Friday, 5 September 2008

Boy Band

The next Smap / Arashi ... ???

This is a prezzie that Marina got when she was born - because all new born babies need an electric anpanman piano. I stashed it away until today because I thought it would just get trashed by Shou but low and behold, we have a musical talent. He sat quite unlike a two and a half year old boy for almost an hour THRASHING out tunes. I fear that a few keys are feeling a bit worse for wear now!! I got the chopsticks out and drummed the table and the tamberine. We had quite a session!!

Hub had a business trip to Fukuoka - three hours away by car. He was going with his boss which of course meant he had to drive the whole way - but got free meals! He has just worked in the door - with some beers as was such long day. What do you do when hub walks in the door and you have had a not too frantic day - but mad few hours with kids dinner, bath and bed and hub wants to have beer together? and you are on a diet?? bloody hell. Thats what it boils down to. Have the beer, toast the husband and get back on the good diet wagon tomorrow.

In other news - met with the concrete man this morning. Turns out he doesn't think I am a complete retard. Thank god. Only need one of those in Kunimi. Got the headmaster of the primary school and head of kindy in on the chin wag so he could confirm that was all A.O.K and that the kindy and primary school could get their say in. They are both getting quite into it and actually surprised they didn't suggest a few park benches and tables with umbrellas.

I better get to my diet blog - only to report that have lost 800 grams in one week and only just staying on wagon by skin of teeth. all though that may even be questionable!!


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illahee said...

i don't know about you, but i usually let my DH have more than half the beer. that's because i was contained by pregnancy or breastfeeding, but hey, at least i wasn't drinking all the beer. and the occasional beer is good for you!