Sunday, 10 August 2008

Very Quickly

This will be as long as I can manage to type in about five minutes.

Shou is asleep in our bed. He has been unsettled for the last hour - waking up saying his mouth hurts. He started getting spots on his tongue yesterday - or at least that is when he started complaining. It has effected what he will eat - although he somehow managed nearly a whole plate of barf gag beans on rice for dinner. He was a bit hard to just get to sleep - but a few hugs and cuddles and patting and he was gone - for the moment. Our bed doesn't have a side bar on it because, well, at 32 and 43 hub and I feel we are over the falling out of bed phase. I have put Shou in the very middle of the queen size bed and put pillows on the side he is most likely to fall out of. He would have to be flat stanly to fall out the other side which is up against the wall.

Dr Granny K said that the spots on his tongue were probably from eating too much or drinking too much juice - both of which I find quite hard to believe as Shou eats all his meals usually but not much inbetween, and we don't have a fridge full of juice - why bother when we have own well that brings water up from clear and pure underground spring. Hub had to have bit of laugh at Dr GK too. He is obviously from the same gene pool though as when I said that taking Shou to the beach this afternoon was a good idea - espeically as any salt water he knocked back would be good on his tongue (although not wanting him to sit in sea with a bong or yard glass) he look disgusted, saying "but salt water now isn't what it used to be."

Salt water is good for these things isn't it?? One of the requirements for after I got all four wisdom teeth pulled was gargling with salt water three times a day.

Hub also suggested I take Shou to see doc tomorrow. De ja vu. I suggested he ring the clinic hotline instead - which surprisingly he did. It says on their card that it is for emergencies and injuries. I imagine they are clogged with calls from people with kids with spots on their tongues - and not third degree burns or broken limbs.

The nurse on the end of the phone said that seeing as Shou was acting normally, drinking and peeing normally, didn't have a temperature and only had spots on his tongue, that we wait it out for a day or too.

Hub is at the moment drumming at one of the 'obon' dance thingies. I was going to take Shou to see daddy - and had even mentioned to Granny K that it would be nice if I could leave Marina with her and take Shou to watch daddy drum. She agreed but then at half seven she came in in her going out clothes - black leather mini and knee high fuck me boots - and declared she was going to pay her respects by going to the dance thing. That's fine - but you know when you are gearing up for child to be up past their usual bed time - so you arrange nap times a little bit later so that they will last the distance... When she got home - about five minutes ago she popped her head in and said was that Shou she had heard crying when she came in - it was indeed. What was wrong with him? He has a sore tongue. I wonder whats wrong with it? I wonder whats wrong with you!!

Can you feel my pain!!!

Also, this morning hub went to burn all our old boxes (mainly FBC, amazon and Pacifc Wine cellars) and asked Granny K where the lighter from beside the alter was - the one she uses for lighting the incence. She said it was in the alter drawer because she wanted it to be out of reach from Shou. God thats a good one. Just the other week he was running round with it and she said not to worry cause he hadn't figured out how to push the button yet. Might start running round with empty wine bottle - and tell her not to worry cause haven't figuered out how to hit her over the head with it yet.

Was obviously needing a vent. Usual after a Sunday with both kids and hub at home all day. Sometimes having hub around with both the kids is more work than just me and the kids. He can wind me up something chronic and that makes the looking after a toddler and baby more frustrating. Its mainly just more of the same - hub 'looking after Shou' by lying on the couch while Shou runs manic round the house.


Hub just arrived home. I was upstairs trying to console Shou again. Hub had quick bath and is now upstairs with Shou. I take back bad comments. He really is very good Japanese husband.

Am now going to try and tick off all appropriate boxes in application form for citizenship by descent for Marina. MUST SEND by Tuesday - own deadline. Need to have arrive in NZ in time for them to contact me incase have missed anything - before Marina and I have to go to hospital. Two weeks tomorrow.

Shou obviously on way back to dreamland.


Olympic News
Japan won first gold medal - mens Judo. His second olympic gold in a row. Apart from wasted ears he is quite a bit of sex on toast - and looks bit like TJinJapan's hubby. Our mens volleyball lost to Italy and womans Hockey beat New Zealand. A 19 year old Judo girl got a bronze. One of the badminton doubles beat Australia. The girls gymnastics team did quite well and may get through to finals. No major fuck ups there. Nakajima 'feels good' swimmer won his heat in I think it was breaststroke. The rowers didn't get through to the finals but the New Zealand blokes did. Woman's volleyball lost to the states.


kasandora said...

Are they white spots? It is probably thrush (which causes white spots, itchy, painful mouths) and is the exact same thing as getting a yeast infection in your *down there*...It can be remedied easily with some anti-biotics...good luck!

Lulu said...

hehe, we can all play Dr! I would say maybe foot and mouth disease (teashikuchibyou?) especially if it is going around his daycare/kindy! Same thing, painful but antibiotics clears it up- although I think you usually get a temperature. I know it went around a kindy I worked at in Japan last year.

I think we may need a picture of Granny K in her fuck me boots!

My partner says occasionly that we should move into his grandmothers extra house next to his parents place when we move back to Japan and I keep saying " I don`t mind been close by but I need at least a 10 minute walk down the road distance between me and your mum"- Your adventures with granny K just prove my point!

gaijin wife said...

It was teashikuchibyo - and he looks to be on the mend.

Lulu - nextdoor to your parents in law is still too close. ten minutes walk is doable - ten minutes drive would be better - although if you have kids walking distance better as then can tell them to bugger off down to grandparents for afternoon.

tj-injapan said...

and I thought J was away on a business trip last week....who would have thought he was moonlighting as an Olympian! they say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, don't they. I think I saw mine once, can't remember where (obviously not in Japan), but I did a double take as I passed my twin. The worst part about it, she was butt ugly!. But I swear it was just like looking in the mirror. *sigh*