Saturday, 16 August 2008


STNY - does not stand for Silent Treatment Non Yexistant. Is name of new bling dida bling diamond pink phone. Am thinking is Samantha Thavasa New York - but not 100% on what the NY stands for.

This pic is up the wrong way but I can't be flagged changing it.

I realised this morning that if I changed the data chip from my cracked phone to my old phone it would work - and it did. I got a couple of mails, checked my gmail etc. When we left the house I took it with me and then realised about an hour later that it would ring if someone phoned me but I couldn't talk or hear their voice. So, with a scratchy Marina we stopped at the closest docomo shop.

I wasn't ready. I hadn't thought I would be buying one in the end. Asked lady straight up where the global roaming phones were - not huge selection. Went round picking them all up and righting off the heavier ones and ones with turn around TV screens - as can see that getting exocisted off its hinges. Didn't ask any other advice or ask about prices. Crap.

Told her wanted the pretty pink one that was ultra light and had normal keypad. Turns out it was six hundred dollar STNY by Samantha Thavasa. Double crap. Told her way out of price range but she came back with that all the New Zealand friendly phones were in that price range and that I actually didn't have to pay anything then -as had enough points to pay for down payment and first two months of 12 month repayment. Almost a bargin.

Back in the old days you could buy phones for zero yen but now the phones are more expensive and the monthly package prices are cheaper. Or so the docomo shop lady rant goes.

So anyway, I now have a phone that is so light and thin I may well end up trying to get cash from the ATM with it. It also came with the gold strap. It has 3.2 megapixel camera, TV, GPS (so I can find myself if I get lost) and a multitude of other functions I no doubt will never get round to figuring out how to use.

On the silent treatment front - well, that lasted all of eight and a half minutes this morning. Not possible when trying to sort out two little kids. Have to at least grunt at hub or nothing would ever get done. He was OTT darling darling sweetie sweetie this morning which makes me think he can remember that he was a complete pain in the ass last night. He didn't know about the phone - as I hiffed it at the door as he was walking out of it to the toilet. My bad aim meant hit door instead of his backside which is shame as his backside is a lot more padded. But then I guess I wouldn't then have had a nice bling bling diamond pink phone to play with all day.

We went to sushi with Marina and then a spot of shopping to get some things for the hospital visit - need more open down the front all in ones for Marina. Last time was in hospital I got told off by nurses for having tops and bottoms and over the head all in ones. Makes sense this time though as she will be getting stitches checked every second hour or so - and they will be on her lower tum so having rompers or leggings on probably not good. Then had to make a few more stops to get Granny K's hair dye, potting mix, pumpkin, ginger and soya sauce.

Took an HOUR for Shou to get to sleep tonight. Any suggestions? Should I try and get him latched on to a bear or something so then he doesn't think he is sleeping alone??

Is starting to do my head in.



Ruth said...

Wow! That is my kind of phone!

gaijin wife said...

I know!! even before I got the cool pink box and gold heart strap I thought of you and how proud you would be of me buying such a pink bling phone.