Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Procrastinating AGAIN

When there is work to be done...

I get excited when get translation work but then half way through I get the - I know will get it finished on time anyway so why rush it. Will just check my gmail... and maybe my hotmail... and maybe the fifty MIJ (married in Japan) emails that arrived in inbox today, and then maybe a sodoku or a bath or a chuhai - or all three at once.

So here we are ... procrastinating again.

Marina and I had very quiet day - well, actually no. Take that back. Was quiet in that Marina didn't leave the house. She wasn't free to crawl all over the place - as had turned front tatami room into chinese laundry. Now smells like fabric softener and am almost tempted to sleep there as think would dream about nice fluffy towels and the likes. Has been raining three days solid - and looks like more rain tomorrow and for rest of week - thanks typhoon number 15. The badest bits will miss us though.

Solar Panel Man's wife and son came round for catch up. Has been a couple of weeks. Tyson, her two in April son, starts kindy tomorrow. The kindy (not the one Shou goes to) is attached to a temple and at nine every morning the kiddies have to kneel and pray to buddah or whatever it is you do at a temple. She was also in the post office last week and the head of the kindy came in, pushed in front of her while she had a scratchy son on hip, and told post office inbred (sorry, but they really are crap) to send his winnings to usuall account - plonking three grand on counter. She isn't too happy that son going to kindy with gambling man in charge. But then I aren't too happy am married to gambling man - but who is by no means in charge.

Concrete man came round this arvo

for bit of romp in hay.

really am joking.

came round to give me concrete invoice. Had gone to bank in morning in preparation so paid him on spot - a hundred dollars too much it turns out! He arrived back three hours later appologising for not realising when gave him dosh - but then I had done the big bank teller count and hadn't realised either. He gave money to admin lady at their office and she realised. All good. Now have money to pay for date on Friday.

Hub and I are going to pachinko for day so can see what all the fuss is about. Not. we are going to new angelina jolley movie - in Japanese is called 'wanted' but think has different name in English. Has morgan freeman too. appologies for no capital letters there angelina and morgan. Too lazy to go back and fix up. Granny K is looking after Marina for the day. The only thing am really worried about is that she will put her to sleep in the tatami room or on her bed and then go and do something. Do something as in go and snip some eggplants or collect chestnuts. She doesn't really like the stairs and offered to bring Marina's portacot downstairs but Granny K is on the short end of vestling height scale and can't reach in properly to lay her down in it.

Tomorrow Marina has her OPV - oral polio vaccination. In Japan there is hype that you shouldn't get vaccinations four weeks before receiving an anaesthetic. Her operation is on October 28th and her vacciantion is the 1st. I rang her hospital just to check and they said they couldn't say 'yes, it was OK to give vaccination'. But, as only one day out it was my decision. As chances of feeling crap after OPV are very slim and she has more chance of getting a temperature for unrelated purposes the day before her operation, we are doing the vaccination. My town would like her to have the vaccination before we get on plane to New Zealand. I tried to reassure them that chances of getting disease on plane trip or while in NZ about as remote as me losing five kilos this week. But, they voiced concerns to hub and so he thinks best to just get done. So away we will go tomorrow - to town two towns over.

joy of joys.

Also asked hospital - while had nurse on phone - took an hour to get someone from right department. Had to keep ringing back which was very frustrating as very hard to prounounce urinary tract department name in Japanese 'hinyokika'. Stumble over it every time. - so, shit what did I ask them...

Is it true that babies under one year get their own room (please please please please). No, you will almost definately be in a room with at least two other babies and mothers. Rightio. Fuck it. Two weeks and I may be so hummed up on lack of sleep that I can't keep fingers still enough to blog from my phone.

Anyway, best maybe perhaps get around to doing some work - or at least getting one of the five Engish lessons sorted out.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Daddy's Boy

Would you believe Shou let Daddy put him to sleep tonight. Am liking that very very much. There wasn't even much struggling.

Took Shou to kindy this morning - we walked on NEW CONCRETE!!! very nice walkability (??) It rained all day so got to see when picked him up how much water would run off and collect. There is still a little bit of a puddle but can step around - as opposed to putting on thigh high fishing wellies and having to wade through. When I have paid the check I will light a candle for Great Granny B in thanks. She doesn't need to know about huuuha of process. One day I will get to her headstone so can tell tales in person. Might take four hours and a bottle of wine but is very nice spot where she is - at bottom of South Island of New Zealand.

After Marina's pretend morning nap, where she just sat in cot and clapped hands for hour, we went to friend's house two towns over. She has daughter called Luna who is 14 months old. Haven't seen her for ages but is OK as kind of friend can talk crap bollocks to no matter how long time has lapsed between visits. Marina and Luna had fun making mess of lunch but then happily watched each other play and then watched bit of kiddie TV while mummies talked men, lies and pachinko. I have recruited another person to report back to me should they discover hub counting silver balls.

Was wondering if possible to by spy like GPS gadget so can plant in hub's K-truck somehwere. My mobile phone has GPS but hub's isn't quite up to speed. Maybe should conveniently drop in toilet so have excuse to purchase new one.

Forgot to mention that on Saturday, during crab hunting, Shou picked mummy some flowers - red ones called 'ohiganbana'. Bana is form of Hana which means flower. Ohigan is time of year when summer turns to autumn and we pray for ancestors for some reason - maybe to remind them to start hunting their vests out of the closet for colder climate. Is not a 'pretty' flower but is hmmmmm, 'artistic' perhaps. I commented to hub how nice was that Shou picked me flowers, and he had to rain on my parade by saying that were deadly. What the..... Apparantely the roots, if consumed in large quantities can kill you - this is of course facts according to hub, so entirely possible that actually nicest flower known to mankind. On the off chance hub is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I wonder how I should go about preparing and cooking ohiganbana roots in order to be able to put them to good use - of course, these days, granny K is not the only contender.

Ooooh, on way to friends house this morning I was behind a vestling driver - know because vestlings have to put vestling maple leaf magnetic sticker thing on car to show over seventy years old. This particular vestling was driving at fifty. In a fifty zone!! I mean come on. Up the speed vesty, I've got me some gossiping to do. Not three seconds after this thought and we go past a policeman waiting on side of road. Praise the vestling. Saved me another two points off my nice gold licence.

Right, I should probably get back to work - I actually do have some you know! Wee pamphlet from university - alumni association rant.

Nighty night


AND... will take moment to thank everyone that makes comments - I do read them you know. Just am crap at commenting back. If any family happen to be reading (very unlikely) then please comment something - can be something completely off the wall like 'hey kate, glad to see you guys all ok. Thousands of miles away back in New Zealand we are all OK too.'

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Birthdays and Bentos

Got pic yesterday of concrete at kindy.

I think we will be able to walk on it from tomorrow. Am not going to contact concrete man and will just wait until he brings invoice to me.

Today was the annual duathlon held in Kunimi - that hub had to work at - like most of the town office people. Because the National Japan Games started yesterday in Oita the duathlon has been linked in with them and therefore Mejiron (Games Mascott) was making an appearance.

Shou was in Mejiron heaven. Although he did happen to run gumbootless (horrors of horrors) into the office where Mejiron was 'having a break'. Mejiron was lying sidewase on the floor - with no legs. Shou tried to wake him up and get him to come back out and play. Pity the Mejiron man (an unfortunate Mr. Yamashita) was standing outside having a fag and a coffee. Pretty fed up that, at forty, he was being made to wear an oversized sporty lime costume. Understandable. Mejiron is still the next superman in Shou's eyes. And seeing him a hollowed out shell with no legs has not lessened his reality. The whole Santa thing might be a goer - may still believe in him when eighteen in fact. Or the tooth fairy - trying to pull out his adult teeth so he can have some extra cash - hopefully not for pachinko!

After coming back from meet Mejiron outing got lunch ready and fed both kiddly winks an early lunch. Then got our outing stuff sorted and piled Shou and Marina into car at half twelve. Shou was asleep before we hit the tunnel - a km long tunnel that goes between Kunimi and the next town. Marina, who had only woken up from morning nap at eleven, was in fine form. Got to friends house just before two for her third daughter Erica's first birthday party. Erica has been walking for months already and was practically running round house when arrived - in a beautiful pink party dress. We were first ones to arrive, but within twenty minutes the house had been taken over by babies, toddlers and big kids.

Half foreign kids were in the majority and it was nice to meet some kindred spirits - ie; other foreigners married to Japanese people with beautiful half children. I had only planned to stay for an hour but one thing led to another, and we ended up staying for two. That and of course the big fat scones with jam and cream that blocked the door - meaning had to eat enough for passage through. Very very yum Rachel. Am going to dust the Edmonds Cookbook off tomorrow. Rachel also made very very tasty cake - a blue number one. Is from birthday cookbook that I also own. Looked at making it for Shou's first birthday but flagged it in favor of simple round chocolate cake with smarties on top. I took pic but am crap photographer so will try and remember to put link to Rachel's site as am sure she will have lots of party pics up. Although they were having an adults BBQ after the party so perhaps she wont be posting pics until tomorrow! As it is, the five pics I took were all rubbish and the only one in focus is this one of Marina and Erica, the birthday girl. They were sitting back to back for quite a while - quite happy just playing and leaning on each other. Of course I fucked the timing up and this is just as Erica is getting ready to stand up. Marina about to slowly slide backwards - wondering where the wall went.

Left birthday party at four. Takes over an hour to get home. Marina fell asleep and was still asleep forty minutes later when stopped at 'obento' (lunch box - packed dinner) type place to buy ready made dinner. Left her in car like bad mother. Usually this place is very prompt but today - due to National Canoe Races being held near by they had order for fifty fuckin lunche boxes. Shou and I waited for twenty minutes - checked on Marina four times. The Last time she was nutting out. Shou then decided to rolly polly all over the floor of the small shop -nice. well-behaved foreign kid.

