Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bloody Japan

Rang concrete man this morning - to appologise and tell was all back on again. He didn't seem too keen to get involved with it all now though - and maybe he will have time today or friday to come and measure area needing to be concreted. God I swear, if I had any more grandmothers who were going to pass away and leave me money, I WOULD NOT try and donate any of it to a crap Japanese institution. Hub agrees - any future monetary windfalls should be spent on second hand motorbike for him.

After dropping Shou off at kindy, I was walking out gate and got accosted by two exchange students who were staying at temple about five kms from our house. Actually not accosted - they were just smiling and wondering what to say really. They are I think from the university I used to work at and are probaby doing a week or two homestay at the temple. The temple owner wife lady is a bit of a gaijin and English lover and has exchange students regularly. Now I have never meet this woman formally but have had the misfortune of running into her a few times.

I smiled at the two girls - said hello in Japanese and kept going. The temple lady looked shocked and disgusted and 'told' me to talk to them. I said sorry but had to get home cause Granny K looking after Marina but has potery class on Wednesdays so leaves house at half eight and I have just spent fifteen minutes ranting to kindy teacher about concrete scenario and Mr. Re-tard from the primary school. Temple lady 'tells' me to tell the girls that in English. (nanka eigo de itteyo - say something in English to them) She didn't even say good morning to me. I, being the polite, alround friendly person that I am, spat in her face and told her to fuck right off.

God if only I had the balls to pull that off.

Of course I turned round and explained to the two girls that had baby at home that I needed to get back to. They probably think I left Marina by herself but nevermind.

The two girls probably know after a couple of days with this woman that she is lacking in people skills - almost to point of non existance. I am now wondering how woman knows I was going to be there - or if running into the only English speaking foreigner in town was just pure luck. Kindy is so not on the shopping route though. Only other option is they had a show and tell the foreign exchange students visit at the primary school - in which case I hope temple woman got chance to interact with the retard.

This kind of blatant - use the foreinger for her English really pisses me off and I haven't had to deal with it for a long time. Had she rung me and asked if she could bring the two students round to meet me I would have been more than happy - but being jumped on like that.

Had wee teary moment to self on bikeride home...

Bloody Japan, sob sob
hate being only white foreigner, sniff sniff
fuck them all, hiccup hiccup (sorry - not worrying about adding the &%#$ to swear words anymore. what is point when can tell f&%$ was meant to be fuck anyway - although do feel bit bad writing whole actual word out.)

Got home all pissed off and had to have bad piece of evil white toast with vegemite to sooth self - that and big bitch on phone to friend in Tokyo. Thankyou friend!! Ringing home never really quite cuts the mustard as nobody can relate. Friend in Tokyo knows everyone am talking about and speaks Japanese - so don't have to do head in trying to think of silly English words for words that are easier said in Japanese.

I am now going to have an extremely hot bath so can sweat off the one beer have just had - not good for third day of gaijin wife gets skinny regime.


Oh shit, nearlly forgot two most importantest pieces of news in Aramaki house.




gotta celebrate.



kasandora said...

awww! I have those moments all the time! If you want to vent sometimes, I would definitely be a listening ear (and maybe a talking mouth as well). Hope you are having a better day today!

tj-injapan said...

I hope today is better for you.

yay for shou and his unchi! And a crawling Marina - it all comes around so quick, doesn't it.
I was thinking maybe you should dangle a carrot (or even ball or toy) in front of Marina (you know, attached to her head like in the cartoons) so that she can think she is chasing that around the house all day - saves you having to pick up and move the ball she is crawling towards all day, haha. And it would be a great home video.

illahee said...

oh man, my neighbor is like that. i seriously think she means to have me (and my kids) teach her and her daughter english just by hanging out with us. she's nice enough but hey? wanna ask if we want to teach you english or not??

Lulu said...

Oh! I had lots of bloody Japan days! Now I have "OH I MISS JAPAN" days a lot though... so I guess I can`t win!

Congrats to Shou & his poo and to Marina too for crawling! She will keep you on your toes a lot more now I am sure! hehe!

I won`t even teach my fiance English- and probably wouldn`t to anyone unless they were paying me! I guess I am a terrible person! hehe! Even though I worked in an international school I never thought of it as teaching English although I suppose the private lessons I did definitely were. I often pretended I didn`t speak English when I went into shops and people try to speak to me in really crap English. It just drove me insane. I just want to buy my iceblock and get out of the conbini thank you very much!