Saturday, 13 September 2008

Date Night

Back from date night - watching TV, eating dried squid, drinking beer...

Started day with hub doing loads of outdoor stuff - mowing lawns, cleaning 'ohaka' - grave, cutting grass in Granny K's vege patch...

Shou was at kindy and Marina was mainly sleeping - while I tried to sort out tickets home. I have double booked - bad bad bad I know. The agent I want to go with is a small company and tickets are about four hundred dollars more than big company - who might have more pull in getting last ticket confirmed - both companies have hub's return ticket to NZ on a waiting list. What to do...

Anyway, went to pick Shou up at four so had good hour before dinner and bath to tire him out. We all went for a nature walk - search for crabs and turtles. Shou with daddy and a bucket and tongs and me with Marina and some mozzie spray. Found one crab - but only because Shou will only take the red ones hostage.

This afternoon a man started weed eating the next door neighbours vege patch - with grass, stones and shit, flying onto our lawn and into the side of the house. I probably would have thought the guy was a dickhead but wouldn't have said anything to him directly. Hub surprised me totally by asking him if he was going to sweep our yard or not!!??? They did.

But.. Granny K pulled the big 'I didn't raise my son to complain about that kind of shit' card. Hub stood his ground. So did Granny K. I tried not to laugh. So by the beginning of date night hub was so in need of an 'on tap' beer that I just had to smirk behind own hand.

We started our 'victor victor kids to bed early charlie charlie' at about half six. The TV got turned off, the lights dimmed... Shou decides to reinact bob the buider. Excellent.

Marina was past it though and so she still went to bed at seven. Got Shou upstairs at ten past and a few random songs latter he was alseep too. Miracles of miracles.

So, from half seven to nine we had our date night. The kids didn't wake up at all. Maki even got to talk bollocks about gaijin wife to the owner of the okonomiyaki place. We were the only people there and the owner woman is the queen of Kunimi gossip. I think hub was releived to be able to voice gaijin wife opinions to third party - he confessed he didnt have a male friend he could talk to - unlike me, who rants on to solar panal man's wife, friend in Tokyo, friend in Ireland, anyone that will listen, types it on blog....

Between the three of us we came to the conclusion that I am indeed not Japanese. Christ, didn't that take the best part of an hour. Hub tired to score points by saying I didn't even cook him three square meals a day ... aha



fourty two year old man can make his own toast. If he wants rice, soup, fish , and salad then hell, he can pay me or he can make his own. Same feelings for Shou. Two year old doesn't need a cooked breakfast in my book. Vegemite on toast and a yoghurt is fine.

Lunch - I would like to be able to do this but the mornings are hectic. I admit that Hub does the five am shift fifty percent of the time - but as soon as I get up at about six with Marina he goes back to bed - thinking it is my turn. What he doesn't get is that I have TWO kids to watch not just the one. Anything he does that is outside the Japanese man norm he expects mega mega brownie points for - sometimes I just forget. Because hey, daddy putting his kids in the bath, giving them breakfast ... is soooooooooo good for a man. If Granny K, the okonomiyaki lady, and hub, think that then I should expect a hell of a lot more praise for the money I bring in with English classes. As it is I get zip. We had this conversation earlier tonight.

But don't worry.

We had a bath and made up.

He annoys me senseless. and vice versa

Better than not talking at all.



Lulu said...

Oh god I don`t cook breakfast for Shun- It is never going to happen and he knows it. I will do him toast and make coffee if he is lucky and that is usually only if I am making some for myself at the same time.

Glad date night had a happy ending!

thefukases said...

Oh am I the only gaijin wife who went mad as a newly wed and did the full Japanese breakfast?? It's a bowl of cereal these days, though. ;)

illahee said...

amen! and hey, you live with his mother, you deserve big pats on the back for that!!

when we first moved in together, i was 'between jobs' for the first six months or so, so i made him breakfast, bento and dinner. that all changed after i started working eikaiwa. our hours were practically opposite! no way i was cooking all his meals, too. to this day, he prepares his own breaky and bento.