Armed with dinner we set off for half hour drive home, during which time Shou took his own seat belt off five times - every time I had to stop the car and bribe him into his seat and do it back up. Marina not going back to sleep. In fact very hungry and probably with huge crap in nappy. Shou again takes his belt off. Mum pulls over and seriously, have never yelled so loud in life... 'get back in your bloody seat or the boogy man is coming to eat you' (very tame version of what actually said :( )

Had almost lost voice by time got home. If you feel the need to ring Social Welfare to report crap parenting tell them to ring 0800gaijinwife.

But, when got home the bath was run, the kids dinner plates and tables and high chairs rah rah were ready. Daddy was ready for battle too. Guess hub is looking for brownie points. He has also suggested taking a day off (fuck, the sky might start falling down) to go the movies - but only if I felt OK about leaving Marina with Granny K for the day. Hmmmmmm.

Marina went to bed on time and Shou did too I guess but I fell asleep with him. I am now downstairs alone watching scary Japanaese movie - the kind they do best.

Anyway, must be off


Friday, 26 September 2008

Nancy Drew II

Before I go into Nancy Drew rant part II just need to say that concrete is finished!! Nobody rang me but I saw as such when I went to pick Shou up from Kindy - looks good and I will take a picture tomorrow. It lashed rain during the night though so I fear how good and solid the ground actually was when the concrete went down but no point worrying about that now. Maybe nobody will ring me when it comes time to pay!!

Yesterday, thursday, is my busiest day of the week. English classes are usually from three to five and then one from eight to nine. From this week though the afternoon classes are from three thirty to five thirty. I wouldn't have thought that thirty minutes would make such a difference but holy shit. The whole 'wa' of the evening routine goes to shite. Pick Shou up from kindy at five forty - he has been waiting just him and his teacher for twenty minutes. Just about has meltdown when sees me - thinking that wasn't coming ever ever ever to pick him up. Get home just before six and Marina, who Granny K has been looking after since half three, is so hungry she is just about munching out on vestling apron. Feed Marina and then deal with Shou, who has been Ok so far - probably because kindy teachers gave him chocolate at five pm (it was left over from afternoon tea had packed for concrete blokes) - but who is getting increasingly peckish. Give him his tea - all the time Marina is losing it. Granny K doesn't stick round for the feeding routine so it is just me (woe is me). Marina has nearly rubbed her eyes off her head she is so tired.

Shou finishes his dinner and I somehow manage to convince him a bath is a good idea. He gets the one minute hose and clean and plonked in tub, followed by me and Marina. Ten minutes later Granny K gets Marina out, closely followed by Shou and I. Fix milk and put Marina to bed - out in approximately three and half seconds.

Shou is very tired and about to max out when hub walks in at seven. He does indeed lose it and for a spectacular six minutes does the perfect two year old tantrum. Hub has the cheek to tell him to be quiet - instead of trying to difuse situation, which I do agree is pretty pointless when in full tanty mode but still. Shou finally calms down and can get him into PJs - during which time I have had to go into hallway to hide for two seconds and take five very big breaths.

I say am just popping out - hub obviously doesn't hear me. I usually hide down end of hallway on English nights - where the other computer and printer are - so he probably just thinks am there. I go to store for chuhai to have when finished English - for hub as well of course.

On way back from store I pull over on side of road cause have noticed hub has his backpack in truck (I go in his truck cause parked in front of my car) and his casual shoes. I go through backpack - like any woman would. His casual wear shorts and t-shirt. Hmmmmmmm. Had I had my CSI pack or at least swiss army knife and ducktape I would have been able to perform propper investiagtion but as is, my sniffing skills will have to suffice. Smoke....

I don't think hub is smoking - I would be able to smell on breath. But smelly clothes mean probably vist to silver ball heaven - pachinko. I got told he had business trip in the city. He mailed at five to say he just had to pop into the head office and would be home at seven. I am starting to doubt he even went to work at all.

I don't bring it up before English class - wouldn't be fair on self or students to be in foul mood for class. After class I get in the bath - still don't say anything. When I get out ALL of the English class juice glasses and things have been washed and put away. Sure sign that hub is as guilty as sin.

Casually ask why he needed change of clothes....

Me: So, what did you need change of clothes for at tax centre in city?
Hub: I always take a change of clothes to work with me.
Me: No you don't. What a silly thing to try and get past me.
Hub: I thought I might need them on way home in case had volleyball competition (I kid you not folks - this is what he really said. I realise he is under pressure but could he not be an even half decent lier. What an embarrasement)
Me: So you actualy thought you might have to play volleyball on the way home tonight.
Hub: Yes, well maybe.
Me: They smell like smoke
Hub: Wonder why.
Me: So you actually were on a business trip today and not at silver ball heaven?
Hub: NO - and I am sick of you accusing me (starts into a gyakugire - Japan even has its own word for it. When somebody who is getting told off then turns into the one doing the telling off.)
Hub: OK, so I go to pachinko everday, I cheat and I use all our money.
Me: start crying (I know, pathetic)
Me: I won't take jokes about you cheating. Ever. (throw tea towel in his face and storm out.)

Hub goes up stairs to bed. I turn on CSI and start taking notes about how to scalp someone.

Ten minutes later hub comes down stairs.
Hub: I only went for an hour.
Me: Me and Granny K had a hell of an evening. What makes you think you should be the only one that gets 'me' time - and lies about it and then tells me off for asking?

appologies, appologies rah rah.

De ja vu.

I wasn't going to blog about it - as not as if packing in bags for a few hundred silver balls but fuck it makes my blood boil. Have told him next time this happens he is setting up a room for crap husbands in the shed. Word better not get out or half the husbands in Kunimi might be coming to stay.

So, he is officially in the dog box. Yesterday - when he was having a go at me about having a go at him (before he came clean) he said he had to work late tonight and would be home at eight. Granny K was lurking in hall and said that she was going on vestling excursion so might be help to me if he was on time (she heard the whole argument - but unfortunately not the bit after he came down later and confessed).

He was home at five thirty nine today.

I think might have to have chat with Granny K. Or would that be bad idea? I know something similar to this was start to meltdown in previous marriage. I want her to know that I'm not a complaining nagging bitch for no reason all the time.

So, the plan for now....

Tansfer a hundred dollars from hub's account into my account in the caymens every time I suspect he is at pachinko and not where he says he is. Keep him on his toes - as it is he thinks I might not bring kids home after our NZ trip - I told him if he kept this kind of shit up he could guarnantee I wouldn't be flying back at the end of January.

He actually cried.

And the oscar goes to.....

the slimy little fucker with a silver ball stuck up his a##

Have just read this back and am not actually as hateful as I sound. I know I have right to be but I aren't. Silly man. Shame on him. Slap on wrist.

At least have now blog logged it so can go back and see when things started the downhill slide - if it ever comes to that ; )

Slimy little fucker has just gone to bed.

Might get a cup of tea and read some more book.

hub has work ALL WEEKEND - but legitimate. Town hosting Duathlon on Sunday and all day saturday is spent getting things set up and Sunday is the actual day. I know as have both helped and participated in this. I wonder if he will go the the drinking thing that will no doubt happen on Sunday night. If he knows what's good for him...

nighty night campers. Hope you all appreciate your honest men.


Too Early

Not too early to be starting the day but probably a bit too early to be online. Is only ten past six and have already had a near drowning and medium sized spider experience.

Marina grizzled at half five so I too her some water. Ten seconds later and she starts screaming - the kind of screaming when something is very wrong. I run into her room and she is spluttering and coughing. Poor wee thing. She quite often pushes the teat of the bottle in with her fingers. It usually doesn't come off but no doubt I hadn't stuck it in quite hard enough. She got flood of water (about 40 ml)on her face. Happy as Larry now though, and thank God wasn't milk so can just hang bed stuff out instead of washing.

Saw medium sized spider (size of Marina's hand) in tatami room. If it is up high and the kids aren't around I will usually get hub to deal to it but it was on the floor - very accessable to Marina. Had to take action with tissu box. Little sucker curled up into dead-spider ball.

And the Oscar goes to...

The sneaky little bugger.

Shou came in to carry out dead spider inspection. Just as he was crouching down to take better look it spreads its legs back out and walks away - Shou didn't even flinch. He just picked up tissue box and tried to whack sucker again. Not quite he reflexes and coordination that mummy has though so mummy had to deal to it again. It has since 'been disposed of'.

Shou is now watching some Thomas and Marina is trying to stand up holding on to the table. I am supposed to be getting shit sorted - Marina and I going to city today to travel agents to pay deposit and talk about travel insurance. Don't need to go in person but we need an outing. Also meeting friend for lunch. Is mean to be raining which not too happy about. Lashed rain in middle of night - thunder and lightening.

Murphey's Law - the day they start the concrete (yesterday) it it lashes rain - meaning all their patting down of the dirt in preparation to lay concrete today will have to be re-done as now all wet and squishy. I did the good thing and took tea and coffee and snacks in morning - left them there all day and picked up when got Shou from Kindy. Asked why they were starting when probably going to rain and it seems that they just want to get it done - crossed off their list of silly woman chores. Doesn't matter if concrete goes down on wet soil and probably starts cracking in a year - actually have no idea about concrete but no when they did out driveway we had to have a whole week of nice weather.

Ah well. Silly fuckers. They can just sort it themselves. Hub told me didn't need to worry about morning tea rah rah - but if I didn't do it you can be sure that someone would say I should have. It's a no-win situation.

