Monday, 8 September 2008

10 yen

Am leaving this until I am very very sleepy again. Although is only a bit before 10pm. Last night was another hellish night and I hate how I get at three in the morning on no sleep. Are there any mothers who night after night can play the 'but sweetie there are no ghosts, now lets cuddle up and go to sleep'?? Just canne not do it captain.

Finished mowing the lawns this morning with the weed eater. A lot better effort than last time and only one bald spot - from when got sense someone was watching me and when looked up the man from across the road was looking at me through the hedge. Got all off balance and weed eater ended up throwing up a bit of dirt.

A friend in New Zealand had a baby girl this morning - congratulations!! I took Marina and we went on outing to bank and post office etc - to send wee prezzie to friend. Yet again at the post office I got gimp woman who had no idea how to send a package internationally. God, I almost jumped over the counter and punched the Oceania key in for her. Bloody town, full of bloody retards.

Anyway, the post office rings here at about five - asking if I remember exactly how much change I got. I said no - as had Marina on hip trying to pull zipper of purse off with teeth, hence why just threw change into purse without counting out. They ring back an hour later saying that their tills were ten yen out and could I perhaps have been shortchanged by ten yen?? I said, sorry, have no idea if actually got 310 yen or 320 yen. Ten minutes later and they ring back - must be me as they have rung all the other customers and they all absolutely say they got exact change or didn't get change. Post Office chick is going to drive here and give me the ten yen that just must be mine. I said please don't worry about it.

Ten minutes later and I have ten yen in an envelope and a free role of glad wrap and some wet tissues. What a huuha. Hub was bit dissappointed as he had his ugly boxer pajamas on as thought would be one of the ten old men that work at the post office! Told him he had used up his quote of pretty young women and the last one he was gunna get he was looking at - if not a bit disguised by a body pulled and stretched by two breastfed children.

I am taking Marina to the skin doctor tomorrow morning. She has a funny thing on the back of her neck - that she has had I think since she was born - well at least I can't remember a time when it wasn't there. I wasn't too worried about it but it has gotten a wee bit bigger lately. Can't hurt getting it checked out. Tomorrow afternoon I have primary school English. Joy. Have prepared nothing. Actually is never that bad once I get there.

Oooh - concrete man came back with a quote. They are doing it very cheaply so will have money left over to buy some exciting things like books and toys.

I am going to have to go to bed. Can hardly keep eyes open.



Lulu said...

OMG- Your post office people are crazy! I think all foreigners have had crazy post office experiences in Japan at one stage or another but this is one of the weirdest. (they wouldn`t deliver my mail to Shun`s parents place to me at one stage- until his mum rang them and told them I did in fact live there)

10yen...seriously?! That is ridiculous! What happens if they give too much change to someone one day and the tils are out? crazy.

How is the toilet training going?

I have a couple questions for you about the kind of work you do from home (translation etc)- do you mind if I email you? Anyway I will send you a message on facebook at some point.

Hope the check-up at the doctors tomorrow goes well and that it turns out to be nothing to worry about. Perhaps it is a birth mark. Shun has a strange birthmark near his eye that is like a black mark that looks like a scar....he says it has been there forever so I am guessing it is a birth mark?!

Hope S & M both sleep well through the night!

illahee said...

ten yen. i am slowly dying over here. *sigh*

marianne said...

10 yen...Love it!Only in inaka,eh!

gaijin wife said...

Lulu - do hardly no translations at moment but welcome to ask away on facebook. Marina's check didn' go aheady - she slept in till half seven. She usually gets up at six and I would have been able to get out the door by half seven - to get to doctors by half eight.