Thursday, 4 September 2008

Flyng Ants

Did you know ants could fly? I didn't even know they had wings!! We have about three hundred (no exageration) insects outside our front door. Admittedly the porch light was on - so my English kids wouldn't fall up the steps. We have never had a war of the world flying ant invasion before though. I asked hub what they were - and whether or not it was just the porch light or were they attracted to strange vestling smell coming from inside. Am going to have to sweep an army of ants off the porch in the morning!

In addition to that we had a roach trying to get a free english lesson - circled the top of the room for twenty minutes. I was the only one that knew about it for the first nineteen minutes - and just as well - cause English kids as bad as me about roaches. After they left I got hub to spray it - and when he went in to do the deed there were two! He said he sprayed them and they both went out to the front door to pass out. Am feeling bit bad that maybe we killed a husband and wife - or worse yet, a couple young and in love. But god I hate roaches. And they fly in Japan. Maybe all insects fly in Japan.

Who knows, maybe Granny K has a set of wings under her vest. Can of spray isn't going to knock her out though.

Found out from my six year old English kids this afternoon (have three classes on a thursday) that the two exchange students (staying at the temple) are from Thailand, named rinrin and penpen, and will be going to the school everyday until the 13th of September!! Wonder if they are a bit pissed off at being shoved off to the primary school every day when staying at old Japanese temple. They should be kneeling for hours on end, having three grains of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and being beaten on shoulder with wooden stick for any sudden movements or suchlike.

Hmmm, maybe three grains of rice diet would be good for gaijin wife gets skinny regime!! would only agree if could have glass of wine for every grain of rice - but then guess would be sozzled by mid afternoon and no doubt end up getting beaten senseless with wooden stick due to inability to sit still - wanting to sway slightly to sound of music in head.

There have been no concrete progressions today. Am thinking tomorrow might be day for it - but not holding breath.

Best record crap diet day in diet blog and then have hot sauna bath to lose last five grams before weigh in tomorrow morning. What is point. Am nearly off the wagon in just four days - well, holding on the back with one arm maybe.



tj-injapan said...

Lucky we are not still at 90210- I would be twisting the one arm of yours that is hanging on to the back of the wagon for dear life for a yummy yakitori or yakiniku night out.

Put whatever diet hiccup (beer induced, most likely) happened today out of your mind and re-set your regime for tomorrow! It will come together for sure, baby steps. Ganbare!

As for the cocroaches - they probably did want to learn English. I saw busty Waka on TV claiming that she can talk to cockies! whatever.

marianne said...

Flying ants...yep,have them here once in a while as well.Bloody horrible and so many of them that you just know that you can't win.