Right is nearly half six - I beter get shit sorted. Is two hour trip to city - have to leave when take Shou to kindy as Granny K has an early start too. She has a vestling excursion. Oooh, the excitement. Bus load of vestlings, driven by a vestling, heading to city for night of sex drugs and rock and roll.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Day - by Shou

Mummy is too busy to blog today - she is watching four hour special of 'za gyoten news' - a great Japanese program about human interest stories like really fat people getting skinny and women slicing their mothers in law up and chucking them out in fifty different rubbish bins around the city - shite, thats a bit close to home. Hope didn't watch that one. I kind of like Granny K.

I am upstairs in bed - under the covers typing with a torch. Lightening McQueen looks a bit scary with a torch shined up his bumper. Marina had a bit of a whinge before. silly girl. Give her another twenty years and she'll be just like mummy. I mean I love mummy, she pushed my big head out a hole the size of a.... hmmm... well, it was small. But sometimes she just wont let me do my stuff. nag nag nag nag nag. Why can't I wear my gummies inside? They aren't dirty. And they look quite cool with my pajamas.

Speaking of looking cool - I had on the coolest t-shirt I own this morning. I was trying to look extra cool for Ami-chan. She's my woman at kindy - only she doesn't know it yet. She's a year older than me so I don't get much of a look in but a guy can live in hope can't he? Anyway, had on very cool digger t-shirt and mum physically forced me out of it - saying something about how it was smelly cause had slept in it all night. God, twelve hours? Mum, and she is really good at this, somehow managed to sidetrack me with my gumboots while she put me into a red t-shirt with a fricken giraffe on the front. A giraffe folks. How the f&%$ am I meant to pull Ami-chan in a giraffe t-shirt. I didn't realise I had such a gay t-shirt on until I was in the car and shackled into my car seat.

Got to kindy and got sidetracked by telling teacher how cool my gumboots were - again. She heard the ramble on Monday too but sometimes you need to tell women important things more than once or they forget. Ami-chan didn't play with me ALL day. All the boys in the panda and rabbit classes think she is a bit of all right. Bet she's just stringing us along. I hope this kind of shite gets easier as I get older. Everyday I go to kindy and struggle, struggle with the decision between playing with blocks or flexing my runty abs in front of Ami-chan. You know, and the blocks. Well, they are red and blue and yellow and green and in this big blox in the cupboard. And I can make airplanes and cool stuff like that. I'm only two. I can't help having the attention span of a goldfish. The blocks win each time.

I should probably go to bed. It's ten o'clock - I should be in Ami-chan dream heaven.



Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Officially Autumn

Today is officially Autumn - and a public holiday to celebrate. The maple leaves don't seem to be any redder than yesterday and it was 30 degrees so lucky I hadn't substituted all the kids summer clothers for Autumn ones - a la Granny K style.

Another five thirty am start but both the kids slept through the night so wasn't too bad. We were out the house by eight thirty anyway - on the way to agriculture park an hour away. We went there for Shou's kindy picnic but was lashing rain so not much fun. And has lots of great outside play areas so were waiting for good opportunity. Hub of course was meant to be weed eating the mountains!

The park is huge - as in five kms if you walk round the whole lake. We haven't done the big family park trip before so courageously thought we could do it - with Marina in a pushchair and Shou walking, on shoulders whatever. And a bento (packed lunch) half way round.


The park used to be way cool and all areas were landscaped rah rah. We headed for the animal kingdom, thinking the sheep and goats, pigs and rabbits would be fun for Shou. We didn't take a park map - as was hub and my first date spot so we thought we could wing it again. But no, obviously no weed eating going on there. Got lost twice. And, in between getting a bit of sunstroke, Marina losing it and Shou wanting to ride the slide ten thousand times mummy started to max out. Hub has specifically asked that I relate this to you all tonight - just so he isn't always deemed the Joker and me Batman. Which I guess would make Shou Robin and Marina??? - Whats the butlers name? And I wonder what that would make Granny K? Surely not the Cat Woman? I can't really, and don't want to, imagine her (but shit I just have) in a black cat suit and cat ears. Christ, what an uncalled for tangent. Appologies.

So, mummy did spectacular meltdown that almost involved leaving Marina in thatched basket to float down river and locking Shou and daddy to the vending machine.

Five minutes later we came across a park train thing / carriage thing / big tactor with wagon with seats thing - god, whatever. It was an oasis in a desert, a two year old that listens, a swiss bank account, a house that doesn't come with a mother in law....

It was a bloody godsend.

And we rode it - twice, to get back to the main building. Shou and daddy then went for icecream while Marina and I went back to car to change her nappy and get her sorted with some milk. As I was driving the car from the carpark to the front entrance the petrol light came on. So I turned off the cooler and opened the windows - thinking if we ran out of gas half a mile from a gas station because I had the cooler on the whole time I would be completely bummed.

The park is in the middle of nowhere so running out of gas in mountains is absolutely not a complete longshot. Luckily we coasted into the nearest (thirty kms away) gas station OK and filled up to the max.

Five minutes later and we are in the mountains on the way back to Kunimi and I catch Hub going in neutral down big hill. I was taught that coasting down hill in neutral is not very safe as engine breaks don't work or whatever. I expressed as much to hub who said he was trying to save petrol.

If a male is reading this, can you please explain the logic behind this?? I turned off the cooler cause we were scraping the petrol barrel but whats with coasting in neutral to save gas on a full tank?? I told him I thought it wasn't safe - he agreed. So I asked if he could refrain while me and kids in car - but coast away down very large hills to hearts content if Granny K in car. God, what a pay out.

We made it home safe and sound and tried to put kids to sleep. A no goer. Hub was asleep in about forty five seconds but me and kids were back up and downstairs playing see how far you can get inside in your gumboots before mummy charges you like a bull. Great game. This morning Shou sat by front door in new gumboots, car t-shirt and a whistle and thermos round neck for half an hour wanting to hurry the preparations along for the trip to the park. Very cool you understand. Loves those gummies.

This pic was taken yesterday - but same gummies. And sorry, cause looks like complete dork with nappy bulge and hawaiian shirt - which by the way, Shhhhhh, don't tell Shou, is not shirt with fireworks on it but instead Pineapples.

When hub decided to grace us with his presence Marina was asleep finally and Shou and I were just coming back from a crab hunt. Hub took Shou off to slide and supermarket for 'okazu' - dishes to go with rice so mummy didn't have to cook. He came back with huge bag full complaning that Shou stuck finger in every one of the ten different croquettes - so Hub had to buy them all - cause lots of people looking and couldn't just turn them over and put them back!!

Just to say we have lots leftover for tomorrow!!

We are watching strange Japanese drama.

need to concentrate


Oooh, Before forget

I love hub because: hmmmm, he drove us all the way to the agriculture park and back without complaining - and I got to sleep for about half an hour on the way home. He also bought beer at the supermarket - and washed dishes without looking at me for some praise like a puppy wanting a goodie treat.

I can co-exist with Granny K becuase: she looked after Shou and Marina on and off today - two minutes there, five minutes here. Marina is however now sporting a bit of a bruised right cheek from face planting something vestling-ish in Granny K's room. I don't think it's ruined her chances for hosting project runway - series twenty five though.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Must Sleep

Hasn't been an over tiring day but am knackered. Must have been all the elbow greese put into scraping and rubbing poo off tatami. Not the best surface for crapping on - as hopefully Shou has now remembered.

Had to take Granny K to hospital after dropping spudling off at kindy. She has high blood pressure. The doctor asked her to bring some of her everyday miso soup in so could test to see if too spicey or whatever - and hence reason behind high blood pressure. Was fine though. Is probably cause living with foreign daughter in law. Lord knows she makes mine boil so must be vice versa.

Hub was meant to be at drinking thing tonight. His office out bowling and getting pissed for no apparent reason other than going to be busy next couple of weeks - so lets get lashed and start busy time off hungover. Huurah. I wouldn't mind leaving sprogs and going bowling and out for dinner on a Monday night. Fair play to him though he hasn't harped on about how sorry I should feel for him for having to turn it down.

Was on Monday night because tomorrow is a public holiday - is officially the first day of Autumn. Not quite sure exactly what time autumn starts tomorrow. Maybe about lunch time?? five in the morning seems to early for autumn to be rolling in. Have been encouraged by Granny K to get out the Autumn clothes for the kids. What autumn clothes?? Do you mean they can't just wear their summer ones to the ground and throw a jersey over the top - maybe some long johns under their shorts??

Weeding extraveganza that got postponed due to sideways crazy rain on Sunday - and that was reason behind halfwit naming - has been moved until tomorrow. Hub not going. Had already promised Shou would take him to cool park an hour away. Has been on cards for ages but always seems to be raining. Invited Granny K in crazy relapse of kindness but she declined - has to help out at the temple next door. The start of autumn also brings with it a wave of praying at temples. For what? She will probably make the gross mochi rice ball things covered in anko - sweet bean vomit barf paste. Would rather eat something made in China.

Got some translation work in today - yay of yays. Has been a while so quite excited. Is a pamphlet for university used to work at. Will no doubt keep me off the Kunimi streets and out of trouble for the weekend - although hub has work BOTH days so will have to be the nights. It is the annual Kunimi Duathlon this weekend and his office is in charge of it - they spend Saturday putting up bike racks and the like and Sunday directing athletes and taking times etc. Is last year is happening. Thank god.

Typhoon number 14 is on its way though so if the gods are smiling it will arrive this weekend and Duathlon will get cancelled. Although if is bad typhoon hub will be called out to sandbag houses and well, wear a helmet and wet weather gear and look important. Try at least.

Off to bed.


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Eye Opener

My last post for the day, I promise.

