Monday, 1 September 2008

Diet Blog

Just quickly - as my whole Gaijin Wife Getts Skinny regime involves trying to get to bed by half ten (have approximately two and a half minutes).

I have decided to blog about my diet - more for me really. It's almost like pretending that someone is watching you. You know, so you don't sit round the house all day picking your nose and walking round in the scodiest of scode trackies or PJ bottoms. Although I do do that.

I have a brand spanking new Food and Fitness Journal too with lots of exciting sections and lists and graphs. I can feel the weight falling off me already. If only it were that easy.

This morning I decided to mow the lawns - with our weed eater as don't own a lawn mower yet. I spent forty minutes trimming the grass and still only managed to get half done - not because of huge expanse of lawn but because was very pendantic about trying to get backyard to resemble grass on golf course green. When I asked hub to show me how the weed eater worked quickly before he left for work this morning Granny K made quite loud comments about how she didn't think was good idea - as wouldn't be able to do it??!! Like she knows anything about cutting the lawn. She wasn't complaing last year when I slash and burned the knee high weeds in the vege patch with the weed eater. She didn't want the lawn in the first place - definately has no say in who or how the grass gets cut. Bloody weed eat her.

Made very good effort for dinner - low cal dishes that I had visions hub, shou and I would all eat together (although Shou's included a few meatballs and some snoopy rice sprinkles) in tune of happy families. That was until I got home from picking Shou up and hub said he had to go to fire brigade meeting - which I did actually have computed in the back of my mind somewhere. So Shou and I ate together and he didn't appear to be having too much of a traumatic time and in fact,in between jumping off his stool a few times, racing his fire engine off the table, and trying to climb up into Marina's highchair (with her still in it), I did manage to shovel all of it in.

I spoke to kindy head today. I blogged ages back about wanting to donate something to the kindy. My first choice was paying to get some concrete put down at the gateway. It is all dirt at the moment and in the rainy season, or any time it rains for that matter, there are huge puddles of water that the teachers try to make better by putting stepping stones through. Really is a messy expereince and fixing it is something we would all benefit from. Anyway, three months later and kindy man says I can go ahead with it. Am going to ring the company that did our garden and driveway tomorrow to get quote.

Well, off to bed.



Lulu said...

Off to check out your diet blog!

I am dieting too although I fell off the wagon for about 3 weeks up until a week or so ago- back on track now.

I am doing weight watchers.

How big is your backyard? Would be interesting to see the half done job...kind of like giving the grass a funky haircut!

That is a really nice idea you are doing for the kindy- very Japanese that it took 3 months for them to say "ok" hehe

gaijin wife said...

I always fall off the bloody wagon so am determined not to this time - although I do see myself sneaking a glass of wine here and there :) I did weight watchers for a few months at uni and got very into the point scheme. You need the weekly weigh ins and meetings to keep you motivated.