Monday, 4 August 2008

Two in one day

Blogspot might ban me for overposting :)

Granny K and I have successfully spent the day like ships passing in the night. I said a quiet yoroshiku (thanks) when she came in to look after Marina while I went to pick up Shou and she said a quiet mummy's home when I got back with Shou. Not in English of course. Can you imagine that?? Could almost forgive her for half the crap if she came out with some English like that now and then!

Solar Panel man's wife texted me as I was feeding Marina lunch. Tyson had gone down for nap and did I want to come over now for gossip. Well... YES. shoveled the rest of Marina's pumpkin, carrot and potato mash into her mouth, changed her into something pink and pretty and fled the coup. After two hours of more coffee and big vent - where she let rip about her mother and law too - who she doesn't live with but who lives downstairs, we came home.

I got home about two to discover that hub had brought his lunch home to eat - no doubt to check I wasn't packing a suitcase or three. He then emailed at about three to say he was going to be late - home about nine, followed by about ten heart marks. After getting home from kindy with Shou the three of use had some fun time then dinner - where Shou ate everything with only getting up from his chair once. miracle of miracles. I then put both kids into the bath without getting in myself. I usually ask granny K to get Marina out - then I can get in with both of them. Makes it a lot easier. But, well, what with both Granny K and I being as stubborn as each other I didn't ask and she didn't offer.

After the bath we had some story time and then put Marina to bed. Shou and I went to supermarket (admittedly, I had to ask Granny K to keep an ear out for Marina) and got, grapes and a 'mejiron' beer. so much for never drinking again - this also said after I did indeed spend twenty minutes ordering NZ Sav blanc off internet. Mejiron can tired thy weary soul over until then. Woe is me.

Daddy came home at half seven - early. The first thing he did was give me a big hug - obviously very greatful decided not to flee country with two kids because his mother is pain in ass. And so he should be. He then suggested that because Shou was still up we should do the fireworks we didn't do the other night. So, Shou took his squeaky chair outside and we watched hub light half the fireworks. Was very precious - despite Granny K's (I got shou to invite her - why do I bother) whining about how dangerous it was that Shou was seated ten metres away. This coming from the lady who used to let him play with nail clippers and lighters, and feed him adult vitamins when he was six months old.

Shoot thy mother in law. Am thinking a lot less messier than blender fantasy.

So, we come to the end of yet another day in the land of the gaijinwife and the Japanese mother in law. I am sure some people have it easier and some harder. Today was one of those days - topped off by next door neighbour ringing Granny K to say I had left some washing on the line. Sigh sigh sigh sigh bloody sigh. Can one not even leave their own washing out overnight without it hitting the daily news.

Anyway, might take advantage of hubs 'be nice to thy wife' time and try and get a shoulder rub.


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kasandora said...

I'm certainly glad no one phones my mother in law to tell her about my laundry....she'd be getting a phone call almost every day!