Am sitting here sipping a beverage and watching great Japanese variety comedy TV at its best. Do love it. Hub has made appologies throughout the day - must have been thrown by my impulsive 'you might be without your silly nagging wife if you keep this shite up' comment - made this morning.

Shou and Marina were both asleep by ten past seven - although heared big crash from Shou's room half an hour later. He had been sleeping on pile of pillows and rolled off and no doubt landed with his big head first on the floor. Managed to get to him and pat him off to sleep again before he woke up completely. Quite amazing really as sounded very sore.

I read another blog earlier tonight that mentioned my blog briefly. Well, didn't say gaijinwife but considering was about a woman married to a Japanese man who had fight this morning as husband, who went to toilet five times, wouldn't keep eye on kids while wife made intricate Japanese lunch box.... one can only presume was me :)

Was a real eye opener in that made me realise that everyone else who reads my blog must think am complaining silly woman, married to silly Japanese husband. And well, I guess I am, but for the record...

I do complain.
I can be silly.
Quite frequently infact.
I am married.
Husband is Japanese.
He can be silly too.
Quite frequently infact.

But, I do love thy husband - and not because I feel I should under the eyes of god. Am not religious - and if was would have to spend half life in confession confessing my bloody sins and bad thoughts - which would be hard in Kunimi as no church. Granny K's brother is priest though so maybe he would do - but then wouldn't be able to confess much.

Husband is generally, most of the time, a very good hub and father. Shou and Marina think he is great and for the most part I do too. He does however, drive me to insanity - but that again is in part due to my personality as well. Short tempered and ready to voice opinion at drop of hat - before even had good amount of time to think about whether is good opinion or not.

Granny K is someone I would rather not be living with - not because she is Granny K but because I don't like the whole sharing our married house with another adult - especially a woman who only wants the best for her son. She does however look after the kids a lot and doesn't dish out vitamin pills, sports drinks, nail clippers and lighters on a daily basis.

I started blogging initially so that friends and family could keep up with our goings on - my friends and family have all met hub and know what he is like, and therefore to take a lot of what I write with a grain of salt.

I have decided though to write one positive thing per blog - about hub, and if having good day about Granny K too. (bloody hell)


Hub - ate all his lunch box for dinner - despite fact was meant for lunch and had been sitting on bench all day. Good man. He also played with Shou all afternoon - as in took him away from the house.

Realized have just written things a normal man would be expected to do anyway. hmmm, hub gave me random hugs through out the day. Nope, that should be expected too. He bought me big bunch of flowers. Ok, so that's a lie. clutching at straws here.

Granny K - has been very nice to me all day - but probably cause thinks, after this mornings antics, that I was close to signing THE papers.

Off for bath and early night to reflect on nice life.


Nap time

To update on last 'halfwit' post. The three kids are all upstairs for nap time. Shou and Marina are both fighting it though so don't think will last much longer.

We decided to go on an outing this morning - to the shoe store to get Shou some new shoes and gumboots. 16cm already. Ended up with some very cool navy osh kosh gummies with stars on them - unisex friendly so that Marina doesn't have to wear ones with big beetles on them. Also got pair of very two-year old friendly shoes that just slip into. Hub thinks they are bit gay but I think very styley. What would he know anyway - have caught him with socks on with his sandels.

After the shoe store poppoed into home centre to get hub some towelette hankie things. Japanese men seem to carry hankies or facecloth type things every day (yet another reason why taking fashion advice from one is bad idea) - and hub's have slowly been dissappearing into the black that is the Aramaki household hole. Got him three more, in very manly black and biege.

After the supermarket we decided to brave a family lunch - the first time ever. It actually wasn't a complete embarrassment like I thought it would be and between them Shou and Marina polished off the whole okosama (kiddies) lunch.

Marina starting to nut out now and Shou complaining that one of his cars has lost a tyre. Men and there cars...



This will be long - very long. (say like James Bond)

I am on my second cup of coffee and have Macey sounds on - I've committed murder and I think I've got away... Very appropriate music for eight o'clock on a Sunday morning!

I have, I believe, married a complete fricken halfwit. Is official. Man is so aggrivating and had to use all my resolve to not throw his thermos of wheat tea out the the sliding doors.

Today hub was meant to be

Oops - interlude

Hub and Shou back from crab hunting - have just given crabs some bread. Still think is very cool that they eat it using their claws like hands. Hub has also come over and given me hug and appologised - officially turning him from a halfwit to just a tokidoki (sometimes) twat.

But, to backtrack as to why was halfwit in first place...

Today hub was meant to be weed eating the mountains with local group - one person from each house has to go or, if they can't go, pay fifty dollars. This particular weed eating extraveganza takes place once a year. It is about ten minutes up in the mountains so most people take a packed lunch with them. Hub asked me yesterday if I would make him a lunch for today. I said yes but in return - because he would need to be out of the house by seven forty this morning, could he please get up a bit earlier (when me and the kids do) so that he could keep an eye on one or both of them while I made his lunch. Am not talking about slapping a bit of bread with peanut butter. No, no, no. The art of Japanese lunch box making - something I have yet to master but something I do at least attempt when have to.

Shou and I get up at ten to six and Marina joins us half an hour later. Ten minutes after that Hub comes down. Shou and Marina both have their breakfast and I am feeding Marina hers while Shou races his police car in between his bits of toast. I have made egg roll for hub's lunch and have at least figured out what else will go in it - so just need to sort out and arrange nicely in lunch box.

Hub goes straight to toilet which is all good - can't start nagging him because of morning bowel movement. Following toilet he goes to check on the weed eater - just in case it had weed eated itself out of the truck over night. He then comes back inside and goes to toilet again - still can't nag as not his fault he has weak pelvic floor muscles (do blokes even have a pelvic floor!!) He then gets dressed - still, no nagging as can't exactly go to weed eating extraveganza in pajamas. He then goes to toilet again. Am starting to think he is using laxitives as diet regime. Shoun and Marina are doing fine but the clock is a ticking and I start getting a little bit scratchy. Hub then spends ten minutes deciding on appropriate towel to hang round neck while weed eating. Marina has finished her breakfast so I plonk her on floor. She starts to cry and so I ask Hub to check her nappy while I start his lunch.

He changes her nappy - but for some reason changing her nappy doesn't include doing her domes back up so she starts crawling round and doing a few face plants on floor as she crawles over her un-domed stretch and grow. Nevermind, her nose was too 'high' anyway.

Hub then goes to the toilet again - with the newspaper.

All Hell Breaks Loose.

Here I am, trying to get Shou to eat his breakfast, while chasing Marina and doing up a dome at a time, all while trying to intricately arrange baby hamburgers and fish croquettes into hub's lunch box. Shou is also sauntering round house just in his undies and Lightening McQueen flip flops. I very loudly tell Shou that he can't go crab hunting until he has eaten his breakfast AND HIS FATHER has put some clothes on him as MUMMY IS VERY BUSY MAKING DADDY'S LUNCH.

He finally gets out and christ, let the nagging begin. Hub calls to Granny K to look after Marina while he goes and puts on a different t-shirt. Granny K comes out - looking a bit worried as I have been conversing QUITE LOUDLY for past five minutes. Granny K holds Marina, Shou continues to saunter round in undies and jandles and I tell husband, as I now try to fit egg roll in between hamburger and buttered salmon that I wouldn't be ranting if he could just look after a child for two fricken seconds while I finish his lunch.

rant rant

rant rant

Granny K looking worried.

I throw in 'did she know that HER SON actually goes to pachinko when he says he is working overtime??' A low blow I know but it just bubbled up and exploded out of my mouth before could stop it. She looks more worried as first marriage had issues with pachinko.

Hub declares that he is no longer going to the weed eating. That I am crap nagging wife and he no longer 'feels his heart would be in the weed eating if he went'. Granny K looks shocked - you can't not go. The vestling community is counting on you - my super hero. But no, hub has made up his mind. I tell him to piss off anyway. Piss off is an English word in our house - hub understands it very well. He also knows that the next level up from piss off is 'just fuck right off' - and that wife was very nearly at that level.

He takes Shou and goes crab hunting. Granny K continues to hold Marina because probably doesn't think good idea to release granddaughter while mother is in such state.

Wife puts the finishing touches on the lunch, wraps it up and leaves a not beside it on the counter

'here is your dinner darling'

Bloody egg roll wouldn't fit with the salmon so had to put salmon in with rice.

It has just started lashing rain - as in crazy sideways Japanese rain. Trucks going past house in quick succession - everyone going home from the mountain ween eating!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

passports finally

Had a bit of co-sleeping going on last night. Shou coming into our bed and keeping me holding on to the side of the bed so I didn't get kicked off. Queen size bed not big enough for two adults and a toddler who likes sleeping sideways. Marina, Shou and I were up and eating breakfast by ten past six.

The concrete has been put off due to non existant typhoon that was supposedly coming through our way. It would appear, that had I not phoned the concrete man myself, I would not have been informed of such important information and probably would have turned up at concrete laying site today with tea and cookies for morning tea. As it happens, the muffin things I bought yesterday won't be good for giving them next friday - which means they will have to be consumed by persons in this house, namely hub, who is munching one right now and me - who had one for afternoon tea so holding back.

My friend in NZ who is doing diet too rang today and we both had crap week - hers better than mine though as she stayed same where as I put on - due to scary big spider experience that meant had to consume ten cakes, twelve pies, and eight beers in a row to slow my heart down and decrease my blood pressure - all from fright of course. The critter hasn't returned so maybe it really did go out the door like it was told last night. What a good little Japanese woman spider it was. Had it been mammoth foreign woman spider it would have told hub to fuck right off. This was her house god damn it and no way was she being told to head quietly out the front door. And for good measure she would take her thousand children with her where ever she pleased and hub couldn't stop her.

