Sunday, 28 September 2008

Birthdays and Bentos

Got pic yesterday of concrete at kindy.

I think we will be able to walk on it from tomorrow. Am not going to contact concrete man and will just wait until he brings invoice to me.

Today was the annual duathlon held in Kunimi - that hub had to work at - like most of the town office people. Because the National Japan Games started yesterday in Oita the duathlon has been linked in with them and therefore Mejiron (Games Mascott) was making an appearance.

Shou was in Mejiron heaven. Although he did happen to run gumbootless (horrors of horrors) into the office where Mejiron was 'having a break'. Mejiron was lying sidewase on the floor - with no legs. Shou tried to wake him up and get him to come back out and play. Pity the Mejiron man (an unfortunate Mr. Yamashita) was standing outside having a fag and a coffee. Pretty fed up that, at forty, he was being made to wear an oversized sporty lime costume. Understandable. Mejiron is still the next superman in Shou's eyes. And seeing him a hollowed out shell with no legs has not lessened his reality. The whole Santa thing might be a goer - may still believe in him when eighteen in fact. Or the tooth fairy - trying to pull out his adult teeth so he can have some extra cash - hopefully not for pachinko!

After coming back from meet Mejiron outing got lunch ready and fed both kiddly winks an early lunch. Then got our outing stuff sorted and piled Shou and Marina into car at half twelve. Shou was asleep before we hit the tunnel - a km long tunnel that goes between Kunimi and the next town. Marina, who had only woken up from morning nap at eleven, was in fine form. Got to friends house just before two for her third daughter Erica's first birthday party. Erica has been walking for months already and was practically running round house when arrived - in a beautiful pink party dress. We were first ones to arrive, but within twenty minutes the house had been taken over by babies, toddlers and big kids.

Half foreign kids were in the majority and it was nice to meet some kindred spirits - ie; other foreigners married to Japanese people with beautiful half children. I had only planned to stay for an hour but one thing led to another, and we ended up staying for two. That and of course the big fat scones with jam and cream that blocked the door - meaning had to eat enough for passage through. Very very yum Rachel. Am going to dust the Edmonds Cookbook off tomorrow. Rachel also made very very tasty cake - a blue number one. Is from birthday cookbook that I also own. Looked at making it for Shou's first birthday but flagged it in favor of simple round chocolate cake with smarties on top. I took pic but am crap photographer so will try and remember to put link to Rachel's site as am sure she will have lots of party pics up. Although they were having an adults BBQ after the party so perhaps she wont be posting pics until tomorrow! As it is, the five pics I took were all rubbish and the only one in focus is this one of Marina and Erica, the birthday girl. They were sitting back to back for quite a while - quite happy just playing and leaning on each other. Of course I fucked the timing up and this is just as Erica is getting ready to stand up. Marina about to slowly slide backwards - wondering where the wall went.

Left birthday party at four. Takes over an hour to get home. Marina fell asleep and was still asleep forty minutes later when stopped at 'obento' (lunch box - packed dinner) type place to buy ready made dinner. Left her in car like bad mother. Usually this place is very prompt but today - due to National Canoe Races being held near by they had order for fifty fuckin lunche boxes. Shou and I waited for twenty minutes - checked on Marina four times. The Last time she was nutting out. Shou then decided to rolly polly all over the floor of the small shop -nice. well-behaved foreign kid.

Armed with dinner we set off for half hour drive home, during which time Shou took his own seat belt off five times - every time I had to stop the car and bribe him into his seat and do it back up. Marina not going back to sleep. In fact very hungry and probably with huge crap in nappy. Shou again takes his belt off. Mum pulls over and seriously, have never yelled so loud in life... 'get back in your bloody seat or the boogy man is coming to eat you' (very tame version of what actually said :( )

Had almost lost voice by time got home. If you feel the need to ring Social Welfare to report crap parenting tell them to ring 0800gaijinwife.

But, when got home the bath was run, the kids dinner plates and tables and high chairs rah rah were ready. Daddy was ready for battle too. Guess hub is looking for brownie points. He has also suggested taking a day off (fuck, the sky might start falling down) to go the movies - but only if I felt OK about leaving Marina with Granny K for the day. Hmmmmmm.

Marina went to bed on time and Shou did too I guess but I fell asleep with him. I am now downstairs alone watching scary Japanaese movie - the kind they do best.

Anyway, must be off



Sheri said...

What is it with Japan and mascots anyway?! Don't you find they have some of the weirdest looking things? What the hell are all of the those things from Chocolanta anyway? (Have you seen it yet?)
By the way, I love your blog!

kuri & ping said...

It was really great meeting you in person today too! Thanks for the great convo and laughs. It made my day! Had a good trip back home, but DD has been acting up since then and has been awake 3 times since she was put to bed at 7PM (It's now 12:30AM). Going to be a looooonnnnggggg night. Am going to send Rachel the link to where I live too so if you fancy a visit, let me know! I think I'm right off the expressway, but have no clue since I am license-less. Have to rectify that problem soon. Will be reading faithfully!

illahee said...

damn my PIL! yet another reason to resent their constant meddling!!

Anonymous said...

haha What is the name of that cute tall green-standing fella

Lulu said...

OMG, it cracked me up about Shou and the legless mejiron!

I am so jealous that you all got to meet up- Can you all move to Chiba/Tokyo???

Sounds like a lovely day, I follow Rachel`s blog too.

Did you all meet through AFWJ?

Ruth said...

Shou looks so cute beside Mejiron. He has so much hair now!! I nearly burst out laughing at him trying to wake Mejiron (maybe it was the fact that Mejiron was out having a fag at the time, that did it!)

thefukases said...

I'm jealous and moving to Kyushu too. DH's terrified of typhoons so may just be me but :)

Shou's an escapee, too? I turned up at docs for cough medicine for M, they lifted her shirt and she had two red stripes on her chest. Doc and nurse exchange THOSE glances. I had tightened her 5 point harness up to max as she spent every car ride wiggling out. Took a bit of explaining!