Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cute Boobies

Had three English classes as usual today. In my first year primary school kids class we were doing flash cards with 'It's cute' 'It's sour' 'It's fun' etc. I then got them to draw a picture for each thing. One of the girls said she was going to draw a picture of Katy sensei's boobies for 'It's cute'. I asked why and she said that they were cute because they were so soft and bouncy. :) I am sure in thirty years she will realise that soft and bouncy after two children is really old and saggy but I still got a laugh.

Shou, would you believe, didn't wake up ALL NIGHT - until half five that is. But who cares getting up at half five when you have had a normal night sleep. May the good times role on.

This morning Marina and I went visiting - on a whim. Bad whim because nobody was home. Solar Panel man's wife and son were on route to doctors because son had runny nose!! I am not quite that bad yet. Other person went to try and scab cup of coffee and rant out of was also out so had to take Marina past daddy's office for some oohs and aaahs from his collegues. Last time we went in, about two months ago, Marina wouldn't go to daddy at all but today she had her arms out, her bald head a bobbing and her mouth a smiling so wide it just about cracked her face in two.

I think daddy was stoked.

I popped into the library, which is attached to the town office, and asked them if they accepted boxes of used books in good condition. They do. So, I am going to order some very very basic basic ABC books off amazon, take the tags off and give them as 'used books'. Will be using last of money I had aside for donating to Kindy - but because the whole concrete thing is such a huuha am not going to try and do anything else for them, and thinking that saying I want to donate brand spanking new books to the library (for no apparant reason) will cause more hassle than its worth again. I will coincide it with Marina's first birthday and just say she got sent loads of books from family and friends and we doubled up on just a few...

The concrete is meant to be starting tomorrow - but only if the weather is nice. Don't not what happened to typhoon number 13 which was meant to be hitting us straight on at approximately 9:04 this evening. Japanese timing must be out for once because there is no wind and not a drop of rain.

At this very second hub is lying in front of TV ranting on (blah blah bloody blah) about how he has a drinking thing next Monday but he has turned it down - isn't he a good husband for turning it down?? I said, why do you need to go fricken bowling and drinking in a town forty minutes away on a Monday night?? Ok, so the next day is a public holiday. This has lead to discussion about how during the next work transfer he will probably be made a kakaricho - age wise and that. and that he will become more busy - which has in turn lead to me saying I can handle being busy and late home for legitimate reasons - but not just because you can't sort your shite out enough during the day and have to finish it at night, or that you can't feel you can leave before the younger people in your office just because you are a kakaricho - supervisor. I know the whole Japanese way thing works but hell if I am going to put up with it. What is the point in arguing about something that may or may not happen next April. If it does, and I go mental because hub is never home then we will talk about things again. Damned If I am going to spend more time with Granny K than my own husband.

He also pulled out of nowhere the comment

'and if we got divorced I wouldn't let you take Shou and Marina to New Zealand'

So now I am also extremely mad.

But not so mad can't type.

Why do stupid converstions turn into massive arguments?

It also took hub almost forty minutes to get Shou to sleep tonight - woe is me. I was teaching English the whole time but he still expects some kind of grattitude -which I did give despite not a word 'otsukare' for English.

Am going to sign off now before steam starts coming out of the computer as well. Absolutely no making up tonight.



thefukases said...

Wow, did you keep the cute boobies picture? I would have had it framed!!

I teach one evening a week from home and DH is *supposed* to be home in time. It starts at 8 so it's not a huge ask, right? Well for the last month I have done it without him (and with the support of the Wiggles-thank you DVDs!) I threatened to leave him for a wiggle if he doesn't make it home tonight so we'll see. :(

gaijin wife said...

NO! Not a wiggle. Things will never be that bad. Bob the Builder maybe. My English classes are 8 - 9 too. Getting Shou to sleep is the problem - because I always have last minute preparation to do. If I was more organized... sigh.