To compensate for lack of spider in house the insect community must have decided needed some kind of presence at least - so this morning when I came down stairs I found a frog and a grasshopper type thing in the kitchen - I kid you not. But christ, after seeing spider size of small pacific island the night before the frog and grasshoper were a welcome change. Infact - Shou had a nature class right there in the kitchen.

Hub just realised he was on recharging the fire truck's pump duty. He has forgotten. This is first time I have heard of such duties so not entirely convinced isn't his victor victor charlie charlie for half an hour at pachinko. Regardless - if there is a fire in our local area tonight the fire truck wont be a pumping. Won't be the only thing not a pumping. After the scary spider incident I let hub take advantage of me and now I am standing my gaijin wife ground. No more giving out to the man who tells me he will 'never let me take the kids to NZ if we get divorced' - until at least Sunday night.

I still have bit of steam coming out right ear after that comment. I heard that in Japan it is now necessary to produce a letter from the father of your children if you are taking them out of the country on your own - is to stop abductions and such by woman sick of putting up with twat Japanese husbands. I imagine it could be typed and just inkaned though. Hmmmm, might be good idea to have one of those set aside for rainy day.

So, before I forget, the passports. I sent application for Marina's New Zealand passport off about a month ago. I got a bit worried was taking too long and that application was in fact still somewhere in back of Kunimi post office or in the Netherlands. After checking online banking found out that NZ end had obviously received application and processed it so just waiting for it to get back here. Just got a call tonight from customs control or whatever in Tokyo - wondering why was sending passports. Told them was topclass drug dealer and Marina was my main seller. Then I said in Japanese that I was just trying to get Marina a passport so could leave country with both kids any time wanted.

Passports on there way to Kunimi as I type.

Right, maybe will have early night - but absolutely no giving out. Promise.

Oh Shit, maybe just a bit.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cute Boobies

Had three English classes as usual today. In my first year primary school kids class we were doing flash cards with 'It's cute' 'It's sour' 'It's fun' etc. I then got them to draw a picture for each thing. One of the girls said she was going to draw a picture of Katy sensei's boobies for 'It's cute'. I asked why and she said that they were cute because they were so soft and bouncy. :) I am sure in thirty years she will realise that soft and bouncy after two children is really old and saggy but I still got a laugh.

Shou, would you believe, didn't wake up ALL NIGHT - until half five that is. But who cares getting up at half five when you have had a normal night sleep. May the good times role on.

This morning Marina and I went visiting - on a whim. Bad whim because nobody was home. Solar Panel man's wife and son were on route to doctors because son had runny nose!! I am not quite that bad yet. Other person went to try and scab cup of coffee and rant out of was also out so had to take Marina past daddy's office for some oohs and aaahs from his collegues. Last time we went in, about two months ago, Marina wouldn't go to daddy at all but today she had her arms out, her bald head a bobbing and her mouth a smiling so wide it just about cracked her face in two.

I think daddy was stoked.

I popped into the library, which is attached to the town office, and asked them if they accepted boxes of used books in good condition. They do. So, I am going to order some very very basic basic ABC books off amazon, take the tags off and give them as 'used books'. Will be using last of money I had aside for donating to Kindy - but because the whole concrete thing is such a huuha am not going to try and do anything else for them, and thinking that saying I want to donate brand spanking new books to the library (for no apparant reason) will cause more hassle than its worth again. I will coincide it with Marina's first birthday and just say she got sent loads of books from family and friends and we doubled up on just a few...

The concrete is meant to be starting tomorrow - but only if the weather is nice. Don't not what happened to typhoon number 13 which was meant to be hitting us straight on at approximately 9:04 this evening. Japanese timing must be out for once because there is no wind and not a drop of rain.

At this very second hub is lying in front of TV ranting on (blah blah bloody blah) about how he has a drinking thing next Monday but he has turned it down - isn't he a good husband for turning it down?? I said, why do you need to go fricken bowling and drinking in a town forty minutes away on a Monday night?? Ok, so the next day is a public holiday. This has lead to discussion about how during the next work transfer he will probably be made a kakaricho - age wise and that. and that he will become more busy - which has in turn lead to me saying I can handle being busy and late home for legitimate reasons - but not just because you can't sort your shite out enough during the day and have to finish it at night, or that you can't feel you can leave before the younger people in your office just because you are a kakaricho - supervisor. I know the whole Japanese way thing works but hell if I am going to put up with it. What is the point in arguing about something that may or may not happen next April. If it does, and I go mental because hub is never home then we will talk about things again. Damned If I am going to spend more time with Granny K than my own husband.

He also pulled out of nowhere the comment

'and if we got divorced I wouldn't let you take Shou and Marina to New Zealand'

So now I am also extremely mad.

But not so mad can't type.

Why do stupid converstions turn into massive arguments?

It also took hub almost forty minutes to get Shou to sleep tonight - woe is me. I was teaching English the whole time but he still expects some kind of grattitude -which I did give despite not a word 'otsukare' for English.

Am going to sign off now before steam starts coming out of the computer as well. Absolutely no making up tonight.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yawning away

Didn't get around to posting yesterday cause Hub was being a twat and I decided to have an early night! Nine o'clock I went to bed - but as not used to going to bed so early couldn't get to sleep till about eleven - followed an hour later by Shou waking up, followed an hour later by Marina, followed two hours later by Shou. Mothers who have multitudes of offspring must either give out to their hudbands too much, have babies that sleep through the night, or have soundproof room for the youngest child. I am thinking I need me one of those!!! If Granny K wasn't in residence I could sound proof that room - and then I could sleep there. Bloody bliss!

Yesterday morning was spent turning the house round after three day weekend and Shou running rampage. Had a slight spaz at Granny K in the morning - what with saving myself the whole of respect for the aged day! Shou was supposed to be sitting in here having his breakfast but instead went running off to Granny K's room and ate half her breakfast and a fizzy vitamin drink. Right, now I have conversed with GK on several occassions about being the bearer of all good and fun foods. Obviously she is playing the senile card. Which is fine, cause I still haven't pulled the Gaijin Wife Ace yet. Silly cow.

Anyway, she didn't speak to me for the rest of the day - well, lets say she stayed out of my way. Very wise.

A friend came round for a cuppa in the morning and we ventured off to another place for a gossip and coffee, Marina in tow.

I don't have much recollection about the afternoon except that it involved a wee nap and making nikujaga (meat and spuds a la sweet Japanese pot style). Last night dinner time was a bit of a rant but we are over that now. I think it started with Hub saying he had work on Marina's first birthday - also the day before we go into hospital for her operation. Work which he could possibly get out of. What a complete no-brainer! If you can get out of work on your only daugher's first birthday then why even bring up the conversation of 'maybe' with your snarky pissed off foreign wife? Thought the silly bugger had learnt something by now. Obviously going to take a bit longer. May have to have another baby just to see if he has progressed!

Today was ANOTHER early start which I let hub sleep through until seven.

Oh fuck me.

Biggest spider known to man on wall over by chimney.

Interlude - four minutes later

Just got hub down to dispose of spider that must get given shit by friends for being the one that eats all the pies. Thank god I can touch type - as have to cause need to keep an eye on the walls. Hub THINKS he got it to go out the sliding door. Why??? Why bid it a goodnight out the door when you could sqush the bugger with a heavy book, encyclopedia britanica or something and be able to get a good nights sleep??

I am going to have to cut this short as am sitting her in towel thinking that upstairs is safer than in here.

Nighty night


PS - It was big. And I know it was the one that got away and I can't prove it but it was really bloody big - a good one size bigger than my hand. Infact encyclopedia britanica may not have cut the mustard.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Respect for the Aged Day

Started the day today by ringing my parents and telling them will respect them when they are more aged. Can't really do that with Granny K though as she is 72 already.

Typhoon number 13 is on its way - to arrive here on about Thursday. It has pushed some rain our way so we decided to take Shou to the fun slide and ball place at the shopping center an hour away. Invited Granny K thinking she wouldn't want to but shite, she said yes. So, Marina got packed into the very back of the car - as was nap time and Granny K babbling into her face would not a happy nappy baby make. Shou and Granny K talked nonstop for the entire hour

Shou: There's a digger.
Granny K: a digger.
Shou: It's big.
Granny K: It is indeed.
Shou: Oooh, big truck.
Granny K: Big indeed.

Comment by Shou...

Thanks for the interesting and stimulating converstaion Granny. Was quite fun having someone catering to my every whim in the back seat though. Get sick of sitting beside Marina who just eats crackers, drinks juice, sleeps or whines like a silly woman already. Ta for the apple juice too. Squeezing the pack to hard when you gave it to me was a bit silly though as got all down chin and on new car seat - and I got told off by mummy. Was so not my fault though.

Back to blog...

Got to ball park and instead of the slide and ball pit Shou conned daddy into riding on the police car ride nine times - a hundred yen a time. After you put the money it it spits out a card that you then run through the slider thing and then have a minute video game thinging and the ride sways and sirens whirl. All very exciting for a two year old. There were nine different versions - dump truck, ambulance etc etc. Shou wanted the police car. He got it on the ninth try!!

While the boys were being boys Granny K was spending up large in the hundred yen shop - on masking tape and plastic watering cans and the like. Marina and I bought her a very cute pink top (Marina, not Granny K), an emergency vehicles top for Shou - with a big fluffy police car in the center - and then went to the supermarket to get stuff for dinner - which Granny K had been invited to. Sukiyaki. Shou's first real meal with grownups at the same table. Hmmmm...

