Sunday, 21 September 2008

Eye Opener

My last post for the day, I promise.

Am sitting here sipping a beverage and watching great Japanese variety comedy TV at its best. Do love it. Hub has made appologies throughout the day - must have been thrown by my impulsive 'you might be without your silly nagging wife if you keep this shite up' comment - made this morning.

Shou and Marina were both asleep by ten past seven - although heared big crash from Shou's room half an hour later. He had been sleeping on pile of pillows and rolled off and no doubt landed with his big head first on the floor. Managed to get to him and pat him off to sleep again before he woke up completely. Quite amazing really as sounded very sore.

I read another blog earlier tonight that mentioned my blog briefly. Well, didn't say gaijinwife but considering was about a woman married to a Japanese man who had fight this morning as husband, who went to toilet five times, wouldn't keep eye on kids while wife made intricate Japanese lunch box.... one can only presume was me :)

Was a real eye opener in that made me realise that everyone else who reads my blog must think am complaining silly woman, married to silly Japanese husband. And well, I guess I am, but for the record...

I do complain.
I can be silly.
Quite frequently infact.
I am married.
Husband is Japanese.
He can be silly too.
Quite frequently infact.

But, I do love thy husband - and not because I feel I should under the eyes of god. Am not religious - and if was would have to spend half life in confession confessing my bloody sins and bad thoughts - which would be hard in Kunimi as no church. Granny K's brother is priest though so maybe he would do - but then wouldn't be able to confess much.

Husband is generally, most of the time, a very good hub and father. Shou and Marina think he is great and for the most part I do too. He does however, drive me to insanity - but that again is in part due to my personality as well. Short tempered and ready to voice opinion at drop of hat - before even had good amount of time to think about whether is good opinion or not.

Granny K is someone I would rather not be living with - not because she is Granny K but because I don't like the whole sharing our married house with another adult - especially a woman who only wants the best for her son. She does however look after the kids a lot and doesn't dish out vitamin pills, sports drinks, nail clippers and lighters on a daily basis.

I started blogging initially so that friends and family could keep up with our goings on - my friends and family have all met hub and know what he is like, and therefore to take a lot of what I write with a grain of salt.

I have decided though to write one positive thing per blog - about hub, and if having good day about Granny K too. (bloody hell)


Hub - ate all his lunch box for dinner - despite fact was meant for lunch and had been sitting on bench all day. Good man. He also played with Shou all afternoon - as in took him away from the house.

Realized have just written things a normal man would be expected to do anyway. hmmm, hub gave me random hugs through out the day. Nope, that should be expected too. He bought me big bunch of flowers. Ok, so that's a lie. clutching at straws here.

Granny K - has been very nice to me all day - but probably cause thinks, after this mornings antics, that I was close to signing THE papers.

Off for bath and early night to reflect on nice life.



Lulu said...

I am sure I read somewhere that saying nice things about people is good for the soul :-) hehe

I forgot to say earlier this morning (because I am your stalker and all and have ready all of today`s posts already) that your bento looked fantastic. I would of loved to eat it for dinner. He is a very lucky man!!!

I hope Shou`s head is ok after his fall!

Brenda said...

Complete hogwash!! I've been following your blog for quite a while, since I found out we were moving to Japan last year. I love it! You always make me laugh, though sometimes I'm not quite sure what you're talking about (domes?). I've never thought for one second that you didn't love your husband or that he wasn't a decent guy. He sounds like nearly every husband I know, of any nationality! I, for one would be very hard pressed to write one good thing about mine everyday! If he ever took our 3 y.o. away from the house all day, all on his own, I'd probably drop dead from the shock! Keep doing what you're doing!

Sara said...

I for one don't think that you are a complainer at all!! I feel the same when I write in my blog negative things... but honestly theres so much that goes on in our lives and with our realtionships with those we love and hate and feel neutral about that no one should really should be able to judge us from what we write.

I honestly live your posts and the humor and honesty that they portray!! I have lots more opinions but I'll save that for another time!!

Have a good night!

gaijin wife said...

Thank you!!

Said blog in question was just voicing opinion and not bashing me at all - just stating very big difference between her life and mine. Which is all good, as does make you stand back and reflect.

domes- those metal things on baby clothes that snap together ?? Am wondering what non-New Zealanders call them.

must admit, blog full of New Zealand English - and Irish sometimes as Irish friend has some fantastic sayings.

Shou hasn't woken up after fall - shit, maybe should check is still breathing.

hub very lucky man - big busty gaijin that gives out far too much, bears him beautiful children and cooks him fabulous looking bentos.

Orchid64 said...

I never thought you were silly or a complainer, just that your life seemed to really suck on occasion. ;-)

Thanks for commenting on my blog and for putting the record straight. You're a real "roll with the punches" kind of person (which is very rare in the blogosphere).

And thank you for clarifying that I was in no way "bashing" you (or anyone). If anything, I was saying that you're taking on a much harder and more challenging situation than the likes of me!

The Sushi Trio said...

You live with your mother-in-law? Complain away! That should put you in candidacy for sainthood.

Ruth said...

To be honest if you didn't complain in your blog there'd be no point in reading it! Its the complaints that are the funniest.

thefukases said...

You meen I don't need to inform the authorities of possible mass murder/ obaachan falling in a rice paddy in kunimi? Just kidding. I like your style and often wonder if you talk the way you write and if so how do Japanese people take it? I find sarcasm/ black humour goes over really flat here but maybe I'm just not very good at it.

Oh and we call domes poppers. I thought you were using the Japanese dome/ tome- stop. It's English? Is it dome that rhymes with gnome?

gaijin wife said...

Yes, as in rhymes with gnome. Poppers? Makes a lot more sense than domes.

I probably talk about half complainy as I write - if that makes sense. I am pretty straight up - which I think is one of the reasons Granny K and I can co-exist. I tell her like it is and don't take much crap. She puts up with it most of the time and just thinks all foreigners are rude ;)

rachel said...

I'm a fellow kiwi and I love reading your NZ English and of course I totally get it. Also love your style. You crack me up and can totally relate to your point of view re. MIL and complaining, although my situation differs greatly. Keep it up matey.