Monday, 29 September 2008

Daddy's Boy

Would you believe Shou let Daddy put him to sleep tonight. Am liking that very very much. There wasn't even much struggling.

Took Shou to kindy this morning - we walked on NEW CONCRETE!!! very nice walkability (??) It rained all day so got to see when picked him up how much water would run off and collect. There is still a little bit of a puddle but can step around - as opposed to putting on thigh high fishing wellies and having to wade through. When I have paid the check I will light a candle for Great Granny B in thanks. She doesn't need to know about huuuha of process. One day I will get to her headstone so can tell tales in person. Might take four hours and a bottle of wine but is very nice spot where she is - at bottom of South Island of New Zealand.

After Marina's pretend morning nap, where she just sat in cot and clapped hands for hour, we went to friend's house two towns over. She has daughter called Luna who is 14 months old. Haven't seen her for ages but is OK as kind of friend can talk crap bollocks to no matter how long time has lapsed between visits. Marina and Luna had fun making mess of lunch but then happily watched each other play and then watched bit of kiddie TV while mummies talked men, lies and pachinko. I have recruited another person to report back to me should they discover hub counting silver balls.

Was wondering if possible to by spy like GPS gadget so can plant in hub's K-truck somehwere. My mobile phone has GPS but hub's isn't quite up to speed. Maybe should conveniently drop in toilet so have excuse to purchase new one.

Forgot to mention that on Saturday, during crab hunting, Shou picked mummy some flowers - red ones called 'ohiganbana'. Bana is form of Hana which means flower. Ohigan is time of year when summer turns to autumn and we pray for ancestors for some reason - maybe to remind them to start hunting their vests out of the closet for colder climate. Is not a 'pretty' flower but is hmmmmm, 'artistic' perhaps. I commented to hub how nice was that Shou picked me flowers, and he had to rain on my parade by saying that were deadly. What the..... Apparantely the roots, if consumed in large quantities can kill you - this is of course facts according to hub, so entirely possible that actually nicest flower known to mankind. On the off chance hub is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I wonder how I should go about preparing and cooking ohiganbana roots in order to be able to put them to good use - of course, these days, granny K is not the only contender.

Ooooh, on way to friends house this morning I was behind a vestling driver - know because vestlings have to put vestling maple leaf magnetic sticker thing on car to show over seventy years old. This particular vestling was driving at fifty. In a fifty zone!! I mean come on. Up the speed vesty, I've got me some gossiping to do. Not three seconds after this thought and we go past a policeman waiting on side of road. Praise the vestling. Saved me another two points off my nice gold licence.

Right, I should probably get back to work - I actually do have some you know! Wee pamphlet from university - alumni association rant.

Nighty night


AND... will take moment to thank everyone that makes comments - I do read them you know. Just am crap at commenting back. If any family happen to be reading (very unlikely) then please comment something - can be something completely off the wall like 'hey kate, glad to see you guys all ok. Thousands of miles away back in New Zealand we are all OK too.'


kasandora said...

Sorry I have not been commenting as of late....I read every day though, sometimes check it twice to see if you have randomly updated...Way to go on the concrete!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy-chan. Have not been sure how to post comments from way down here in NZ. Will call soon. Miss you more. Ang

illahee said...

funny about the higanbana (called spider lily or hurricane lily in the US), i told yoshi the other day i planted one last year and it didn't bloom. he then tells me the bulb is poisonous. i was ticked 'cause i wanted sympathy about my flower so i snapped, 'well, i wasn't planning on digging it up and eating it!' men!