On the way home we had to drive by the drugstore so Granny K could stock up on vestling growth hormone pills or whatever it is she sucks back everyday. Got home at half twelve to feed the kiddly winks and put them down for naps. Shou and daddy went down without much trouble ;) and Marina slept for a good seventeen and a half minutes before deciding to bugger the nap, lets make mummy play with me. So, we went out to meet friends for a chocolate sundae - but don't tell my dietblog as I plan on recording it as diary products, cornflakes and a bit of cocoa, which in between every bite I did twenty sit-ups and twenty press-ups.

Sukiyaki for dinner went as well as can be expected with an already fed Marina trying to do press-ups (on my behalf I think) on the floor at my feet and Shou bleating on about everything and anything that came into his mind during the course of his sukiyaki on rice bonanza - which he did in fact eat all of. Ganny K must have decided against commenting on the veges I chose to put in and how I cut them up. She did however wonder out loud why I chose to only buy one leak for sixty yen, when I could have bought five for two hundred!! To which I chose to comment out loud that using a whole one was better than using maybe two during the week and ending up throwing three out.

Anyway, respect for the aged day is nearly over - meaning I can go back to normal self tomorrow of spiking her coffee, putting buckets full of water above her door and sand in her shoes...


Got the crab photo loaded up on yesterday's post. Is freaky. Crab is looking straight at you 'what you looking at white woman, can't a man have some privacy while he eats his bread'! For some reason, in my mind crab has turned into a homey.

Sunday, 14 September 2008


More than meets the eye...

Hub and I sitting here watching movie 'transformers'. I think it came out on the big screen a few years ago - so is very special that is on our living room screen already - in English with Japanese subtitles. I of course only have half an eye on it.

Today was pretty full on - what with Shou doing nuggies at half four and not going back to sleep. Not desirable post date night morning but what can you do. Marina was up at half five - so by about eight it felt like it should be about two in the afternoon.

Shou and daddy went crab hunting AGAIN this morning and came back with a bucketload. Hub said that I should give them some bread - so I did, and would you believe the cute little buggers eat it. I was enthralled for a good ten mintues. I have a photo of this but puter playing silly buggers and won't upload it. Will let it cool off and try again later. (a day later - finally worked)

Tomorrow is respect for the aged day in Japan - our local vestling sector celebrated today with a lunch, drinking and kareoke extraveganza at the local hall about twenty metres from our house. It was no wonder Marina and Shou wouldn't go down for their afternoon naps. In attempts to get Shou down we ended up with books and cars and a roll of toilet paper completely mulched up and strewn around our room. Kept him occupied for a good fifteen minutes or so.

After our supposed nap time hub took Shou to the park - Granny K tagged along for some reason. Maybe she wanted to clear her head after her half glass of beer at vestling luncheon. They got home and daddy decided that Shou needed a swing - from the not that big pine tree in the garden. Somehow he managed to charge the fifteen year old drill just enough to drill four holes in a bit of plank. Shou had his bob the builder hammer and was completely in his element. The swing is up - Shou won't swing on it but it still looks very Ann of Green Gables.

Kiddies both went down very easy - due to lack of nap.

And here we are - watching movies and wondering how we are going to spend tomorrow - a whole nother day trying to entertain the devil child and the princess - who is less of a princess now she is mobile. Actually I take that back, she is still a princess.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Date Night

Back from date night - watching TV, eating dried squid, drinking beer...

Started day with hub doing loads of outdoor stuff - mowing lawns, cleaning 'ohaka' - grave, cutting grass in Granny K's vege patch...

Shou was at kindy and Marina was mainly sleeping - while I tried to sort out tickets home. I have double booked - bad bad bad I know. The agent I want to go with is a small company and tickets are about four hundred dollars more than big company - who might have more pull in getting last ticket confirmed - both companies have hub's return ticket to NZ on a waiting list. What to do...

Anyway, went to pick Shou up at four so had good hour before dinner and bath to tire him out. We all went for a nature walk - search for crabs and turtles. Shou with daddy and a bucket and tongs and me with Marina and some mozzie spray. Found one crab - but only because Shou will only take the red ones hostage.

This afternoon a man started weed eating the next door neighbours vege patch - with grass, stones and shit, flying onto our lawn and into the side of the house. I probably would have thought the guy was a dickhead but wouldn't have said anything to him directly. Hub surprised me totally by asking him if he was going to sweep our yard or not!!??? They did.

But.. Granny K pulled the big 'I didn't raise my son to complain about that kind of shit' card. Hub stood his ground. So did Granny K. I tried not to laugh. So by the beginning of date night hub was so in need of an 'on tap' beer that I just had to smirk behind own hand.

We started our 'victor victor kids to bed early charlie charlie' at about half six. The TV got turned off, the lights dimmed... Shou decides to reinact bob the buider. Excellent.

Marina was past it though and so she still went to bed at seven. Got Shou upstairs at ten past and a few random songs latter he was alseep too. Miracles of miracles.

So, from half seven to nine we had our date night. The kids didn't wake up at all. Maki even got to talk bollocks about gaijin wife to the owner of the okonomiyaki place. We were the only people there and the owner woman is the queen of Kunimi gossip. I think hub was releived to be able to voice gaijin wife opinions to third party - he confessed he didnt have a male friend he could talk to - unlike me, who rants on to solar panal man's wife, friend in Tokyo, friend in Ireland, anyone that will listen, types it on blog....

Between the three of us we came to the conclusion that I am indeed not Japanese. Christ, didn't that take the best part of an hour. Hub tired to score points by saying I didn't even cook him three square meals a day ... aha



fourty two year old man can make his own toast. If he wants rice, soup, fish , and salad then hell, he can pay me or he can make his own. Same feelings for Shou. Two year old doesn't need a cooked breakfast in my book. Vegemite on toast and a yoghurt is fine.

Lunch - I would like to be able to do this but the mornings are hectic. I admit that Hub does the five am shift fifty percent of the time - but as soon as I get up at about six with Marina he goes back to bed - thinking it is my turn. What he doesn't get is that I have TWO kids to watch not just the one. Anything he does that is outside the Japanese man norm he expects mega mega brownie points for - sometimes I just forget. Because hey, daddy putting his kids in the bath, giving them breakfast ... is soooooooooo good for a man. If Granny K, the okonomiyaki lady, and hub, think that then I should expect a hell of a lot more praise for the money I bring in with English classes. As it is I get zip. We had this conversation earlier tonight.

But don't worry.

We had a bath and made up.

He annoys me senseless. and vice versa

Better than not talking at all.


Friday, 12 September 2008

Have just taken Granny K's kettle back to her. Shou came out of her room an hour ago with it. At least it was almost empty and practically cold. Shou and daddy spent a good ten minutes playing tea parties - but very manly ones of course. Lots of 'kampais' (cheers) and 'achiiii de' (hey, that's hot bro)

sorry - am getting sidetracked by program about household cleaning and stains - did you know you can use an apple to make a black burnt pot look like new again. Boil apple skins in the pot and then scrub it. Hope Granny K is watching this.

Hub had a business trip today - to Oita - a city two hours away. He came home at seven in a pretty foul mood so am presuming was actual business trip - that or he had major loss of Carribean slush fund at pachinko. I wonder if he remembers about date night tomorrow night! I also wonder if date night means he's expecting some international relations type meetings. hmmmm. In my book husbands that lie don't get invited to such meetings. Wife quite capable of handling on own. Maybe date night is his idea to liquor me up... I wonder if myself tomorrow will play along - if that makes any sense!!

Ooooh, more household tidbits - if you have a knife that is getting blunt... run it about five times through a bit of scrunched up tinfoil and wa la - samurai sword that can cut through twelve tomatoes in one go, slice through a tin can and... if you order right now... comes with a free set of steak knives.

Marina and I had NOTHING on our list for today so went to friends house in next town over. Marina was almost hypnotized by wagging stump tail of cocker spaniel Abbey - my friends dog (that we used to look after but big story behind that that involved pished husband and me taking Shou in car and running away to friends house for night) She didn't seem too plussed by being licked and jumped on.

This afternoon solar panel man's wife and son came to play. Their son is going to kindy from next month and she is feeling guilty about putting son in kindy when she isn't working or pregnant. In Kunimi you have to submit proof that you are working to be able to put your child in daycare - including, if you live with your mother in law, why she can't look after the child. Huuuha Huuuha Huuuha. If you are willing to pay the price who cares?? So anyway, solar man's mother has written false documents to say daughter in law is working at family well drilling company - well as in water not oil. God, if there was oil in Kunimi I would be sifening (have you ever spelt that word in your life??) from the main pipe baby - and no doubt using money to refil bank account being sucked by husband's gambling habbit.

I only have Shou in kindy because I had contract from university saying I was doing part time translating - which I might add has come to complete bloody standstill because new guy has entered office full time. Would love to trash him but am unable to as met him last week and he is actually very nice funny guy also from the land of the long white cloud - New Zealand.

Right - I am getting far too side tracked by TV. Will just whip on to diet blog to say that lost two hundred grams this week - absolute miracle of god as was eating, drinking hoe all week.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another Day

Had three english classes today - as per usual Thursday. I was quite on to it and had them all mostly prepared by lunch time.

Shou started and ended his day with poos on the tatami - thanks for that darling. First poo pants experience. I was all set to trash the pants but hub washed them both times - still trying to redeem himself perhaps!! He has also pulled out the - want to go out for dinner on Saturday night card. All fun and games but Granny K has to agree to keep an ear out for the kiddly winks. Can only go after they are both crashed out. No problem for Marina who will be crashed out about seven and a half minutes after being put to bed at seven - during which time she will have sunk back a bottle of milk. Shou is a bit less predictable. I may have to pick him up from kindy at about four so I can bring him back here and tie him to the tredmil (if we had one) for an hour or so to wear him out!

