Thursday, 28 August 2008

A week later...

By Marina - on behalf of mummy.

Mummy has had two beverages and is starting to fall off her chair sideways so I have been put on blogger duties tonight. Poor mummy - is a bit knackered after looking after me in hospital since last Friday. At only ten months I still don't have perfect motor function of my fingers and actually only use them for flapping, clapping and waving on demand. But, I will try best to get everything out properly. Bear with me people.

Murphey's bloody law - well that's what mum said. I say Yes! the fake a temperature and pee infection worked. Anything to get out of trip to Fukuoka so that doctor's can hack me open and fiddle with my insides. So the story goes....

We arrive at my normal hospital on Friday morning at about half eight. Mum pulls the big - my daughter isn't 'sick' sick so can you bump her up the que so we don't have to wait out here with all these hacking cough snotty nose kids. What do you know and at exactly nine (when they start seeing people) we get called into McDreamy's cubicle. I got a bit over excited and ended up not being able to really enjoy the whole 'moshi moshi' stethescope (how do you spell that??) experience. Just as well cause two seconds later I was strapped to the bed and mum was told to bugger off while they took some blood and wee. Am kind of used to it and at only ten months I'm not too modest yet but still... not a pleasant experience.

Exactly half an hour later and we were in our room and I had a drip in my arm. Talk about efficient. Pee test wasn't as bad as when had to stay in hospital over new years but still high enough count for Fukuoka to not want to do operation. Must get rid of silly little infection first.

We were put in a four person room (mummy said to say 'sigh' - but really she means 'silly fuckers') Was all fine during the day. I got to laugh and be cute. God would you believe how hard it is to actually sleep in a hospital at night - in a bed with metal bars and other people in the room. I am so used to sleeping in room by myself - in the dark. Must admit was bit of devil child and mum and I probably got about forty minutes sleep. Think mummy may have thought about putting me on futon in broom closet so she could get some sleep - but I had drip in and she was scared would wrap cord round neck. I wasn't feeling particularly suicidal but is hard to keep cord away from flapping arms, bouncing head and feet.

Somehow mum managed to still like me in the morning. Couldn't cuddle too much the next day though cause I had used mummy's arm muscles to overdrive.

The nurses took pity and we got moved to a double room - with just us. Daddy came and brought my portable cot so I didn't end up with my legs and arms through the bars on the bed. Praise the lord. I had most biggest humungous sleep ever - twelve hours. I woke up with water bottle in bed so I must have grizzled sometime during the night but don't remember - likewise with mummy. She probally just heard me grizzle and threw water bottle in cot. Thanks for that mummy. Lucky you didn't knock me senseless.

Oooh - have just got comupter function back. A bit sticky. Mummy, silly woman, spilled drink all over keyboard and for last forty minutes have been cleaning and wondering how will be able to blog. fingers sticky.

Right, so day three and four in hospital were pretty uneventful. smile, laugh, wave, flap, good job. Day five was similar - ray of sunshine by McDreamy doctor who told mummy could take me home on Thursday morning. He is quite special.

Daddy came to pick me and mummy up this morning. God was I stoked to get drip taken out yesterday - had to flap arms for good thrity minutes to make up for four days of not being able to use hand.

And so now we are home - is actually good to be home. Yay for the high chair. Granny K was pretty pleased to see me - but then I was pretty excited to see her too. She obviously doesn't have a shiney bench fettish like mum. We had only been home for half and hour and mum had everything off the bench and was shining it to within an inch of its life. Wiping bits of stuck on seaweed and raddish. I do love Granny K but the WHOLE house smelled like her when we got home. Mum was very restrained.

I should probably get to bed. Had bath with daddy and Shou before. Loads of fun. Am quite impressed got to end of blog without too many mistakes. Keyboard is still a bit sticky but.




Lulu said...

Oh Marina,
I am so sorry to hear you got sick again and couldn`t have your operation! I was just coming over to the blog to get your mummys email address to write to her because we hadn`t hear a peep out of you for almost a week and I was getting worried!

I think your mum should get as sloshed as she wants. Be sure to tuck her in- perhaps it will be here that need the metal bars to keep her falling out of the bed after all her drinks!

GW, so sorry to hear about all this! I really was just about to email you to see how things were going. Things are going a bit crap I suppose. I hope Marina is on the improve now!

When will the operation be scheduled for now?

gaijin wife said...

Thanks lulu.
Will be ringing hospital tomorrow to schedule operation. Our doctor has been away yesteday and today. God, I hope it's soon - before Marina decides she needs another trip to McDreamy.
Nighty night.

Sara said...

Hi Marina!
Hope you are doing a good job at getting your poor mum to bed. Sounds you had quite a traumatic ordeal at the hospital. But think of all the fun adventures that are waiting for you in Fukuoka!!

By the way, about this McDreamy fellow.. he sounds quite charming. Can you elaborate on the details please? There is is a curious party who would like more information.

Have a good night!!!

Gina said...

Just wanted to say, I'm very sorry Marina could not have her operation as planned.

marianne said...

Sweetie,I think Mummy deserves more than 2 beverages.....

Tash said...

Oh poor you!!!! I hope you get a good rest and some catch-up sleep this weekend, sending you lots of love and thinking of you xxx