So anyway, solar man's mother has written false documents to say daughter in law is working at family well drilling company - well as in water not oil. God, if there was oil in Kunimi I would be sifening (have you ever spelt that word in your life??) from the main pipe baby - and no doubt using money to refil bank account being sucked by husband's gambling habbit.

I only have Shou in kindy because I had contract from university saying I was doing part time translating - which I might add has come to complete bloody standstill because new guy has entered office full time. Would love to trash him but am unable to as met him last week and he is actually very nice funny guy also from the land of the long white cloud - New Zealand.

Right - I am getting far too side tracked by TV. Will just whip on to diet blog to say that lost two hundred grams this week - absolute miracle of god as was eating, drinking hoe all week.


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thefukases said...

He he. It's the same here with the hoikuen thing. Everyone I know is 'engaged in fulltime Agricultural work on the family farm'. Yeah right- with those acrylic nails???