Tomorrow is my weigh in day for diet - but have been / and am in process of being / complete crap. I would be extremely surprised if I even managed to maintain weight after this weeks efforts. If we do end up going out on Saturday night it will probably be Okonomiyaki and beer - for lack of little french places in Kunimi!

Am off to lose two hundred grams in a very hot bath. Down the plug hole with the rest of the water.


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Nancy Drew Fired

I would make an absolutely crap detective. I just couldn't hold out. I had to say something. It was burning a hole in my throat. This is the very calm (which I think is scarier than bunny boiling sometimes) conversation that took place...

Scene - kids fed and bathed and playing with basket of clean washing on floor.

Me: So... I heard you were at Pachinko last night.
Hub: No I wasn't. Who told you that?
Me: Doesn't matter who. Why did you lie?
Hub: I didn't, I wasn't at Pachinko.
Me: Ok, Whatever...

a minute passes

Hub: So, who told you that?
Me: So you did go?
Hub: No, I had tax collection work round there so someone could have seen my car.
Me: Ok, Whatever...

a minute passes

Hub: I only went in for a minute.
Me: So you did lie. I was at home knee deep in vomit and wee and you were at Pachinko.
Hub: I was only there for about twenty minutes.
Me: That's funny, I went past at seven and your truck was there and you walked in the door at eight twenty eight.
Hub: Ok, so maybe an hour or so.
Me: Where did you get the money?
Hub: from transport fees from work (when they go away for work they get petrol money reimbursed and such - this always gets paid in the hand)
Me: I'm not going to ask how long it's been going on because I doubt you will give me a straight answer. I doubt it was a one off.


me: I really can't handle the lieing.
Hub: I'm sorry
me: did you go with XXXX from work?
Hub: (look of surprise) it was a coincidence.
me: I'm seeing his wife tomorrow. Maybe I'll mention it (bitchy I know)
Hub: Please don't get XXXX in trouble too. I promise I won't go again.
me: It's not the going so much as telling me you are working when you aren't.

So. He did try to talk his way out of it - and failed. He was definately surprised I knew - and impressed I went to the extent of piling kids in car and driving round Kunimi. He did appologise and promised to tell me next time. He has since put Shou to bed and washed all the dishes.

I am going to let it go for the moment. I grilled him about his business trip to the city on Friday - who, where, what, why, when, how. He got pissed off. I told him he had to earn his trust back. He put his tail between his legs. Woof woof.

Must admit calm conversations are better on my Japanese than full on warzone fights involving flying mobile phones.

Off for soak in bath.


PS - took Marina to doctors to get raised lump thingy on back of neck checked out. Nothing to worry about. Is an Epidurma Nevus or something - like a birthmark that about one in a thousand babies get. Might get bigger but, once hair grows, wont be able to see it. It can always be cut off apparantly.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nancy Drew

Hub has said he will be home at half eight - and I am guessing he will be spot on...

Shit, thought that was just him five minutes early - but is Granny K coming back from caligraphy.

So, why do I think hub will be back exactly on time???


Sneaky fucker....

He told me yesterday that he had to work overtime tonight - he is home three nights out of five very early - as in about half five. So, he helps with the dinner, bath and bed kids routine. As he should. I said 'shouganai' (can't be helped).

sip of beer


I pick Shou up from kindy at five. I had an English (volunteer) Class at the primary school from three to four - got home at ten past four and had frantic fifty minutes of running bath and fixing dinner.

Ooooh - hub just home. Is eight twenty eight!! Brought beer with him - I had already bought some - from the same shop so owners must think are complete alcoholics. He is now in bath and I have his dinner - rice, miso soup, chilli shrimp and salad on the table waiting.

Back to story.

The mad evening routine included ten seconds where Shou was weeing on carpet and Marina was throwing up - think was because spag was too hard for her ten month old pallete (??) and got caught in throat. Have just given hub extra large helping. See if it makes him gag. Bet you he eats everything and says thankyou.

Anyway - the mad ten seconds with both kids expelling from different ends was my first 'God I need a wine'. Bugger the gaijin wife gets skinny regime. I have wees and I have vomit. I need a wine.

less than a minute after this all three of us were nuddies and in the bath with the washing machine a whirling.

(hub has almost licked his plate clean)

Twenty minutes later and all three of us are clean. Twenty minutes after that and Shou and I are in the car to go and buy him a jelly - well thats the reason we give Granny K so she will keep an eye on Marina. Really is cover up so mummy can buy beer to recover from wee and vomit experience.

We go to local store - five hundred metres away. They are shut. VERY unusual. Decide to venture futher - to the wannabe 24 hour store in town (closes at 11 at night and opens at 6 in morning). Buy hou a pineapple jelly and mummy and daddy some beverages. On the way back we go past the town office - where hub is 'supposedly' working late. I decide at the last second that will swing in and see if his truck is there - it isn't. We head home. I decide on route that if his truck isn't there when we get there I will go on wee mission to find it.

It isn't there.

I pile Marine in car too - no explanation to Granny K except Marina is going for drive with mummy and Shou.

We do a drive by of the town office again. Definately not there.

Go past the wannabe 24 hour store - not there either. So we haven't crossed paths.

Go past the supermarket - not there either.

Last stop - pachinko palor - gambling establishment.

At first glance his truck isn't there either so I do a U-turn and drive back - and what do you know... his truck is parked on the other side of the road.

So, my poor overworked husband is out gambling (with god knows what) while I am at home knee deep in wee and vomit. An exageration but still!!

On the way home I thought about doing the argument thing. But have since decided that studying the 'lying Japanese husband' in its natural habitat will probably be more exciting. As I type, the above is washing his dinner plates. While he was in the bath I checked his wallet - eighty dollars more than should or could be in there.

I know these things. I am the bearer of all money. I am queen of accounts. I am the aramaki bank. And HE has extra.


He is also 'working late' on thursday and friday. Now that I have no qualms about throwing the kids in the car right before their bedtime and taking them on a tour of the town to find daddy I might just have to do it again. Can't stop the trail after all. I doubt very much this is the first time.

Bless him, he is drying the dishes so hard. Full of guilt. So easy to spot now I know. I had several wonderings before and even voiced them a few times but they got knocked down with 'work work work work' blah blah blah. But now.... now that I am going to go on a tracking mission - akin to nancy drew - there will be no 'blah blah'. I'll give you blah blah you lying little fucker. Actually do love lying little fucker and think a bit cute needs to disguise de-stress habit as 'working'.

Have also had discussion with self that this is not something to get too fired up about - unless of course he has secret account in caribbean to fund gambling habit. In which case I will nancy drew the information out of him and run off with sprogs to golden sands and sparkling seas - and no doubt a good few pina coladas.

Anyway - will keep you posted on lying husband anticts.


Monday, 8 September 2008

10 yen

Am leaving this until I am very very sleepy again. Although is only a bit before 10pm. Last night was another hellish night and I hate how I get at three in the morning on no sleep. Are there any mothers who night after night can play the 'but sweetie there are no ghosts, now lets cuddle up and go to sleep'?? Just canne not do it captain.

Finished mowing the lawns this morning with the weed eater. A lot better effort than last time and only one bald spot - from when got sense someone was watching me and when looked up the man from across the road was looking at me through the hedge. Got all off balance and weed eater ended up throwing up a bit of dirt.

A friend in New Zealand had a baby girl this morning - congratulations!! I took Marina and we went on outing to bank and post office etc - to send wee prezzie to friend. Yet again at the post office I got gimp woman who had no idea how to send a package internationally. God, I almost jumped over the counter and punched the Oceania key in for her. Bloody town, full of bloody retards.

Anyway, the post office rings here at about five - asking if I remember exactly how much change I got. I said no - as had Marina on hip trying to pull zipper of purse off with teeth, hence why just threw change into purse without counting out. They ring back an hour later saying that their tills were ten yen out and could I perhaps have been shortchanged by ten yen?? I said, sorry, have no idea if actually got 310 yen or 320 yen. Ten minutes later and they ring back - must be me as they have rung all the other customers and they all absolutely say they got exact change or didn't get change. Post Office chick is going to drive here and give me the ten yen that just must be mine. I said please don't worry about it.

Ten minutes later and I have ten yen in an envelope and a free role of glad wrap and some wet tissues. What a huuha. Hub was bit dissappointed as he had his ugly boxer pajamas on as thought would be one of the ten old men that work at the post office! Told him he had used up his quote of pretty young women and the last one he was gunna get he was looking at - if not a bit disguised by a body pulled and stretched by two breastfed children.

I am taking Marina to the skin doctor tomorrow morning. She has a funny thing on the back of her neck - that she has had I think since she was born - well at least I can't remember a time when it wasn't there. I wasn't too worried about it but it has gotten a wee bit bigger lately. Can't hurt getting it checked out. Tomorrow afternoon I have primary school English. Joy. Have prepared nothing. Actually is never that bad once I get there.

Oooh - concrete man came back with a quote. They are doing it very cheaply so will have money left over to buy some exciting things like books and toys.

I am going to have to go to bed. Can hardly keep eyes open.


Saturday, 6 September 2008


Shou chose to wake up at FOUR AM this morning. Mummy...need to go potty. Take him down stairs, put him on potty...

denai (nothings coming)

Back to bed.

Half an our later..

Out of nowhere

I hate you mummy
Need to go poos, want daddy.

Daddy takes him downstairs

denai (nothing coming)

Back upstairs.

Five o'clock.

Daddy up with Shou.

Marina starts to grizzle but mummy too knackered to get up so she falls back to sleep. Marina and Mummy up at five fifteen.

Shou off to kindy at eight - praise the bloody lord.

