Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another Day

Had three english classes today - as per usual Thursday. I was quite on to it and had them all mostly prepared by lunch time.

Shou started and ended his day with poos on the tatami - thanks for that darling. First poo pants experience. I was all set to trash the pants but hub washed them both times - still trying to redeem himself perhaps!! He has also pulled out the - want to go out for dinner on Saturday night card. All fun and games but Granny K has to agree to keep an ear out for the kiddly winks. Can only go after they are both crashed out. No problem for Marina who will be crashed out about seven and a half minutes after being put to bed at seven - during which time she will have sunk back a bottle of milk. Shou is a bit less predictable. I may have to pick him up from kindy at about four so I can bring him back here and tie him to the tredmil (if we had one) for an hour or so to wear him out!

Tomorrow is my weigh in day for diet - but have been / and am in process of being / complete crap. I would be extremely surprised if I even managed to maintain weight after this weeks efforts. If we do end up going out on Saturday night it will probably be Okonomiyaki and beer - for lack of little french places in Kunimi!

Am off to lose two hundred grams in a very hot bath. Down the plug hole with the rest of the water.


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