Back to bed with Marina for lie down - while hub cleans the bathroom and mows the lawn. Bless him. Big kisses.

We then drive to the revolving sushi place for lunch. yumyum. Then past the store to get kiddie stuff and stuff for dinner. Picked up friend on way home and she and another friend stayed for dinner. Lasagne, salad, moroccan spuds and garlic bread. Was semi-yummy. Had big gossip and few drinkies.

Friends have gonehome and I am bit sleepy.

nighty nigyht.


Friday, 5 September 2008

Boy Band

The next Smap / Arashi ... ???

This is a prezzie that Marina got when she was born - because all new born babies need an electric anpanman piano. I stashed it away until today because I thought it would just get trashed by Shou but low and behold, we have a musical talent. He sat quite unlike a two and a half year old boy for almost an hour THRASHING out tunes. I fear that a few keys are feeling a bit worse for wear now!! I got the chopsticks out and drummed the table and the tamberine. We had quite a session!!

Hub had a business trip to Fukuoka - three hours away by car. He was going with his boss which of course meant he had to drive the whole way - but got free meals! He has just worked in the door - with some beers as was such long day. What do you do when hub walks in the door and you have had a not too frantic day - but mad few hours with kids dinner, bath and bed and hub wants to have beer together? and you are on a diet?? bloody hell. Thats what it boils down to. Have the beer, toast the husband and get back on the good diet wagon tomorrow.

In other news - met with the concrete man this morning. Turns out he doesn't think I am a complete retard. Thank god. Only need one of those in Kunimi. Got the headmaster of the primary school and head of kindy in on the chin wag so he could confirm that was all A.O.K and that the kindy and primary school could get their say in. They are both getting quite into it and actually surprised they didn't suggest a few park benches and tables with umbrellas.

I better get to my diet blog - only to report that have lost 800 grams in one week and only just staying on wagon by skin of teeth. all though that may even be questionable!!


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Flyng Ants

Did you know ants could fly? I didn't even know they had wings!! We have about three hundred (no exageration) insects outside our front door. Admittedly the porch light was on - so my English kids wouldn't fall up the steps. We have never had a war of the world flying ant invasion before though. I asked hub what they were - and whether or not it was just the porch light or were they attracted to strange vestling smell coming from inside. Am going to have to sweep an army of ants off the porch in the morning!

In addition to that we had a roach trying to get a free english lesson - circled the top of the room for twenty minutes. I was the only one that knew about it for the first nineteen minutes - and just as well - cause English kids as bad as me about roaches. After they left I got hub to spray it - and when he went in to do the deed there were two! He said he sprayed them and they both went out to the front door to pass out. Am feeling bit bad that maybe we killed a husband and wife - or worse yet, a couple young and in love. But god I hate roaches. And they fly in Japan. Maybe all insects fly in Japan.

Who knows, maybe Granny K has a set of wings under her vest. Can of spray isn't going to knock her out though.

Found out from my six year old English kids this afternoon (have three classes on a thursday) that the two exchange students (staying at the temple) are from Thailand, named rinrin and penpen, and will be going to the school everyday until the 13th of September!! Wonder if they are a bit pissed off at being shoved off to the primary school every day when staying at old Japanese temple. They should be kneeling for hours on end, having three grains of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and being beaten on shoulder with wooden stick for any sudden movements or suchlike.

Hmmm, maybe three grains of rice diet would be good for gaijin wife gets skinny regime!! would only agree if could have glass of wine for every grain of rice - but then guess would be sozzled by mid afternoon and no doubt end up getting beaten senseless with wooden stick due to inability to sit still - wanting to sway slightly to sound of music in head.

There have been no concrete progressions today. Am thinking tomorrow might be day for it - but not holding breath.

Best record crap diet day in diet blog and then have hot sauna bath to lose last five grams before weigh in tomorrow morning. What is point. Am nearly off the wagon in just four days - well, holding on the back with one arm maybe.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bloody Japan

Rang concrete man this morning - to appologise and tell was all back on again. He didn't seem too keen to get involved with it all now though - and maybe he will have time today or friday to come and measure area needing to be concreted. God I swear, if I had any more grandmothers who were going to pass away and leave me money, I WOULD NOT try and donate any of it to a crap Japanese institution. Hub agrees - any future monetary windfalls should be spent on second hand motorbike for him.

After dropping Shou off at kindy, I was walking out gate and got accosted by two exchange students who were staying at temple about five kms from our house. Actually not accosted - they were just smiling and wondering what to say really. They are I think from the university I used to work at and are probaby doing a week or two homestay at the temple. The temple owner wife lady is a bit of a gaijin and English lover and has exchange students regularly. Now I have never meet this woman formally but have had the misfortune of running into her a few times.

I smiled at the two girls - said hello in Japanese and kept going. The temple lady looked shocked and disgusted and 'told' me to talk to them. I said sorry but had to get home cause Granny K looking after Marina but has potery class on Wednesdays so leaves house at half eight and I have just spent fifteen minutes ranting to kindy teacher about concrete scenario and Mr. Re-tard from the primary school. Temple lady 'tells' me to tell the girls that in English. (nanka eigo de itteyo - say something in English to them) She didn't even say good morning to me. I, being the polite, alround friendly person that I am, spat in her face and told her to fuck right off.

God if only I had the balls to pull that off.

Of course I turned round and explained to the two girls that had baby at home that I needed to get back to. They probably think I left Marina by herself but nevermind.

The two girls probably know after a couple of days with this woman that she is lacking in people skills - almost to point of non existance. I am now wondering how woman knows I was going to be there - or if running into the only English speaking foreigner in town was just pure luck. Kindy is so not on the shopping route though. Only other option is they had a show and tell the foreign exchange students visit at the primary school - in which case I hope temple woman got chance to interact with the retard.

This kind of blatant - use the foreinger for her English really pisses me off and I haven't had to deal with it for a long time. Had she rung me and asked if she could bring the two students round to meet me I would have been more than happy - but being jumped on like that.

Had wee teary moment to self on bikeride home...

Bloody Japan, sob sob
hate being only white foreigner, sniff sniff
fuck them all, hiccup hiccup (sorry - not worrying about adding the &%#$ to swear words anymore. what is point when can tell f&%$ was meant to be fuck anyway - although do feel bit bad writing whole actual word out.)

Got home all pissed off and had to have bad piece of evil white toast with vegemite to sooth self - that and big bitch on phone to friend in Tokyo. Thankyou friend!! Ringing home never really quite cuts the mustard as nobody can relate. Friend in Tokyo knows everyone am talking about and speaks Japanese - so don't have to do head in trying to think of silly English words for words that are easier said in Japanese.

I am now going to have an extremely hot bath so can sweat off the one beer have just had - not good for third day of gaijin wife gets skinny regime.


Oh shit, nearlly forgot two most importantest pieces of news in Aramaki house.




gotta celebrate.


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Re & Tard

On the way back from taking Shou to kindy on the bike I got my keitai out and rang the man I know about the concrete for the project dontate kindy victor charlie. Asked him about when good time to meet at kindy to discuss concrete - riviting. He said could meet me there in five minutes.


Nearly burned hole in bum biking home - as was closer to home than kindy. Shoved bottle of milk in Marina's mouth and put her to bed and asked Granny K to please not go and trim the eggplants for another forty minutes or so.

Took car to kindy and concrete man was just pulling up. We were doing the concrete talk for about fifteen minutes. Had discussed how would need to slope this way and that for water runoff rah rah. Had asked the big money question and yes, was going to be in my budget.

Then Mr. Sato, admin guy at the primary school - which is beside the kindy but which owns most of the land we need to concrete - came out. Sato is also word for sugar in Japanese but I can tell you now the chinese characters for his name were more like Re and Tard.

He proceeded to tell concrete man that the school had put in a proposal for the concrete to the local government and that whatever it was we were discussing wasn't necessary. He totally ignored me and what I said about speaking to the principle yesterday and getting the go ahead. I felt like a complete twat and concrete man ended up thinking I hadn't spoken to anyone in authority and that was just silly woman wanting to spend some cash concreting a bit of the town's land.

I got in a right state and had to ring mum to bitch about how hard it was to bloody try and give away money. She calmed me down and really, at the end of the day if all my ranting months ago about the concrete got them to send in a propsal for a budget then at least something came out if it - and now I can spend money on cool stuff for kindy like a new slide or something.

Anway, an hour after I got home the principle from the primary school rings to appologise for the lack of communication between herself and the admin guy. What do you reckon. She hadn't yet told him about our 'go ahead' talk yesterday. There would be no budget and would I still like to do it for them. She is a bit of a halfwit too but inbetween her gobble I did manage to say that I was highly embarrassed this morning and if it was just too much trouble then perhaps...

no, no, please Katy-san.

So, it's all back on again - she rings back at half three and asks if she can come here to appologise and talk in person. I said no was going for walk with Marina but would 'pop' in to school on way to pick up Shou. Got there at five and she corned me for thirty bloody minutes - during which time Shou was standing outside the kindy trying to convince the teachers that that was mummy's car. While I was at the kindy Mr. Re-Tard walked past me and didn't say a thing. If I had pre-practiced don't mess with this gaijin stare I would have used it on him. Twat.

Oooh - hub has just come home - nine oclock. He asked about the kindy dramas and we have just had ten minute bitch session about the retard. Do I want him to ring the principle tomorrow. No I don't but he get's mega brownie points anyway. He is now putting the dishes away and washing his plates. God, we might be looking at a meeting later!!

Time to hit the hay I think. Has been stressful day - on top of which I went for an hour walk, core ryhtmed and did air stepper 20 min dvd.


PS - Happy Birthday Dad!